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Chapter 11 - In the Shadow of Ants

      But Bush's voice wasn't the only voice crying for war on this day. On the very same day, or the day before, another raving war-cry was published in Britain that was even more vile than the war-cry of President Bush. Two British think tankers had produced an 80-page report arguing that the United States has the military capability to destroy Iran's nuclear program, its industrial base, and its government infrastructure, all in a matter of days, if not hours, through a massive bombing campaign that has already been set in place and could be activated at any moment by orders from President Bush.

      On September 5, 2007.

      The public admission of the B-52 affair was also the day of its closure, or was it? What was admitted openly was evidently far from the truth. And so it was left to one's imagination to come to terms with what might have actually transpired during the six days between the landing of the B-52 in Barksdale and the end-date, September 5, when a public announcement was issued of the rogue affair. The official story blamed a simple command and control breakdown, classified as a BENT SPEAR incident to the Secretary of Defense and the White House. But was it that? It was said to have been the case of a bunch of sloppy airman and commanders doing everything wrong that day when the missiles were loaded? The official story became such an insult to the airmen and the public that it is hardly worth considering. But it was worth considering that under the apparent doctrine that covers covert operations, a key requirement for hiding the truth is "plausible deniability." In other words, the official doctrine is a policy to lye, and lye, and lye again - 'In Lies We Trust!'

      One day later, September 6, 2007

      On this day the Syrian News Agency SANA announced that the Israeli Air Force had mounted an incursion into the air space of northern Syria, and had jettisoned drop tanks and bombs along the Syrian-Turkish border. It appears that Israel had not been informed that the rogue attack project had been cancelled. According to Webster Tarpley the Turkish Foreign Ministry protested that the objects had fallen on Turkish territory. Webster Tarpley writes, "The Israelis first denied, but later admitted, that this illegal incursion, an ipso facto act of aggressive war, had taken place. Middle East experts estimated that the Israelis had been probing the Syrian and Iranian air defenses and had been driven off by the new and superior Russian air defense systems now fielded by these two countries. This meant that the US-UK-Israeli model of an air blitzkrieg was now also in a crisis, just as the Israeli land blitzkrieg technique had been defeated by Hezbollah in Lebanon in the summer of 2006. It appears that in order to cover up their part in the rogue mission, the Israelis later concocted a story that their attack on Syria had been a successful air attack on a nuclear facility that was operating in Syria with North Korean assistance. Their tale was based on the doctrine of deniability and was repeated during early stages of the presidential candidates' debates. Of course the bombing didn't take place. Any bombing of a nuclear facility would have had to produce a cloud of radioactive nuclear debris, which would have been registered by Iran, Pakistan, India, Russia, China, Japan, or some other state in the region. Since no such reports have ever come to light, it must be assumed that the Israeli story was fabricated under the doctrine of denial in an attempt to cover up the repulse of the Israeli jets that would have taken part in the B-52 nuclear bombing attacks."

      It appears that the truth in this case too, was a victim of the doctrine of "plausible deniability" that seems to infest everything the public is told - In Lies We Trust! But the lies are getting thin. The photos the Israeli bombing of the supposed North Korean installation in Syria where so crudely fabricated that they disproved themselves as it is not likely that the Sun shone from several directions at once producing shadows behind buildings in various directions at the same moment.

      I began to wake up that day.

      When the apparent doctrine is to assure deniability, the official story of the outcome is thereby rendered a lye. That's the policy of intention in the Universe of lies. The effective policy then is that the truth means nothing so that anything can be perpetrated in the shadows for as long as it can be denied later on and the denial be labeled the truth. Evidently this policy doctrine also governed the official story of the 9-11 terror attack, which had been created to hide its real face of the operation as an inside job designed to terrorize the nation so that it would bow to the Empire's new war-demands that would be carried out by its NEOCON stooges. The doctrine to assure plausible deniability to hide the truth is evidently a long-standing British Imperial doctrine. And so, both of the unlikely stories, that of the B-52 and the 9-11 story, have the same 'quality' about them, the ring of false metal. Of course even then, these two cases represent but the tip of the proverbial iceberg.

      The universal doctrine of "plausible deniability" appears to be prominently utilized in finance and economics. There, people have been duped to believe in an intentionally untruthful concept of what wealth is. They have been duped to believe that wealth is in money, that money can buy anything, which turned out to be a lye - In Lies We Trust!

      The truth is that the wealth of society is located in its processes of production and the creation of scientific ideas that make human life freer, less burdensome, more capable, more beautiful, more satisfying. Almost all of these things have a physical component, an infrastructure component, an industrial component, and so on. What society builds determines its wealth. In this sense modern society is living a lye fraudulently induced by the doctrine of the plausible deniability of the truth. LaRouche pointed out that truth is that the physical economy has been in an exponentially accelerating state of decline towards a near total collapse, while the monetary values have been inflated by leaps and bounds so that the West has become an empty society stuffed with money, while in real terns the financial values have no greater value than the physical wealth that is being produced, which was rapidly crashing towards zero. Are we a rich society then as we are told, because the world is flooded with money? No, our wealth is gone no matter how much money is floating about in fictitious portfolios. The truth is that we've become a poor society. Sure, some individuals have become rich by stealing from others, but that doesn't make a rich society. The grand orgy of stealing took away the few riches that still existed in society. The truth became evident when homelessness, poverty, hopelessness, unemployment, starvation, and crime began to rise and become a monster, and an environment erupts in which people can barely survive much less have a satisfying life. But this truth is being denied. 'In Lies we Trust!' And the reality will continue to be denied for as long as the doctrine of "plausible deniability" is maintained.

      That is why the economic collapse intersected with the strategic crisis since the solution for both is a return to truthfulness and humanity, which is a commitment to saving the nation and civilization and a commitment to the general welfare of mankind.

      That's what I saw happening in response to the B-52 strategic threat. I saw that some people discovered their humanity and were empowered by it to intervene to save the nation and civilization from a threat of destruction and terror that neither the nation or civilization can endure. They became truthful with themselves. They became human beings. The extent of the danger to empire of people becoming human beings is best seen in the rage that was unleashed after the course of the B-52 affair which may be the only physical evidence left behind. The evidence is a string of dead corpses of the airmen that suffered mysterious deaths in the timeframe leading in and extending after the B-52 affair, as reported by Webster Tarpley.

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