Text and images transcript of the video Big Bang Blow-Out 4: Colonial Age & Glass Steagall Compromise by Rolf Witzsche 

Big Bang Blow-Out 4: Colonial Age & Glass Steagall Compromise

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The colonial rule for stealing the wealth of nations, does actually precede 'Adam Smith', who may have tried to hide it. It appears to have been recognized quite early in the history of civilization that the process of stealing, in whatever form it may have been carried out, collapses the thereby ravished economy, so that the stolen wealth itself becomes worthless thereby for the simple fact that monetary values stand as a claim against a productive economy, which under the regime of looting becomes a destroyed economy.

"The Colonial Age, the Age of 'Fierce' Entropy"

It may have been in the attempt to circumvent the inherent entropic collapse that is an unavoidable feature of the thievery system, that the masters of the greedy began to spread their thievery across the world to other nations, to ravish them instead of their own local society that the masters found themselves obliged to maintain as a necessary infrastructure for its wars. 

With their success in spreading their looting 'enterprises,' the colonial age began, which of course was enforced with the infamous gunboat 'diplomacy,' and if there was resistance, with war to enforce the raping.

And when the resistance was internal, genocide was unleashed to destroy the hart of of whatever society had dared to raise it head in defiance.

During the colonial age, almost the entire world became subjugated in various ways to tiny groups of oligarchic money bags and royal houses in the 'empire lands,' the lands of the private masters who have looted the world far and wide for their pleasure, by whom humanity was treated as a type of animal to be 'harvested' in the extreme, and discarded at will.

The lists of the subjugated nations, countries, and areas, were long. They contained many names of countries and people and areas that became 'property.'

On this page, only the names of the two biggest groups of colonial properties are listed. These are the names of the British colonies, and of the French colonies. The remaining eleven colonial owners are li ted without their properties displayed. 

Countless wars were fought throughout the centuries to subjugate the colonies, and to keep them in line. 

The American republic was born when a group of colonies took a stand against being subjugated by the global thievery system. The American patriots claimed the inherent freedom of the human being for themselves. They claimed their freedom on the recognition of the inherent anti-entropy in the human society that came to light through its scientific and technological development on the distant shores of America, far from the choking effect of Empire. The patriots discovered that a society's inner development invariably increases its creative and productive power. The discovered anti-entropy of their humanity gave the patriots the dignity with which they stood tall, and said to empire: No More, Never Again. 

On this basis America did attain its freedom, and fought determined to retain it against all the forces of empire that promptly waged a war to reverse the unfolding history of humanity.

America stood its ground for 130 years.

America lost itself again to the devil within, to the theory of entropy, to the platform for stealing that invited the Federal Reserve Act, the platform for war. It never freed itself from this defeat, but was drawn into world wars by the process.

The historic colonial wars soon became world wars, poised to become nuclear war. The buzz words, "First Strike," "Limited," "Pre-emptive," are now applied to nuclear war against the whole world, just as Hitler had applied these terms to his grand schemes of madness in obedience to his masters who had set him up as their puppy dog.

While the face of war has been radically modernized in recent years, the platform for war remains the same nevertheless. The masters who stand behind all the platforms for stealing, cling tenaciously to their mistaken belief in universal Entropy for which their devil in the mind inspires stealing with the force of 'invincible' arms, while the masters themselves never go to war to die in the conflicts they create. Soldiers are used for that. 

Few soldiers in history knew, or even wished to know, that they laid down their life to die in the dust of some foreign lands for the profits of the wealthy who own them on their strings, and who thereby render them to become mass-murderers before God in the wars that demand them to discard their humanity as a worthless impediment.

War has become a worldwide disease that is waged for the purpose of looting, for which enormous resources are wasted in the defence against it. 

Sadly, in the heat of the raging battles, the root for the disease, the belief in entropy, becomes largely forgotten. Only the blood remains real that flows into the sand.

For as long as the historic, entropic game of empire continues, which demands stealing by all means possible, humanity is doomed to its self-destruction by war. Without science raising up the sovereignty of our humanity to higher levels, above the small-minded historic game, our hope is slim.

For as long as stealing demands evermore wars, humanity denies itself to have a human future.

The whole of humanity is now doomed by its belief in entropy that invites stealing. The result is exceedingly tragic. The human world cannot survive the force of half a million Hiroshimas.

With the formulation of the cosmic Big Bang theory, the masters of the system of empire attempted to give their deadly and destructive system of entropy, a noble face to justify their terror. With the Big Bang theory, the masters attempted, not to heal their inhumanity, but to give the increasingly horrific destruction of civilization, that their greed demands, a scientific excuse. 

Science complied. It pinned the ugly face of empire, the face of entropy that trails out into nothing, unto the face of the universe, even unto the face of God. 

That's an old trick that the empire of Rome had used, and all empires thereafter under the rubric of the "divine right of kings." 

While the result, that became the cosmic Big Bang theory, is evidently false, as no real evidence supports the theory of the declining and self-consuming universe, the theory's myth of universal entropy nevertheless still rules society powerfully. It rules it as a philosophy that upholds the dream of entropy, a dream where all energy is consumed into nothing, which is the key feature that the world empire cannot avoid, with it being built on the platform of entropy. 

