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Chapter 11 - In the Shadow of Ants

      Airman First Class Todd Blue, 20 years old, died in Wyethville, Virginia, September 12.

      Two people from Barksdale Air Force Base, died in Caddo Parish, Louisiana, September 15.

      Airman Adam Barrs, aged 20, was killed in an auto crash in Minot, as far back as July 5.

      Air Force 1st Lt. Weston Kissel, 28, B-52 pilot assigned to the 23rd Bomb Wing at the Minot base, was killed in a motorcycle crash in Tennessee.

      Air Force Capt. John Frueh, found dead in Skamania County, Washington State, on September 2.

      It appears that the mysterious deaths were exclusively among personnel stationed at Minot  Air Force Base . The evidence suggests that the battle to save the USA and the world from a nuclear holocaust started at Minot  Air Force Base  long before the B-52 took off, where the whistle-blowers were evidently located. It makes sense that the front-line people knew more than anybody what their demanded handiwork would engender, of loading six advanced nuclear armed stealth cruise missiles onto a bomber with a intercontinental reach of 14,080 kilometers without refueling. As custodians of nuclear bombs they could well imagine the human tragedy resulting from the deadly punch of six dozen Hiroshimas that they were ordered to get ready. They knew what their order meant as the B-52H, was loaded up, or even before it was loaded up.  The B-52H is the most modern of the B-52s. It had been heavily involved in devastating Iraq with conventional bombs in the furthest reaching air-strike mission in the history of aerial warfare. These missions took off from Barksdale Air Force Base, Louisiana., and returned to Barksdale after their 35-hour non-stop bombing run. They might have also known that the B52H is the only intercontinental bomber in the U.S. Air Force inventory that can reach Iran without refueling, a necessity for a plausibly deniable nuclear sneak attack.

      I found it hard to imagine what struggles might have erupted at Minot Base to prevent the first massive nuclear bombing run in human history that was being prepared there. We are told that it took them eight hours to attach the nuclear missiles to their ready-made mounts under the wings of the B-52. Those were evidently hours of a human drama that we will likely never know the details of. It certainly wouldn't have taken eight hours by professional personnel to perform a task that was designed to be done in minutes in a combat environment. The string of corpses that resulted in the aftermath obviously assured that the real truth of what happened at Minot Base won't ever be known.

      I saw a striking parallel between the string of deaths surrounding the B-52 affair and the removal of evidence after the 9-11 event. In both cases access to the truth was physically removed. In Louisiana the  Air Force Base  was circumcised. After 9/11 the rubble of the World Trade Towers was hastily sold. It was sold as private property, quickly dug up, and then shipped out of the country in order to hide the secrets that the rubble might have revealed. In this manner the incriminating stories that the six airmen might have revealed, went to the grave with them to become 'unavailable' to potential future inquiries. The fact that we see so many corpses surrounding the B-52 affair suggests that something big had occurred indeed, something so big that the most critical witnesses were not allowed to remain alive.

      Of course the cover stories that we all have seen in both cases were big lies that were required under the doctrine of plausible deniability to hide something big. The doctrine that demands America's most trusted institutions to blatantly deny the truth, to cover it up with gilded smut came to light as an assault on us all that was agonizing to behold. The 9-11 terror event came more and more to light in this manner as an inside job designed to terrorize the American public into submission to the NEOCON agenda for destroying the nation morally, economically, and militarily, on behalf of the British Empire that had attempted to destroy the USA ever since it was born. That's the historic truth. The "War on Terror" was a lye. The 9-11 terror event started an official lye, the so-called WAR OF TERROR, a terror war on the U.S. population and the world-population to force them into submission to the wider imperial agenda that the financial World Empire was increasingly imposing. That was the truth behind the lies, and God only knows how many people have been killed in the shadow of these lies. Their numbers are probably ranging into the millions with many more probably already marked down on the agenda sheet.

      The sickening feeling that I had felt in those days while repairing the roof of the house had evidently nothing to do with the roofing project. Every part of the roofing project had been well prepared, and been well executed, with only a few minor mistakes being made along the way. All the materials were at hand. Nothing had been lacking. In fact most things came together better than expected. The sickening feeling that I felt in those days was evidently an echo of that greater crisis that was unfolding unseen in the background, and it coincided with the timing of the events.

      For my roofing project, just as it was for the world, the 19th of July became a turning point. This was the time when my back gave way and I was forced to find a contractor to help me in the middle of the summer.

      Sometime later Ross also pointed out that in the same timeframe in which my crisis was abating, also the world's crisis was abating. "Congratulation!" he said. "You have helped save the world. In fact you have helped to save it before then." Ross pointed out that back in the winter, before the ants began to make the work on the roof a necessity, the State of Israel had attempted to attack Iran with aircraft equipped with nuclear bombs. They had been on their way, but had been turned back each time before crossing into Iran. This had occurred more than half a year before the B-52 incidence was unfolding into something tremendously big. Twice the American military aborted the Israeli mission, and once the Israeli themselves.

      "This means that between November and January Israel had attempted three nuclear bombing attacks of Iran. Each time the attack was stopped by patriotic intervention.

      "While I was away at school," said Ross, "a fellow told us over lunch that back in November a nuclear-armed Israeli Air Force fighter-bomber had been launched from a base in the dessert bound for targets in Iran, and that it was turned back by USAF fighters over Iraq. He said that by following up two other sources have independently confirmed the encounter. While the first informant offered few details beyond the initial tip, a second source long-known to me and well-placed in military circles and with government contacts, has provided specific information regarding the raids, which were aimed at the radical religious ayatollahs who are the ultimate power in Iran. This second informant told me that Israeli nuclear strikes are not unprecedented. He said that soon after Desert Storm, U.S. Navy pilots told this reporter in Kuwait how in late 1990 Israel made good on its pledge to respond in kind to WMD attacks by launching nuclear-armed aircraft against Baghdad following a lethal assault on Tel Aviv by Scud missiles tipped with chemical warheads. He said the first air strike in 2006, was called off when the Americans refused to provide the vital IFF codes needed to fly through U.S.-controlled airspace. When questioned concerning the "Identification Friend or Foe" transponder codes, that are needed to overfly Iraq today, the source said that allied Israeli aircraft are routinely provided "squawk codes" when flying missions aimed at acquiring the characteristics of air defense radars triggered by their approach into to Syrian, Jordanian, and Iranian airspace.

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