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Big Bang Blow-Out 3: 'Lord of the Rings' & American Paradox

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Humanity is anti-entropic in nature and lives in an anti-entropic universe. The numerous forms of real evidence of the anti-entropic nature of the universe, all disprove the Big Bang theory. 

The evidence blows the theory away as a bubble without substance. 

Society's illusions about the universe have never changed the universe itself, they have only affected the way the universe was perceived and its principles applied.

While there is nothing of substance to hold on to, in the Big Bang dream, its forest of confusing illusions is nevertheless, still, rather dense. Consequently society finds it difficult to trace its way out of the forest to the recognition of the real principles of the universe. 

Whether humanity achieves the rich future that it has within reach, inspired by advances in science based on real evidence, or whether it dies of starvation in the forest of illusions when the next Ice Age begins in potentially the 2050s, depends on the choice that society clings to in the present. 

That's the kind of choice that Tolkien places before society in his saga, The Lord of the Rings. He aims to inspire an uncompromised choice.

Unfortunately our world is darker, than Tolkien's fictional world. 

Our civilization is choked with a wide range of false theories that are all pure illusions, and often dangerous illusions for which no supporting evidence actually exists, such as the 'mechanistic Ice Age' theory, where gravity rules everything.

Add the 'global warming' theory, the 'inevitable war' theory, the 'limited nuclear war' theory, the 'monetarist economics' theory, the 'environmental fascism' theory, and not least, the 'necessary depopulation' theory, and so on. There is no truth in any of these theories. These insane types of theories are all built up as false concepts at best, and are typically destructive lies by intention.

War, for example, is not inevitable. War is not a natural element of humanity that is rooted in the human heart and soul. The opposite is true. War has ne er benefitted humanity in any way. It is destructive, and therefore entropic. It collapses civilization. It leaves behind an empty landscape, a giant wound that takes a long time to heal.

Monetarist thievery has the same characteristic. It has never created a nobler and stronger society, but has always collapsed civilization from within. 

It destroys its own economic center. Neither is the much theorized 'limited nuclear war' possible. It is a false theory. All studies have shown that nuclear war becomes rapidly global, once it starts, with the near-certain extinction of humanity in the wake of it. 

Extinction is the ultimate of entropy. But how do we prevent the ultimate? 

How do we step away from entropy to anti-entropy?

With nearly the entire world clinging to entropy as its fate, any practical stepping up to higher ground seems almost impossible. 

So, how do we do it?

"The Pioneering Vision in The Lord of the Rings." 

The famous author, J. R. R. Tolkien, explores this very question in his epic saga, "The Lord of the Rings." He explores the path of defending a way of life that already reflects the principle of anti-entropy, but which is threatened to become extinct by the corrupting force of entropy that every system of empire is founded on and serves, which throughout history has stood as the most destructive force in the world, and still does so. Tolkien takes us on a fictional journey in an imagined world to explore the dynamics.

For the Lord of the Rings, Tolkien creates am identifying symbol, the symbol of a ring of fire with an empty center. In the saga, the ring of fire that surrounds nothing signifies the nature of the supreme master of entropy, the master of the high tower of fascism, named, Sauron. The world of men is threatened with extinction by the corrupting force of the fire of the ring of entropy, a type of ring of war that consumes civilization.

Tolkien speaks in metaphor about empire and its effects. In his saga, the ring of fire with an empty center symbolizes the greatest form of evil that has ever established itself, that threatens to end the age of man. The threat defines the battle in the saga, a battle for a society's survival against incredible odds.

Tolkien wasn't far off the mark from the present, in his tale. The modern system of empire seeks the mass-depopulation of the planet from the now 7 billion people living on Earth, to less than 1 billion. The battle in the Ring saga is essentially the same as our battle. But who is fighting the battle in the real world? Who is fighting the forces of entropy?

Tolkien also speaks about some lesser rings, rings of gold that have corrupted many, with one special ring among them, a "master ring," which the master of the empire of evil had once on his finger, but which became lost for a long time. As a symbol, Tolkien shrank the great ring of fire with an empty center into an object that a person can wear, a golden ring with an empty center that drains a person's humanity away, who thereby becomes a slave to it. The corrupting power of the "master's ring" is so intense in the tale that any wearer of it becomes invisible to everyone around in the normal world as if the wearer did no longer exist. That's what happens in the real world to those who surround themselves with the corrupting influence of entropy. In the saga, the master ring is also called "my precious." 