The disease of thievery as a system that is inherent in the kingdom of empire, has unfortunately become so powerful by it's being promoted as a science, so that the budding opposite political structures that are based on the platform of anti-entropy, the platform of human self-development and self-protection, have become largely eliminated from the landscape of civilization in the modern, neo-colonial, imperial world, for as far as its tentacles have been able to reach. 

Fortunately the disease is fading. A new wind is rising in the distant lands where the tentacles of empire are loosing their grip. The winds of healing are rich with scientific development, cultural optimism, infrastructure building, industrial production, energy development, cultural development, which are all features of human development. These winds flow from China today, and Russia, and India, who have become the pioneers for a new hope for humanity.

These pioneering nations, and those who joined hands with them, stand at the forefront today in the race away from empire, where America had stood when it stood tall, before it became re-colonized again.

"The Glass Steagall Compromise"

In America the destruction of the nation in the neo-colonial world, was achieved with the repeal of the Glass Steagall Act. The Glass Steagall legislation had been set up during the Franklin Roosevelt Presidency. It was one of the President's first steps to enable America to pull itself out of the economic slum of The Depression that had resulted from the entropy of the looting of society. 

In Europe, the same type of destruction of historic economic culture, was achieved with the new colonialism of the Euro empire. The Euro system effectively cancelled all historic structures of the European nations' self-protection and self-development. 

In both cases, the grand stealing from the respective nations via various bank-bailout mechanisms, was not only legalized with legislation, but was, in the case of Europe imposed by cleverly arranged treaty obligations, such as the Lisbon Treaty that was designed to be a trap.

In both areas of the world, Europe and America, the freedom to steal has thereby become protected, while society's self-development has become prohibited. 

Both, America and Europe, have so totally bankrupted themselves in this process, as members of the new Flat Earth Society's kingdom of entropy; that preparations are now being made towards the next world war to capture Russia and China as the final remaining resource in the world for continued stealing. 

The resulting war against Russia and China, that is now being prepared, will invariably become a nuclear war. All studies have shown this. And the studies have shown too, that nuclear war is unsurvivable.

In America, the Glass Steagall legislation had once furnished a type of anti-entropic platform that stood for 67 years and served national development. With it, America had achieved the highest level of general prosperity of any country in the world. It was this foundation for prosperity that was repealed in 1999.

As one might expect, the repeal of the law that had prohibited stealing, opened the flood gates to great national tragedies. Ironically, the resulting tragic failure in civilization was almost assured from the outset. It was assured, because the legislation had been set up as a compromise. The law had compromised, in that it had merely separated the entropy of empire, the kingdom of stealing, from the anti-entropic productive platform that had furnished national self-development and self-protection. It is here, in the fundamental compromise, where its failure is rooted.

The Glass Steagall law had allowed the entropic platform of the kingdom of stealing, to continue in the background as a compromise. The compromise on principle became its doom. One cannot operate a compromise that incorporates two opposite platforms. The kingdom of stealing named Wall Street, and the principle of national development for Main Street, are irreconcilable. Stealing is destructive. It doesn't create and develop anything.

Entropy and Anti-entropy are mutually exclusive platforms. Entropy is not the law of the universe. The universe is Anti-entropic in principle. It is exclusively self-powered and universally self-developing. Diminishment is not a feature of the universe. The universe is forever developing from its infinite, continuing, all-pervading source, and is forever increasing and improving its dimensions in all aspects. Nothing is winding down in the universe. No form of stealing is happening.

The theory of self-consuming stars that die in the end by their energy depletion, is a myth. The same myth has been falsely applied to humanity and civilization. It is a tragic folly for humanity to reject the anti-entropic platform that the universe operates on, and devise for itself an opposite platform based on a theory that is false in every respect. 

The Glass Steagall Act failed because of this cultivated folly of accepting entropy as a quality of natural dynamics. Glass Steagall failed, because the folly of imposing entropy into the premise of civilization had been left unresolved. If the belief in entropy had been overcome, empire would have been closed down, and the development of the USA would have continued. 

But by its compromising on a fundamental principle, the Glass Steagall Act has stood effectively in self-denial from its very beginning. This self-denial eventually opened the door to its doom.

We play the same compromising game by allowing nuclear war to stand in the world as an option for warfare. It is an element of the entropic kingdom of stealing, an element that has remained unresolved. This element cannot be resolved by itself in isolation. The ever present nuclear war danger can only be resolved by scrapping the entire package of empire that it is a part of. This means stepping up to the anti-entropic platform for civilization, which is the natural platform for humanity.

It appears that the Glass Steagall compromise was not made entirely by choice in 1933. It was allowed by default, because the new President, President Roosevelt, with all the popularity that he had, with which he had secured his election, couldn't muster the political backing in the house of government to eliminate the entropic platform of financial thievery from the national landscape. The compromise came from that. In like manner, the political backing is still far out of sight to banish nuclear war that looms as the final stage of political entropy.

