The Flat Earth Society
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Volume 4B of the 12-volume series, The Lodging for the Rose

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Chapter 10 - Celebrating our Universal Marriage

So, I was given access to this, so I know this thing pretty well. Including the case of the real story about the Billy Mitchell case and things like that.

      "So, this was the feature: We had a problem. Roosevelt saved the United States from guys who were just as bad as the Hitler supporters. Which included-Hoover was not bad personally, but Hoover worked for them. And Mellon. Andrew Mellon was as bad; Coolidge was as bad. Coolidge was not a good guy! You had Wilson: Wilson was a generational supporter of the Ku Klux Klan! The revival of the Ku Klux Klan in the United States, was done from the White House, by Woodrow Wilson! These are not good guys! Teddy Roosevelt was no good, either! Teddy Roosevelt was trained by his uncle, who was the head of the Confederacy intelligence service! He's no damned good-and he did much to destroy the world and destroy this country.

      "But, these are the kinds of problems we had to face, and we face it today: We have to understand, that the force is not simply a bunch of Nazis or Ku Klux Klanners. The Ku Klux Klan was created-it was an organization of fools, created to please somebody who wanted to play a game. Hitler was art of] a pack of fools-not as foolish as the present crowd. Because they weren't quite as stupid then. But a pack of fools who were unleashed on civilization, along with Mussolini, and along with the French fascists; and along with Franco. It was unleashed to destroy society, a mob! A gang! Mobilized to destroy society.

      "Cheney is nothing! Cheney is a piece of crap!....

      "These guys are nothing but gangsters, who are used as thugs, to attempt to destroy us. So, we focus too much-yes, Hitler was evil. Thoroughly evil. But he was not the author of evil: He did not make himself. He was a piece of junk! Like one of Pavlov's dogs, who snarled a lot, for an experimental purpose. And Hitler was a somewhat different purpose. But it was used for a purpose. You have to look at who uses them. Who organizes them? Who creates these movements?

      "What you have in the Federalist Society, is a case, directly, of Carl Schmitt. Carl Schmitt was the man who created Adolf Hitler! Not every phase of it, but Carl Schmitt was the guy who shaped the law! He had been a part of the legal staff of German military, during the 1920s. He shaped German law with this kind of provision. And then, it was he who used the case of Goering setting fire to the legislature, the Reichstag: Just as somebody set fire to New York City!-on Sept. 11th of 2001, in order to attempt to build a dictatorship in the United States, the way a dictatorship was created in Germany, by setting fire to the Reichstag! And this is what I warned against on Jan. 3, 2001, before Bush was inaugurated: That this would happen! It did happen!

      "I knew exactly what I was talking about. I did study those papers; I studied them carefully. I know how things work.

      "It may not have been Cheney that set fire to New York City on 9/11, but somebody behind him did it! And remember, who ran Iran-Contra. It wasn't just Bush. You had people behind him. You had an Islamic organization, created by Brezinski and company for the Afghanistan War, with the Soviet Union. This organization was owned by whom? It was jointly owned by the British and the United States. You want to conduct a "dirty" in Islamic interests, ostensibly, in the United States? Who do you get to do it? People you can use. And you have to have somebody turning off the lights in certain areas, to let it happen. We have that in the United States! We had something in the United States! It ought to be ripped out of it! We have Nazis in the United States, in high-level positions in institutions of our government. What do you think the torture crowd is?

      "All these things, they're all the same thing! These things should be ripped out! Angleton and what he represent should be ripped out of the United States' heritage. Allen Dulles should be ripped out of the American heritage. These guys were not ours. Angleton was not ours. The so-called left-wing terrorism in Italy, was run in part by Angleton! Run by these guys.

      "No. We have to face facts-this Alito thing: The man lies. Sufficient reason to say, 'No!' And no Senator with perception and guts will endorse him!

      "Unless they're a coward."

      Ross put the paper down again. "I should be ashamed to be an American, considering the way the man speaks about our most honored institution, the Presidency," said Ross. "But I'm not ashamed of that. What shames me more is that such a bold and honest language is needed to wake people out of their slumber, and that most remain asleep in spite of it. I am also ashamed for having been the kind of fool that allowed this tragedy to unfold without even hindering it, indeed by supporting it. I voted without due care in elections. I didn't stand in the hustings as he did, lobbying for what is right. LaRouche had warned us before we voted the current clown into office that we might be voting for the destruction of our country and the end of civilization for generations to come, and for a New Dark Age that few people would likely survive. We had ridiculed him for his strong words then, and called him a fool. But who is the fool now? What he said is coming to pass, and it appears now that he spoke too softly. But all of this is water under the bridge now. The key issue now is, how do we get our world out of the mess we allowed it to slip into?"

      "Our answer has always been, the Principle of Universal Love," I said to Ross. "But as the man in the plane coming home from Moscow said, the age of the Principle of Universal Love has ended. He was right. It became meaningless even for us, because we couldn't let the principle stand in our social world. We didn't understand its foundation. We went ahead blindly and got stuck until Mary's work from a hundred years ago shed a new type of light on this principle. Maybe the age of the Principle of Universal Love has not ended, but has just been put on hold and is about to be restarted. Maybe it is about to be restarted by us. But mostly, let's not fret over this little thing. Whatever the President does, is not cast in concrete, it can be rolled back in a day. Whatever laws Congress passes and the Senate approves at the bidding of this President, can be made null and void in a day. As Mary points out, the American President is not a dictator or a conductor of the affairs of the nation. He is hired as an executor to transact the business of the nation according to the laws of the Constitution. The moment he steps outside the bonds of his office and becomes a conductor or unitary dictator, as he sees himself, he forfeits the authority to act, and consequently all his acts and promises and agreements are null and void. Whatever laws he demands are invalid and can be overturned in a day, and whichever person or corporation, cooperates with such a President's administration in these matters, invariably suffers the same consequences. Their contracts can be terminated in a day as they had never been valid for the lack of a unitary President's authority to act."

      "You are dreaming," said Ross. "What you suggest will never happen. No court will enforce such an order as to annul the actions of a President no matter how corrupted he may have become."

      "Then you are saying, Ross, that an error, once it is discovered to be an error, cannot be corrected," I countered him. "That's nonsense, Ross. Once an error has been discovered, the erroneous element is immediately invalidated. Once it is discovered that a President cannot be a dictator, as the Constitution does not authorize such a thing, then all of his acts have no authority to stand. Those who regard these actions to be valid will find that they are not, including the contracts such a President engages in, in the name of the nation. When the contract becomes dissolved, the reason will be that the contracting parties knew, or should have known, that contracts with an administration that lost its authority act, have no validity, or ever had validity. Nor would one need a court order to roll back the actions of an administration that lost its authority, as such actions had no validity to begin with. Any legislature can order the roll-back, and if enough honest people recognize the principle involved, the thing will happen. And the same thing applies to the acts of Congress and the Senate, which become invalid when the Constitution becomes overruled that authorizes their action. If they trample on the Constitution, they invalidate their actions. That's pretty clear and simple, isn't it? If someone takes them at face value, they have nothing to stand on. The Presidency exists as the guardian of the Constitution from which it receives its authority. If this mandate is not fulfilled, the acting President has no authority to sign acts of Congress into law. It becomes the task of society in such a case to replace the failing President with a person who will serve the nation. One day this will happen, Ross. And when it does happen, thousands upon thousands of laws and contracts will become null and void. This will simply happen, as it always does when an error is recognized. In this case, the Principle of Universal Love that stands behind the Principle of the General Welfare, will be taken out of its hold-status."

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