This is the type of effect in the real world that the Big Bang theory has on all who 'wrap' the lie of entropy around their finger. These are they whose contribution to science has essentially vanished as if they had exited the universe, or had never lived. To the people stuck in this trap, the Big Bang Cosmology is everything from A to Z in the universe, who doom the world thereby. In the saga, for as long as the 'master' ring exists, the world of man is likewise doomed. But Tolkien makes it clear that the 'master' ring, though it must be destroyed, cannot be destroyed with any craft one might employ. A corrupting false theory cannot be destroyed with an axe, but must be returned to the chasms of evil where it was forged. It needs to be traced back to the chasms of empire, the chasm of the fire of lies. 

Tolkien assigned the critical task of casting the theory of entropy into oblivion, to a few pioneers of the society who already live by the principle of anti-entropy in all they do. They live it, by living a rich life with abundant resources that they have created for themselves, and continue to do so. Tolkien placed the tallest task on these few.

"One of you must win this necessary fight against entropy," a wizard proclaims to a council. Tolkien selects one of the few who already live the principle of anti-entropy, and selects the smallest of them, as if he was saying to him, "only you can do this. You know in your heart what is true. You have lived the principle. The others who are standing on a lesser platform don't have a chance. One cannot win against an evil by fighting on the low corrupting level where the evil has been forged. This doesn't work. But you stand on a higher level. That's why you can win, who are living on that higher level where the supreme principle is experienced as real. This means that You must do this. You have qualified yourself to succeed." Tolkien assigns a wide range of lesser figures in the tale, to help the project to succeed." And they all, cooperating and contributing all that they have, do succeed against the most incredible odds in a fight that spans three volumes in book-form.

Tolkien leaves no room in the story for a compromise with the Empire of Entropy that is poised to destroy the world of man. It is tempting of course, to reach for a compromise, such as to use the supposed 'power of entropy' against its empire who hails it, to defeat it. Such attempts are indeed made in the story, all the way through, and they all fail and result in tragedy. 

Tolkien puts the world on notice, not to fail. Still, it did fail in the real world. 

A great attempt had been made to save the USA from the ravishing of the Empire of Entropy. It is known as the "Glass Steagall" banking legislation of 1933. It was designed to protect the nation. However, it was also built on a compromise. Tolkien's tale was written between 1937 and 1949, with the bulk of it during World War II. More than 150 million copies have been printed of the tale. Nevertheless, its fundamental premise has remained unrecognized. The compromise in the Glass Steagall legislation in the USA, has never been addressed, much less overturned, whereby the law itself was eventually defeated, and the protection it had afforded, was lost, with the result of great tragedies for the nation and the world. The tragedies still continue.

Among the foes in the Lord of the Rings, Tolkien places a group of black-glad kings who were once men, but who became corrupted into becoming creatures without a face and without a soul, who wield destructive power, as they all serve Sauron, the foulest evil of them all whose symbol is the ring of fire with no center. 

We have many such evil potentates in high places in the world to whom the symbol of an empty center surrounded by a ring of fire, would apply. 

Those are the criers for war, even for the big bang of nuclear war, the supernova war that nothing survives. 

They are masters of false theories. Nuclear war is a false theory. Every form of nuclear war is a false theory, even limited nuclear war that is presently prepared for to eradicate Russia, China, and India. 

We see Russia and China placed at the cross-hairs for a surprise limited nuclear war, by scores of empty people who have lost their qualification to be called human beings. 

In their land, where people lie to themselves, the world-engulfing conflict of limited nuclear war is miraculously deemed survivable in some fashion, for which the stage has been set up, and for what? 

When society looses its renaissance of the truth, insanity rules the landscape, whereby the most precious we have on the Earth, which is humanity itself, is doomed to suffer extinction.

"The American Paradox"

America stands as a paradox that has not yet been resolved. It was founded as a republic. A republic is inherently anti-entropic in nature. When forms of government by a society of itself, are focused on increasing the wealth of its living, and thereby its freedom from limitation by the creative and productive power of its humanity, then the resulting system of economics is anti-entropic in nature. It is so, because the wealth of its living, from food to housing to transportation, is increased by the society's scientific and technological progress, and by its commitment to empower this real wealth-building process by all means possible. 

In the resulting environment society functions by supporting one-another on the entire front for its common welfare. The dynamic process includes quality education, health care, increased beauty, expanding love, and an elevating culture. On the recognition of this universal-freedom platform many of the former colonies in North America eagerly joined hands to became a nation. 

