The Flat Earth Society
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Chapter 10 - Celebrating our Universal Marriage

      I just shook my head.

      "If you won't take my word for it that this is really happening, listen to what LaRouche laid out before the whole world with his international webcast yesterday, on the 11th. Let me read a few lines from that webcast. I brought the transcript along. It's hot off the press."

      Ross reached into his pocket and brought out a stack of papers. "That was a nearly four-hour-long address including a question period. He starts right off with this Alito thing and the grave nature of putting a 'Nazi' on the supreme bench, someone who has joined an organization that was formed with the guiding hand of the original architect of the Nazi law that made Hitler an absolute dictator. The core element of this Hitler law was the ' Fueherprinzip.' The same type of law is now on the table in America, called the 'Unitary Executive' doctrine. That is what the Senate is about to confirm. If that isn't grim, what is?"

      Heather put her hands over her forehead as if to hide in shame. "If that goes through," she said, "it will be the biggest case of rape in the history of civilization. It may indeed end civilization altogether."

      Ross started to read what LaRouche had put before the nation and the world: "As a great American patriot once said," Ross started to read, "'these are times that try men's souls.' These are grim times. We have presently going on, in the Senate, a hearing of a man who lies: Sam Alito. The man's a liar. He's a member of the Federalist Society, which is a society assembled around the ideas and influence of a man, Carl Schmitt, who crafted the Adolf Hitler administration. Carl Schmitt, who lived in this country for some time, and influenced the formation of a Federalist Society, which now controls four of the nine Justices of the Supreme Court. And a fifth member of the Federalist Society, who, lying his head off up there on Capitol Hill, is about to be confirmed! And you would have five, out of nine Supreme Court Justices prepared to endorse a fascist government in the United States! And you have Senators who should have more guts, who are waffling, or being weak, in dealing with this fact. There is no honest debate about bringing Adolf Hitler and his tradition into the government of the United States!

      "Most of the American people are becoming extremely angry about this situation. But some people who at other times are leaders, in the moment of crisis, when men's souls are tried, grim events grip them, and for the sake of learning to get along with the enemy, they compromise. And then, they are compromised. At this point our system of government is compromised.

      "That is grim!" I said.

      Ross paused.

      "How can LaRouche say something like that?" I said to Ross. "He is standing up in front of the whole world, live on the Internet before a worldwide audience, and calls a prospective US Supreme Court judge a liar."

      "He can say that, because it is probably true," said Ross. "For example, on the first day of the hearing, Senator Russ Feingold had pressed Alito as to whether anyone had prepped him for what to say about the Administration's illegal National Security Agency wiretapping. Apparently he didn't answer truthfully. So, Senator Feingold, pressed on and forced the White House to produce a list of all persons who had rehearsed Alito for his confirmation hearing. The list contained 39 names. On the list were a number of Administration officials that were involved in the wiretap decision to spy on the US public on a massive scale and in the development of the policy to torture prisoners of war. Some of the names also 'jumped out' as prominent Federalist Society operatives. This means that the Federalist Society scripted Sam Alito for the confirmation hearing. With such massive scripting by 39 people every one of Alito's answers to the senators is probably a lye, since it would reflect a rehearsed script rather than his own thinking. I think this might have been the basis for LaRouche calling the man a liar. I suspect that LaRouche doesn't say these things lightly, but when he has the proof he boldly tells the truth the way it is, in the hope that he can inspire enough people to save the nation. LaRouche puts it bluntly, 'The Issue is Fascism!' hoping to wake people up before it is too late."

             Ross searched through the transcript. "This is what LaRouche said," said Ross and continued to read again:

     "LaRouche is saying: There's no question, the Federalist Society is a pro-Nazi society. Justice Scalia is already a member of that. Other members of the Supreme Court are members of that. Bork, who was rejected by the influence of Ted Kennedy, was a part of that. And this Alito, is a lying part of it. He is a supporter. He joined the Federalist Society, which is a society of the Hitler tradition, with consciousness of what he was joining! And he says, he does one thing one day, has one client one day, and another client the other day-bunk! He joined the Federalist Society! Which is equivalent to Nazi society. It's like having a Nazi Party card. And the issue is not his opinion on law - THAT'S the issue!

      "The issue here, the way it formed-. The Nazi Party didn't form itself, it didn't create itself. Somebody created it, as a tool, as an instrument of power, as many things have done. Like the Ku Klux Klan, which was created, as an instrument of power-it wasn't spontaneous at all!

      "It was created by what? It was created by people who opposed what we consider our form of government. Europe, at that time, was dominated by a financier cabal-like today, Felix Rohatyn, an American immigrant, who was one of the people who put Pinochet into power in Chile. Pinochet is a Nazi. These guys, with Pinochet, and with the support of Henry Kissinger, ran Operation Condor, which was a death squad operation across the southern part of South America! The same people ran the death squad operation, under the nose of George H.W. Bush, when he was Vice President, in Central America! These are the people who have taken over the right wing in Mexico; and are trying to do various kinds of things like that there.

      "So, this is the enemy! The enemy is a financier group, which does not believe in a republic, which believes that private banking syndicates, which create and control money, should enslave the entire human population to the will of this banking group. They believe, as Felix Rohatyn has said-and has threatened me, personally, on this account! He said, "The world must now be run by syndicates of bankers, which are more powerful, and must remain more powerful than governments." Governments, if they were allowed to exist on this planet in the period of globalization, will be errand-boys for financial syndicates which are more powerful than governments. And they intend to keep them that way."

      "Speaking of Vice President Dick Cheney," said Ross, "LaRouche says: Cheney's nothing! Cheney's a bum! A complete bum.... But, anyway, he's nothing! He's nothing! He's only a thug. He's like a mafia enforcer. But he works for people like Shultz and George Shultz's friends. And they use him.

      "The difficulty in getting him to resign, with his illnesses, with the things against him, is, they won't let him resign! They would let George W. Bush, Jr. go first, because Cheney's more important to them than the President. So, getting rid of this guy is tough! That's why the hearings are so tough on the question of the Alito case, right now, this week. Because the Republicans are scared. I said, "Times that try men's souls." And I see strong men-men and women I've regarded as strong men, in the Senate - flinching! When the issue is: Are you willing to defend this nation from a takeover by Nazism?

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