Glass Barriers
a romantic fiction novel in India by Rolf A. F. Witzsche
Volume 5A of the 12-volume series, The Lodging for the Rose

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Chapter 4 - The Paradox of India

      "I think if one looks hard enough, one will probably find some of this in the history books, too," I interrupted India.

      "But one has to look harder," she said and smiled. "One has to look a lot harder, because the imperials have been the ones writing the history books. History then becomes a weapon in their hands. History in hands of people like Germany's Joseph Goebbels becomes a powerful weapon to rob a people once again of their human identity and to hide the truth of our humanity that no empire can withstand. Empires are threatened by the light of the truth that the whole of mankind is one people of human beings with profound qualities and potentials. That truth tends become hidden, and is still hidden, and remains the cause why India's history is still clouded. But is this truth that defeated Brahmanism, that defeated Islam, and that defeated the colonial occupation of India. We have defeated every imperial force on the planet. That's India's profound history, and it is a history of a people's great spiritual strength. This strength has been obscured and hidden for millennia, and it is still being hidden in the quest for wealth, but it remains what it has always been, a powerful force for civilization. In a way, our history has become the history of the world, Peter. Except we are a step ahead of the world at large. We are moving away from the darkness of imperial history in which a minuscule minority had grabbed power to control and loot an entire subcontinent. Yes, the imperials had us in their clutches; first the Aryan Brahmins and then the British Colonial Brahmins, but Mahatma Gandhi helped us to get us out of that too. And yes, we are out of it to a large extent. This achievement makes us pioneers in the world, Peter, because the whole western world is still up to their eyebrows stuck in the mud of imperial rule. Much of the world is embracing imperial rule today, without knowing it. The entire western society lives in slavish toleration of an irrational, oligarchic organization that smothers almost every sphere of human endeavor, especially in economics, ideology, religion, culture, art, and science. The western society isn't free, especially in those vital spheres. In every one of these spheres the essential decisions concerning the shape of civilization and the future of nations, even the fate of the whole of humanity, are subjected almost entirely to the whims of a minuscule number of influential families that have assumed the power to dictate how the vast majority of humanity lives. The western emporium enforces ignorance, servitude, and inhuman poverty. What the West suffers today was the yoke of India for millennia, Peter. It is now become the yoke of much of the world. We've taken giant steps her in India in getting ourselves out of this yoke, while the world doesn't even recognize the yoke yet that has been cast around each person's neck. Nor does it recognize the imperial throne that the yoke is tied to, which is dragging society into the sewer. The world is blind, Peter."

      I shook my head.

      "No, Peter, I can prove what I said," Indira countered. "Take the State of Israel for an example. It's a perfect example of imperial power shaping the destiny of mankind."

      "Israel isn't an imperial state," I countered.

      "That's where you're wrong, Peter. Israel was created by the British Empire for the objectives of the British Empire, which is a private empire in which a minuscule group of powerful families hold the strings of power over society. They play the payola, and if people don't dance to it, they play with the sword. The British imperial fondi had cut their teeth in India. They overturned the Islamic age in India and gave the country back to the Brahmin to whom they gave power as their hired pawns. But mostly they learned from the Brahmins that had practiced the art of imperial 'global' control for millennia. The British Empire had its tactical roots in India. Now the British Empire, which is no longer called an empire. The Empire has grown beyond this small sphere. It now plays every nation on the planet as pawns on its geopolitical chessboard. In the case of Israel, it created itself a powerful chess piece, a super-Brahmin game piece. The differences are slight. The new Brahmin Empire doesn't wave the Veda into the world's face, it uses the religion of Zionism. Zionism was created for this purpose in British caucus with the Belford Declaration. Zionism was 'written' by the Empire, as surely as the Vedas were written by the Brahmins. Zionism has been created for an imperial purpose, and it isn't Judaism. It is the opposite of Judaism and Semitism. It doesn't reflect the Jewish spiritual identity at all, but an imperial identity. Zionism is anti-Semitic, through and through. It is totally Brahmanic in nature. The State of Zionism, falsely called Israel, reflects the Brahmanic process as perfectly as one can get a match for it. In the case of the State of Israel a tiny minority of Jewish people suddenly created a Zionist state that took over half of Palestine, and then developed a religion of subjective hate to keep the bloodshed going, just as the Brahmins used religion to destroy the women of India in order to keep the population impotent. We have the same process unfolding in the Middle East now, to keep the Middle East impotent. People say that Israel plays America as a pawn and get America to fight its wars for it. Other say that America dictates Israeli policy. The reality is that both are played by the tiny imperial fondi that holds the global strings with its religion of imperial power that has become terror to the extreme. Terror is waged like a way, because imperialism has no real power. Israel and America have become both game pieces in a fascist imperial strategy to rule the world like the ancient Brahmins had once ruled India. The strategy involves depopulation, just like it did in India. Today, billions are set up to die for the whim of a tiny few. We've stepped away from that hell in India, while the world still lives in it. The world hails fascism from the tiniest aspect of lost freedom to the most massive loss of life in genocides for environmental excuses, or in war, or in poverty, or in artificially created diseases and the destruction of energy supplies and the destruction of the global food supply system. That's the modern imperial game plan, Peter. Like stupid sheep the people of the world follow the oligarchic plan with their hands folded behind their back and march in lock step to their death. We did this in India 2,000 years ago. The world is at this stage now. It's us in India who are the pioneers on this planet, Peter," said Indira and laughed.

      "Don't laugh!" I cautioned her. "You may be right."

      "I am laughing, because I can take most of my clothes off when the sunshine is bright, and stand before you in a bikini if I want to, which you seem to find incredibly daring," said Indira. "Which imperial religion makes this appear daring to you? It's not Hinduism, is it? Of course the girls do the same in America, but they do it for a different reason. I do it from the recognition of myself as a human being facing another human being. On that platform there is nothing in sex that divides us. I can't be daringly dressed, or undressed, on this platform. This perception puts me miles ahead of the girls in America who wear their bikini for enticement. I am free. They are slaves to an ideology that isn't even their own. They think they are free, but they are toeing the line of the most ancient imperial game, the one that divides people right at their grassroots level. The Zionists are slaves to that too. They've become separated from their humanity as human beings. That's their assigned role to play, and they are playing it well. The role has been invented for them."

      "Invented, isn't the right term," I interrupted Indira. "The role that they are playing in the world today has been assigned to them. The British caucus didn't invent Zionism with the Belford Declaration. They merely reassigned the role. The role had been created much earlier. It was almost forgotten. The Belford Declaration was merely an affirmation of a role that had been invented eons ago, and that has nothing to do with Judaism. The Belford Declaration defined the Jewish people as Zions, a people without a home, stranger in their own lands. The goal was to get them into Palestine as a battering ram against Islam. I heard it said that Hitler had offered the Jews money to leave Germany and resettle in Palestine. That was the imperial plan, the plan of Hitler's masters. The imperials had a role invented around that time for the Jewish people, the role of Zionism. Of course the process didn't work out as planned. Still, Indira, you are right. Zionism is ultimately an imperial creation. However, I think it stems from different empire of a different period. It appears to have started way before the era of the British Empire. It seems to have started in parallel with the Vedic Dark Age. And it appears to have started small. It appears to have started with the intentional perversion of everything the early Hebrew people held dear. It started with a political perversion of a religion that had promised to develop a highly humanist society. This budding religion had challenged the religious empire of the priesthood. It had to be perverted, and it was perverted."

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