By the foolish compromise that was allowed in 1933, the kingdom or entropy had survived and become a monster. The monster should have been cast out right then. Instead it was permitted to continue as the private owner of the financial house of the USA in the form of the Federal Reserve system. 

The tragedy had it origin long before Franklin Roosevelt's time. Twenty years before Roosevelt the entropic kingdom of thievery had already corrupted the nation so deeply, that it was able, with corrupted politicians, to steal the nation's currency into private hands, by an operation that became deceptively named a "Federal" system. From this lavish base of complete control over the nation's money, which the Glass Steagall Act had continued, the nation's leaders were subsequently further corrupted to repeal the Glass Seagall Act - the very platform on which the nation's prosperity had been built, in order to get the nation back to the Depression that the Federal Reserve system has created shortly after it was formed. 

This immense corruption of the U.S. Congress and Senate, to repeal Glass Steagall, was achieved in 1999 with a giant slush fund from the kingdom of money amounting to hundreds of millions of dollars. These huge sums, handed out under the table to a selected few, did buy the terminating votes from the small-minded who are easily turned to become traitors for hire.

The rest is history, as people say. This history is still unfolding. The year 1999 marks the historic beginning of what may be called one day, the greatest national tragedy in the entire existence of the USA.

The tragedy started with collapsing financial values that prompted the infamous 911 State terrorist event, which in turn prompted the 'Perpetual' War doctrine, supposedly to fight terrorism. On this track war was brought to Afghanistan, then Iraq, with the legalization of torture along the way. At home in the USA, the collapse of the auto industry decimated employment, with war threats against Iran occurring in the background, while the home foreclosure crisis unleashed social chaos.

Since this didn't solve anything on the financial front, the Greatest Bank Heist in the history of the world was staged seven years later, this time not to rob the banks, but to rob society of upwards to $50 trillion to bail out the gambling casinos that the banks had become. Of course, to save money, society's healthcare and social security system was decimated, which is still ongoing.

Since this immense sacrifice didn't solve the financial collapse crisis either, the scourge of war was brought against Libya to murder its leader in the name of liberty, to liberate its oil resources. The liberty-revolution, that was deemed a splendid success, became the blue-print to destabilize Egypt and later Syria, to depose their governments likewise. And since none of this helped to slow the financial collapse, the elected government of the Ukraine was violently overthrown by lavishly financed 'hired' Nazi 'revolutionaries' as a stage for war against Russia, and by alliance, also China. Any war against Russia, invariably becomes nuclear war that involves both, Russia and China, which adds up to a madness that is unsurvivable.

That's where we stand today, with the western financial system now almost totally dead on its knees, which not the greatest sacrifice in the world can revive.

A substantial political movement has begun in recent years to restore the Glass Steagall law in order to halt the train to hell.

Obviously, if the law had not been repealed, the economic, financial, and strategic tragedy that the nation of the USA, and also the world, has suffered, would likely have been prevented. However, reinstating the Glass Steagall law at the present stage is no longer sufficient. Too much has been destroyed on many fronts that storing an old compromise would solve the crisis that has become a national tragedy. 

Solving the tragedy at this stage would require an uncompromised stand for the principle of anti-entropy being reflected in the universal self-development of humanity on the entire front of civilization. Nothing less would do. This would include anti-entropic finance and economics, large-scale scientific and technological development, national banking, national directed credit creation, quality education, health care, universal high-quality housing, and a commitment to uplifting culture. This complete shift to an uncompromised, anti-entropic standpoint on the entire front, would leave no room for stealing. 

The suggestion to merely reinstate Glass Steagall, defies the nature of reason, which is itself anti-entropic. For example, why would we restore elements of a failure that has collapsed the system itself, which the kingdom of entropy brought about, and which was tolerated under Glass Steagall? Or why would one bring back even the anti-entropic element of Glass Steagall that had been insufficient in itself to eclipse the entropic elements. It appears that the Glass Steagall compromise was made, because the principle of anti-entropy had not been developed extensively enough to be understood in 1933. 

This sets the stage for the surprising recognition that the platform for meeting today's vastly larger challenge, the Ice Age Challenge, must rest on a dramatically higher level than just getting back to an old bill that had failed.

Glass Steagall had originally been designed to create a more-just economic order in America, in which society is protected against the ravishing rule of entropy. While this law has met the most pressing needs of the time and has enabled unprecedented prosperity and stability, it falls short of meeting today's requirement for meeting the Ice Age Challenge where vastly greater imperatives stand before us than the 'little' concerns that the Glass Steagall Act had dealt with. 

In order to meet the great challenge that is no longer avoidable, the self-rescue of society needs to begin with the principle of anti-entropy, which needs to overturn all previous laws, falsely written, that don't measure up to its standard. Humanity needs to do this all over the world, to be true to itself. Humanity, is the only anti-entropic species on Earth that has the capacity with its intellect to look at the universe, discover its principles, and with the discoveries leap ahead of illusions and notions and reach deep into the future and bring the future demands into the present for the shaping of policies in order that life can be preserved, and a rich civilization arise, three decades from the present in a radically altered world that no one in remembered time has ever seen or experienced, but which can be known in the mind. 

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