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Chapter 11 - In the Shadow of Ants

      "This source added," said Ross, "that 'visiting' Israeli Air Force warplanes are routinely topped off by American aerial refueling tankers, but only on condition that the Israeli jets do not continue 'downtown' into Iran. The designated turn back point is the "160 station," which is a clearly charted tapline road located 160 kilometers from Baghdad. Any aircraft proceeding beyond this point must declare its intentions. Otherwise a U.S. Air Force F-15 will take position off its wingtip. After waggling its own wings to attract attention, if the interloper fails to turn back, the American Eagle drops behind and 'gets tone,' meaning that a Sidewinder anti-aircraft missile is locked onto the offending plane. According to this very reliable source, on two previous occasions, Israeli fighter-bombers armed with nuclear bombs have crossed this line heading "downtown" before being turned back over Iraq.

      "The January 7th mission, the third mission in the series, was different, according to the source. It trespassed beyond 160 station. This time it was recalled by Israeli authorities. This latest mission was comprised of three Israeli Air Force F-16s. Each carried conventional munitions-as well as a single 20-kiloton nuclear bomb. The source said that these missions have disproved military analysts who have long believed that Israel would deploy as many as 25 I-model F-15 fighter-bombers from the 69th Squadron based at Hatzerim Air Base in the northern Negev, about 50 miles south of Tel Aviv. Any Israeli Air Force attack, it is believed, would have to first suppress Iranian air defenses, while ensuring that enough conventionally-armed F-15s get through to set back Iran's widely dispersed nuclear program for many years. This can be done with F-15s. The latest model F-15 can carry as much ordnance as the World War II B-17 heavy bomber. The IAF has repeatedly demonstrated the ability to conduct long-range strikes" like the 1976 raid on Entebbe that's located 2,600 miles from Israel, and a 1985 attack on the PLO headquarters in Tunis, which is 1,500 miles away. However, Iran's air defenses are more formidable than anything the Israeli Air Force has yet faced. The Russian SA-18 Igla-S mobile missile batteries that have been supplied to Iran are said to be highly effective against low-flying jets. According to Russian intelligence sources the Igla's mobility makes them difficult to target for defense and limits the maneuverability of Israeli planes. Also Moscow completed installing two advanced radar systems around the Bushehr nuclear power station on the Persian Gulf. They're the mobile 36D6 systems stationed in Iran, but those are modified to protect Iran's nuclear facilities with stand-off missiles, and cruise missile attacks. Similar systems are operational around the uranium enrichment plants at Isfahan in central Iran. In addition Moscow supplied Syria and Iran with the advanced mobile SS-26 Iskander-E surface to surface missile that is carrying a 1,000-pound multiple warhead capable of dodging air defense radars and electronic jamming. Moscow also supplied the surface-to- air SA-10 "Grumble" missile that is capable of engaging several targets simultaneously at various altitudes, and SA-18 "Grouse" shoulder-launched anti-aircraft missile that is fitted with a 4.5-pound high-explosive warhead. The SA-18 has a maximum range of 5.2 kilometers and a maximum altitude of 3.5 kilometers. Another major factor that worries the Israeli pilots, said the source, is Iran's first satellite that was carried into orbit by a Russian booster in 2005. The Sinah-1 satellite provides a lookdown capability to spot low-flying aircraft long before they intrude into Iranian airspace. In addition, Moscow supplied Iran an estimated $1 billion worth of advanced Tor-M1 anti-missile systems capable of destroying guided missiles and laser-guided bombs dropped from high-flying aircraft. Obviously Moscow intends to secure its investment at the Bushehr nuclear power plant, remembering the fate of Iraq's Tamuz nuclear power center built by the French, which the Israeli air force destroyed 24 years ago.

