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Chapter 10 - Celebrating our Universal Marriage

      "The issue is not opinion. The issue is Hitler!

      "And we can't have him here."

      Ross stopped reading. "The man is fighting a war. He is fighting to save our hide. But it is us, who have put him into this position. We allowed ourselves to drift into a rut. We should have been fighting. We shouldn't have allowed the world to deteriorate that far. Steve had warned us almost two decades ago, but we didn't do a thing. We let this mess pile up. Now the dam is breaking."

      "We were fighting our own war among us," said Heather.

      Ross nodded.

      "Here is an interesting one from the question and answer period of the webcast," said Ross and picked the paper up again. "This one comes from a person of the Minority Counsel on the Senate Judiciary Committee. The questioner says the following:"

      "Mr. LaRouche, ultimately, if you have followed the process of the hearings over the course of the last two days, I'm sure you know very well that Minority Leader Reid submitted a memo to all of the Democrats who sit on the Committee, instructing us to focus on the question of Presidential authority and this principle that Alito has enunciated of the unitary executive. We have tried to do that in our questions, and if you have followed the process, Mr. Alito is simply not telling the truth.

      "What occurs to me, and certainly to some of my colleagues-and I'd be very interested in hearing your view on this-ultimately it does seem to come down to this question of the Federalist Society. Contrary to their name, everything that I've looked at would tend to indicate that there's nothing Federalist about them, and that in fact, they probably are an organization that, under different circumstances, could be considered seditious.

      "My view-and I'm expressing it as my view, and not necessarily the view of the Senators whom I represent-but my view is that the question of membership in the Federalist Society, is, in and of itself, sufficient to disqualify someone for the Supreme bench. I'd really like to hear a little bit more about your view of this group, and how it is possible that they have managed to infiltrate our judiciary to the extent that they have."

       Ross said, "LaRouche answered: first of all, it's right. The Federalist Society can be put in the same category, for purposes of this Congressional proceeding on confirmation, as a membership in the Ku Klux Klan.

      "Someone says, a member of the Ku Klux Klan: How do you vote on civil rights?

      "There's no difference!

      "The key thing that has to be emphasized, is, the issue is Hitler. Now, Hitler didn't create himself, that's the interesting part about this. Hitler was created by an international cabal, which was a financial cabal, which was headed up at the time by the head of the Bank of England, Montagu Norman. But, Montagu Norman was working in tandem with the Napoleonic tradition in France, which is the fascist tendency in France. And the key typification of this, of course, the most famous one, is Lazard Frères of Paris! Which also has an office in the United States, and in London. The Lazard Frères is the key firm, involved, among the Synarchists of France, in the Hitler project! It was Lazard Frères, through the Banque Worms company, which, in the case of the Laval-occupied France, was a key part of the Nazi system. Lazard Frères was a key part of the concert of bankers who brought fascism, including Hitler, into power in Germany.

But fascism did not start in Germany. Fascism started in France. But it was created from Britain. It was created against the American Revolution. What they did, is: France was going to be the second country which would adopt a constitution, reflecting the American Revolution. And this was about 1782-1783. This was understood.

      "The British acted, under Lord Shelburne, and they had created an opposition to Franklin, in France, which later became what was known as Martinist Freemasonic lodge. It was run from London. It included people like Cagliostro and Casanova, and more importantly, Count Joseph de Maistre. These people created the French Revolution, they organized the Jacobin Terror, they created Napoleon Bonaparte; Joseph de Maistre, personally, designed Napoleon Bonaparte, on the model of-the Grand Inquisitor of Spain, Torquemada. Napoleon, while apparently he was the enemy of Britain, nonetheless, did Britain's work! Because Napoleon's wars destroyed Continental Europe. And the hope of having a successful system of nation-states emerging on Europe, which had been the intention of Europeans, leading Europeans who supported the American Revolution, was lost, because of Napoleon's wars. And the Napoleonic tradition exists in France today!

      "Yes, there'd been opposition to that in France. But the tradition-Mitterrand is in that tradition (now deceased). Napoleon III was in that tradition. Synarchism is in that tradition. Many leftist organizations are in that tradition: "Synarchism" meant simply a unity of the socialists and the anarchists. It was created a Frenchman called Saint-Yves 'Alveydre] of the Martinist Society. The Synarchist International, which was organized as an international of bankers, in the context of the Versailles Treaty at the end of World War I, is what organized fascism! These bankers. Hmm? And the Synarchist International is typified by Lazard Frères! It's also typified by the head of the Bank of England; it's typified by Brown Brothers Harriman, for whom the grandfather of the present President of the United States worked: Averell Harriman. Averell Harriman was a partner of Brown Brothers Harriman; Brown Brothers was the firm of Montagu Norman, who was the head of the Bank of England. It was Montagu Norman who organized support from the United States and elsewhere, from bankers in New York and elsewhere: to put Hitler into power. And the only reason some of these guys turned against Hitler, was they learned that Stalin and the German generals had cut a deal, that the Nazi attack would come on the west side first, before going to the east against the Soviet Union. At that point, many people broke with Hitler, because he was going west, not east-only later.

      "So, therefore, you have bankers who were part of the Roosevelt Administration, who were Roosevelt's enemies, but who understood, we had to eliminate the Hitler threat. The minute Roosevelt was dead, they cheered, were happy to have a fool like Truman as President. And they saved the hard-core of the Nazi system!

      "Look, back in 1983, I had been part of a project-it was my proposal, I proposed because some of the things I had run into, that the United States should have an institution for intelligence, comparable to West Point and Annapolis. That we needed, because some of the people we were getting out of universities, into the intelligence services were not really qualified; they didn't have the background they should have had. My view was, we should have a Classical education for intelligence officers, which would be used also for training diplomats and specialists in diplomacy. Because of the incompetence I kept running into in seeing what was coming out of our intelligence services.

      "So, for this reason, a number of friends of mine who were in the intelligence service, including Bill Casey, managed to have some documents declassified from the period between the two World Wars, for my use, so I could study this problem; and this included U.S. military intelligence documents, and also documents of the OSS which were pertinent to my concern. he point was] to look at the history of these two wars, to see where we had failed, or where we had had the intelligence and had not effectively used it.

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