But why has the nation fallen from the high platform it has been built on? Why has it fallen back to the level of the kingdoms of entropy where human value decays?

America should not have fallen. The universe doesn't fall into entropy. The universe operates on the anti-entropic platform where nothing stands in isolation and is self-consuming, where instead everything is actively powered by a process in which every single star of every galaxy plays a contributing role. Without this contributing, active participation, in the universally creative process that the universe is, with its myriad expressions, not a single star would exist in cosmic space, which would thereby be an empty void.

America stands as the paradox of a fallen star, because a portion of society believes that it can exist and prosper on the opposite platform than that of the universe. The opposite platform, in this case, is the platform of entropy ,reflected as the lie in economics that invites the tragedy of stealing from one another, such as by slavery, deceit, greed, and other forms of larceny, even rape, such as by waging war for stealing. 

America stands as a paradox, because it aims to exist on two opposite platforms: the platform of Entropy where stealing is King, and the Anti-Entropic platform were society's creative self-development is pursued and is powered by its humanity and its human resources. The conflict between the two systems has shaped American history.

American history is a history of great achievements compromised with great tragedies, a history of America being a light into the world, and of it also being the greatest force of fascism and war that stands poised to extinct humanity on the pathway of universal stealing.

The paradox that America became, appears to have started millennia before its time when the climate of the Earth began to cool from the warm climate of the interglacial optimum. In the shadow of this climatic down-turn, the Earth's primitive biological system became less productive. Food became less abundant. The idea might have emerged that wealth in living can be increased by stealing, which leads to wars for stealing. In the less-productive landscape roving bands may have ravish the lands. Some of the bands became empires - empires that are trapped by the notion of entropy that invites stealing. This is the trap that society fell into, by its small-minded thinking. This deadly trap in thinking still chokes much of humanity. 

One of the great masters of the trap was Adam Smith, who is hailed the father of modern economics that should be termed, mistaken economics. His take was that economics is the result of individuals serving their self-interest, led by the invisible hand of greed, acting in disregard of the public good. 

Smith trapped himself in this prison of entropy where the fierce heartbeat of relentless competition diminishes all human value to zero and elevates money value to be the all-precious. Thus greed becomes a deity that demands the sacrifice of everything else. Adam Smith calls this economics, even while he 'defies' the principle of economics. 

Of course, Adam Smith was mistaken. The hand of self-serving greed that acts in disregard of the universal good, is not invisible in the real world, it never has been, but has always been ravishing. Adam Smith stands self-condemned thereby, by erecting a throne that stands opposed to the anti-entropic platform of human development where creativity, science, and productivity are rooted. His throne opposes the only source of true economic value that exists. He opposes the system of humanity where stealing is NOT required, but is regarded as a crime. 

The process of stealing as an economic concept, which the empire of western economics has become, is inherent only in the imagined entropic model that emerged out of the ages of small-minded thinking. That's what Adam Smith had idealized, a model of relentless competition for the gold in which human value falls by the wayside.

The Smith model is immensely destructive.

When money is an object for stealing, wars are waged for increased stealing. It is useful to note here that there has never been a war instigated in all history, that hadn't been for the purpose of stealing, fundamentally. Wars are for stealing, exclusively. 

In the extreme case, as we have it today in the disintegrating world of imperial monetarism, the resulting extreme desperation for continued stealing opens the gates to the unthinkable, to nuclear war, the ultimate 'competition' that no one survives.

Nuclear war, in any form, is unsurvivable.

Nuclear war will lead to a dead peace without a human voice, or any voice at all.

The potential future of humanity lies far distant from Adam Smith's economics that still drives the western entropic platform for stealing and destroying, which the developing world is fast moving away from in the emerging cooperative commitment by Russia, India, and China, towards a world of building for the universal welfare of society.

The future of humanity lies in rapidly increasing the wealth in human living. It lies in moving away from destroying humanity, such as by starvation, war, and depopulation, to developing the creative freedom and unlimited productivity that humanity is capable of.

Real economics aims for the goodness in living, without stealing, without greed, without war, without destroying one-another in the grasping for gold, but with evermore building, uplifting culture, and beauty. The future of humanity lies with the principle of anti-entropy, the principle of the universe, reflected in the unfolding creative power of humanity.

After India became a free nation in 1947, that ended its long history of being looted in numerous colonial processes by numerous masters, in which many tens of millions of people have perished, By claiming is freedom from the thievery India gave itself a chance to live again, which hadn't been possible during the dark centuries of it being ravished by foreign masters who had subjugated most of the world, as they did India.

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