      "My source pointed out that a trio of the smaller and more agile F-16s presents a much more difficult challenge to Iran's defenders," said Ross, "than the larger force of the twin-engine F-15s would. The Israelis have also modified the F-16's to reduce its radar profile down to the size of a kid's tricycle. The only obstacle is the limited range of the F-16. Unless the planes are assisted by U.S Air Force tankers, or are allowed to land in Iraq, the low-flying F-16's will burn too much fuel to return, which makes the 'downtown' run a one-way mission. On January 7, after crossing into forbidden airspace, the three ground-hugging, nuclear-armed Israeli F-16s would have turned north. Using conventional munitions, the jets would have attacked the 3rd Tactical Air Base at Hamadan to preclude pursuit by the obsolete Iranian air force F-4s stationed there. Because the small Israeli strike force was expected to be flying a one-way mission, more modern Iranian F-5s and MiG-29s based at the 2nd Tactical Air Base at Tabriz would not have presented a problem either. This source further stated that instead of the nuclear facility, the crowded Iranian capitol and the huge Revolutionary Guard training facility at Hamadan, were the defined targets.

      "According to the source," Ross continued, "late in 1990, as Desert Storm was prepared on Iraq's western border, a convoy of six blacked out transport trucks departed a heavily guarded al-Jesira factory loading dock just outside Mosul. The license plates obscured with mud, and traveling only at night, the trucks drove south to a second loading stop in Baghdad, before turning east into Iran. According to a declassified U.S. military intelligence report, the containers sent to Shiites in Teheran by Saddam's dissident Shiite generals, were clearly labeled: Tularemia, Anthrax, Botulinum and Plague. The gift package also included an advanced Hewlett Packard computer, and a Linatron X-ray machine shipped from Iraq's nuclear weapons facility at Mosul, along with sealed containers of uranium hexafluoride.

      "The source emphasized repeatedly," said Ross, "that contrary to military aviation experts and the Israeli Air Force  cover stories, the intended targets on July 7th were not Iran's five heavily defended nuclear reactors, nor any of Iran's hundreds of widely dispersed nuclear research facilities. Instead, the mission objective on January 7 was to pre-empt Teheran's ability to attack Israel by eliminating the head of Iran's command and control that is held in the hands of the religious leadership, cutting off the head of the snake and making its response impossible, followed up by decapitating" the country's top leaders on the ground. A massive Israeli intelligence operation had been underway in Iran since 2005. Israeli moles have been pinpointing individuals that would have to be taken out, at least 10 people deep, to assure that the government is nonfunctional. The source said the operation works like a fatwa. The agents are acting as target designators. They are equipped with miniaturized homing beacons and stay glued to Iranian leaders. Often the leadership holds meetings on trains. A single well-timed Israeli strike can take them all out. The hydrogen bomb is needed to do the same in a logistical manner by its massive Electromagnetic Pulse that would fry all of that country's computers, phones, radio and other electronic equipment. The Iranian military electronics are not "hardened" against the pulse. On the other hand Iranian missiles are able to hit Tel Aviv and the Israeli nuclear plant and atom bomb dump at Dimona. Also, how Israel expects to escape the moral, military and political consequences of another Hiroshima was not explained.

      "And then there is the Persian Gulf with half the U.S. Navy present in these enclosed waters. The Persian Gulf could be blocked off and turned into a shooting gallery" by Iranian forces deploying advanced Chinese and Russian anti-ship missiles, as well as 225 miles-per-hour torpedoes. In addition, Iran's huge hovercraft fleet is augmented by missile-firing drones and helicopter squadrons, silent submarines, and new "Joshan" PT boats capable of speeds in excess of 45 knots. Equipped with a variety of missiles striking beyond 62 miles, the Joshans' rapid-firing 76-mm shells can shred sea and air targets within 19 kilometers at altitudes up to 23,000 feet. The results of war in the Persian Gulf are totally unpredictable, except that there will be widespread death and chaos with worldwide economic and political spasm following the closing of major oil tanker routes through the Strait of Hormuz. Anticipating heavy losses, the U.S. Naval command and control has already been transferred onshore, for the first time ever. The first Gulf War caused more than 740,000 Iraqi deaths, the second Gulf War is tallied in many millions dead with the war still going on. The Iran War death toll will likely be ten times higher. On January 7, an Israeli nuclear strike was turned back over as-Samawah, a hair away from an-Nasiriyah. This was not the first time. It's not going to be the last time either. But every time it happens, it goes further and gets closer. There is no way to turn this off. This is not an 'if' - it's a 'when'. There is a clock ticking. The planning for the next attempt is underway, to carry out a military strike against Iran. Something dramatic will happen. The source saw no hope for it not happening."

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