The Flat Earth Society
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Volume 4B of the 12-volume series, The Lodging for the Rose

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Chapter 10 - Celebrating our Universal Marriage

      "What do you suppose would happen if the U.S. President was confronted in this manner at a world forum? I said to Ross. "Do you suppose he would still rant, that 'we, the guardians of freedom and security in the world, must now use deadly force as an act of last resort to prevent Iran from acquiring Weapons of Mass Destruction?' If he was to say this he would be laughed at, and would hide himself out of shame forever after. Thus, truth removes properly whatever is offensive. I think we will see this happening in ever-wider circles."

      "Some little guy from the back row might come to the podium and laugh," said Ross. "The little guy would say to our President, Mr. President, what freedom do you speak of? Do you mean the freedom you have given yourself to kill three thousand people for a scare show, as on September 11, 2001? Do you men the freedom that you have grabbed, to poison the world with DU Weapons of Mass Destruction, as you have unleashed them in Iraq and Afghanistan? Do you mean the freedom to torture people contrary to international law? Do you men the freedom to spy on your own population, contrary to your own law? Do you mean the freedom to shred your own Constitution and place yourself above the law of the land and become a new Hitler in the world? I think the response to such a speech would be a standing ovation by the entire assembly. Then someone would have the President arrested for crimes against humanity. No one would hinder this arrest, fearing the NEOCONs wrath. The NEOCONs wouldn't dare, lest someone asks them about the nine thousand covert operations that have killed millions in the Third World. So it doesn't really matter who reasserts the standard of humanity and how the criminals are removed from government. Sure our own courts should do this before the naked men parade themselves on the world stage and dishonor America, but the NEOCONs own the courts, so they won't do it. We also think that our own Congress and Senate should impeach the whole administration before its evil become too unbearable, but they won't, since the NEOCONs own them too, or most of them. However, the NEOCONs don't own the whole of mankind, and so a little person will in time speak up and voice the truth that everybody already knows, and appeal to the humanity that still exists in people, hidden as it may be. And that will carry that day. Our President has dug himself such a deep hole by exposing his nakedness further and further. Eventually the breakthrough to the universal standard of humanity is inevitable, as this was shown in Anderson's tale. All of this tells me, Peter, that the rise of a New Renaissance is near. That's what I am celebrating, Peter. The scene may appear black, but I see a big light on the horizon, and that's worth celebrating."

      "That reminds me of a photograph I have seen of the bombing of Beirut," I interjected and began to laugh. "The photograph showed that kind of paradox that you just presented. It showed a cement truck pouring concrete in the middle of a bombing run. While the brave 'civilized' warriors of the Israeli Defense Forces where dropping their bombs all over the city from their total safety high in the sky, I saw a scene of cement being poured. In the background of the photograph the scene was one of unspeakable horror. A twenty-story apartment building was blown apart by a big bomb and was collapsing with people still in them. And there, in the foreground of the photo, as if none of that was real, right in the midst of this hubbub of destruction, mayhem and ghastly murder, a crew of workmen were pouring cement for a new house and a New World. Their action must have seemed to them like a stand of defiance. Now I think it would also be seen as a standing in celebration, with them celebrating what is enduring in this world, the substance of our humanity that will prevail in spite of the temporary madness flowing from the rage of fascism...."

      While I was still speaking about the remarkable photograph and its paradox, Heather spotted Sylvia coming towards us on the beach. Heather had seen her coming from the end of the trail from our house to the beach. She came with a box in her hands that had to no ones surprise four Champagne glasses in it, carefully wrapped up in a towel.

      Ross had told us while Sylvia was still coming that he had briefed her fully on everything. "We need to celebrate now," he added. "We need to celebrate especially at this moment in time, because the only thing that we have left at this stage is our humanity. This means that it is more likely that our humanity will come to the surface. When everything else is lost, society tends to reawaken its humanity. And that, my friends, is were we stand right now. Everything else appears to be lost. The Alito nomination will proceed; that's certain. The Democrats won't fight to block it. They could block it with a filibuster, but they won't do it. So I ask, where does society turn to in this kind of situation, but to itself, to its inner strength and resources, to its humanity. In that lies our salvation. The little man in the White House is insane, that's for sure, but our Congress is too corrupt to impeach him. The little man really wants to bomb Iran and North Korea. He's been looking for a whole year now, for an excuse to do this, but with the Iraq war being the mess that it is, he can't quite get his two new wars started. He is also facing the mid-term Congressional and Senate elections. He knows that he needs his Republicans to win in both houses in order that they have the power to forestall his impeachment. His impeachment would be a near certainty if the Democrats were to win in a big way. He knows that, but this quandary over the elections makes it even harder for him to start two more wars. So, what's he to do? He has no choice but to wait till November before he can move. However, he'll have a surprise coming in November. The mid-term election will go against him. The Democrats will score a landslide victory for taking control of the Congress, and they might also take the Senate as well. All of that is good news for the country, but it will put the little man into an ever-deeper quandary. He will face a Congress that he knows will turn against him. He will also face a Senate that he can no longer control. But more to the point, he will face a population that has turned against him. The people want him impeached and removed from office. In addition to these big problems the little man faces the private financial world-empire whose game is going badly. The empire is loosing control of its financial system that is fast disintegrating. Its agents, the powerful people of the moneybags, will be needling the little man day and night to get him to blow up the world for them. They will be demanding those couple big wars that they had ordered. Their game requires that kind of chaos that will enable them to reshuffle the deck of the world in their favor. That's the point when we will face the gravest danger in the history of civilization. To make matters still worse, the little man in the White House will be flying the ship of state solo because for an entire two months following the elections. The Congress and the Senate will both be on vacation till halfway into January. That's when the humanity of society will be the only real power left in the country that can swing the balance."

      "What are you trying to tell us?" I interrupted.

      "I'm trying to tell you that I hope to God that this hyper-critical period will sober up a few people and bring their humanity to the foreground. I hope for example that the first declaration from the Democratic Party after its landslide victory will be a clear declaration that the impeachment of the President is the first item of business. This has to happen. This has to be assured to happen in order that the little cuckoo in the White House doesn't fly off his rocker. There must be such a strong move for impeachment that he becomes a lame duck. The impeachment action must stand on a by-partisan cooperation. The little cuckoo mustn't be allowed to go wild. It will take a great deal of restraint at all levels of government, and throughout humanity globally, to assure that the little dictator will remain calm. And it will take a lot of discipline. That's critical! The continued existence of humanity must supercede all partisan consideration. Then, on January 11 when the new Congress is seated there must be a free vote in the house on impeachment, not along party lines, but reflecting what society needs and wants. The era must end when the fate of the nation and the world is determined by private political empires that the parties have become that serve as whore houses for the filthy rich, whose members are forced to dance to the tune of the payola served up by the moneybags. There is no provision for government in our Constitution, by private parties that function as whore houses that have become empires. The whole party system is unconstitutional. We need to have a democracy again in America, which has been stolen from us, that serves the needs of the people. I think we are at the verge of seeing this happening. When all the other avenues are closed, our humanity will take over and become once again the main factor in the equation of civilization, and the decisive factor at that. I see a great potential for this to be happening soon, for the first time in a long while. When this potential unfolds in full, it will cause a profound paradigm shift throughout our entire nation and create the beginning for a New World. That's worth celebrating my friends, isn't it? That's our brightest hope," Ross concluded.

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