The Flat Earth Society
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Volume 4B of the 12-volume series, The Lodging for the Rose

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Chapter 10 - Celebrating our Universal Marriage

      Sylvia smiled as she unpacked the glasses. "Have you guys solved the problems of the world yet," she said, "or have I come too soon? Are we all convinced now that a new era is possible, and that it is possible for mankind to survive on this planet? Our killing machines have become too powerful for mankind to be able to survive in a continuing epoch of war. We must have a victory over war. This war against war must be won, and against the empires that demand war. If this doesn't happen we wont just see a long New Dark Age erupting across the planet as some now fear, but an endless Silent Age without a human voice in it, and possibly no life at all. But since we are all human beings with a love for life and for one another, I am convinced that we will act and assure ourselves a future in a New Renaissance. I see this as a sign of out time and am prepared to celebrate its certainty. Will you join me in this celebration?"

      Sylvia told us as she served the Champagne for the celebration, in the glasses she had brought, that she loved our beach as the most perfect place for that kind of celebration, even though the winds are icy in winter and chill one to the bone. She said that the seashore is the ideal place for a profound celebration, because at the seashores of the world the winds are always fresh and new, never stagnant and never lifeless.

      "The seascape is therefore the perfect metaphor for our hope and joy and power, the way I see it," she said raising her glass. "In the sunshine on the seashore and in the winds that are always blowing, we grow up and find ourselves moved along and urged to become evermore human."

      "The NEOCONs and their masters will scream when this happens," Ross interjected. "They will wave their flags of terror in our face that they always raise in the pursuit of their murderous objectives. They do this, because they are alien to all that is human. And so they will scream in their rage and boast that all the nuclear options in their arsenal, from the H-bombs all the way to the DU-bombs, are now fully on the table to make war in a big way. But we won't be intimidated this time. As a society of human beings, we have one option that they don't realize exists. This option is a power that enables us to close the door to their wars. This option is rooted in our humanity. This option is love. We have discovered its principle, the Principle of Universal Love, which is not foreign to any human being. We need no other option. If the principle of democracy that is built on the larger Principle of Universal Love is being trampled on by the NEOCONs as we see this happening today, then we have the option at hand to safeguard our democracy with our humanity and become an institution for this principle with powers to act to safeguard civilization. If our Congress and our Senate, and even our courts, have all become corrupted, which they have, and have by their corruption become imperial institutions, we, the society of humanity, have the option in our hands to vacate the offices that we have created, to banish the traitors, and to elect new people that will serve the nation and its general welfare, and its posterity."

      "Hear, Hear!" said Sylvia raising her glass. "That's the only option we need, and that's the option we have before us. Once we are on this road of our awakening, and awakening humanity, and find ourselves committed to it, then the seashores of the world will become vast theatres of love and of the brightness of our universal humanity. I would say that's something worth celebrating, don't you agree?"

      Ross raised his glass with her. "The only currency that the NEOCONs have in their pocket is imperial power, while the only currency that exists in the real world is the power of love and humanity that society is at the verge of rediscovering as the greatest aspect of itself. So my friends, who do you think has the upper hand at this point?"

     "I think we'll see a new wind sweeping the world," said Sylvia with a smile that rivaled the brightness of the midday sun. "That's the stuff that we find at the seashore, my friends, were life unfolds, where we look at ourselves as we really are. If we uplift our humanity and our love for it, our world will become a place of peace, both within and without. More than this we cannot want or hope for."

      "With that we will see the unfolding of Helen's lateral lattice of hearts," I added, raising my glass with them. "Helen's perception of its principle has already proven its efficacy for healing in times of great crises. We don't have to reinvent the world to save it. We merely have to move forward with the wind that already blows strong at the leading edge towards our Bright New World."

      While we were still celebrating Tony appeared on the beach, carrying a jug of something that looked like orange juice.

      "I saw your note that we are celebrating on the beach," he said to Sylvia. "What are we celebrating? Are we celebrating the wind?" He began to laugh. "I brought some orange juice and cookies to celebrate with."

      "We are celebrating the state of the world," said Ross.

      "What's there to celebrate?" said Tony and began to laugh. "The world is in a mess. America is loosing the war it started. We killed 600,000 people in Iraq. We've got 11,000 of our own soldiers killed there; 25,000 wounded, 15,000 of the seriously; and 26,000 got so disgusted or scared that they disserted; and you want to celebrate the state of the world. Are your out of your mind?"

      "Actually you missed a few items," Ross countered him. "We've got half a million of our veterans on DU-death-row slowly dying. We've also killed a million people with malaria last year, thanks to our DDT ban of the 1970s. We've killed another three million with AIDS, thanks to our NSSM-200 policy from the same decade. In addition we killed twelve million poor people last year with the weapon of poverty that we are wielding so skillfully. And there is the matter of the type-2 diabetes that is up worldwide from 30 million cases to 230 million cases since we began throwing our dirty uranium bombs into the Middle East and Europe. And lets not forget the 6-fold increase in lung cancer in the USA that we harvested from the DU-weapons caldron, which adds up to a million additional cases per year. Nor does this horror toll include the worldwide increases of the rest of the types and cancers, and birth defects, and any of the other ninety-plus diseases that we've cooked up in the DU-weapons caldron. We are celebrating that we are still alive, Tony, that none of us is among the countless millions of victims that our country is responsible for. That's something to celebrate, isn't it? We are celebrating that of the tens of thousands of nuclear bombs that our pioneering effort brought into the world, not a single one has been used last year although many have tried to find an excuse to use them. We are also celebrating that the tens of millions of our dirty uranium bombs that we've got on the ground in the Middle East and in Asia are still on the ground instead of being vaporized and their contents being injected into the air currents around the world for the imperial attempt to kill most of the people of Russia, China, India, and Africa to disable those areas that are deemed a threat to the empire by the imperials' own admission. We are celebrating, Peter, that Russia still lives, that China still lives, that India is still alive, and Africa, and Iran, and the USA too that's on the block to be destroyed as well for the greater glory of the empire. We are celebrating that our VP and his underlings have not yet been able to blow up the world last year, in spite of their most intense efforts to find a cause for getting the wrecking ball rolling." Ross took the Champaign bottle and turned it upside down. "As you can see," he added, "we've been celebrating for some time already. We are celebrating that we are still alive. We are celebrating that there is still a profound sense of humanity left in the world that in spite all the terrible things that have happened, the worst avalanche has been prevented. For that we have much to celebrate. We are also celebrating that the tide is turning towards us. The death-angels are loosing ground. We are celebrating that a patriot discovered that the 'Jefferson's Manual' that is an interpretive guide to parliamentary procedures in our country, that is included  along with the Constitution in the bound volumes that contain the Rules of the House of Representatives, a powerful method is specified for starting impeachment procedures to save the country from elected officials, including Presidents who are determined to destroy the nation and the world. We are celebrating that this manual has so far been ratified by each congress for as long as it existed, including the current congress, and has been updated continuously through the history of our democracy to protect its principles."

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