The Flat Earth Society
a political and religious science and romantic fiction novel by Rolf A. F. Witzsche
Volume 4B of the 12-volume series, The Lodging for the Rose

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Chapter 10 - Celebrating our Universal Marriage

      "Doesn't the Principle of Universal Love demand a tidal wave? Doesn't it?" I said cautiously. "A principle is a radical thing. Also, a tidal wave does not need to be destructive. It could be beneficial if it clears the junk away that messes everything up."

      "Maybe Mary's leading edge science of the Principle of the Universal Marriage of Humanity will bring some of the required factors to light for us to explore, so that we can clear some of the old junk away with it, as we go along," said Heather.

      "Why just 'some' junk? Why not all junk?" I countered her. "A discovered principle is a radical thing, isn't it? For example, the great renaissance principle of the 17th Century - the Principle of the Advantage of the Other - could revolutionize the sexual scene if it were ever considered and became an active principle. Remember when we made love during the SandCastle days we made love for the pleasure for one-another. Sex was for giving then, not getting. Maybe that's what we had lost? The Principle of the Advantage of the Other is the principle of giving, not getting. The people in 1648 gave peace to each other that shut down 80 years of war. They created a new era of peace in the world. The renaissance that followed was secondary. The Treaty of Westphalia wasn't about getting a renaissance. It was about giving peace. The Principle of the Advantage of the Other could do the same on the sexual scene. Imagine how that scene would change if the focus was on giving rather than getting. It would mean giving sex instead of getting sex. It would put the focus on giving love instead of being loved. We just haven't dared to consider that yet."

      "Maybe we should consider it," said Heather quietly. "Maybe some day we will, and it will become the most natural thing in the world then. Perhaps the sexual scene can only be uplifted that way. If Mary's principle of the Universal Marriage of Mankind, that binds us all into one, is to have any real practical meaning it would have to unfold in parallel with the Principle of Universal Sex, whatever that might mean. But that would only be possible if it were to reflect the Principle of the Advantage of the Other in terms of giving, without the faintest motive for getting. That process of giving, without getting, would never be possible without the Principle of the Advantage of the Other. And that is exactly what Helen discovered in the process of healing her friend in times of a great need, when she discovered in her mind the principle of the lateral lattice of human hearts that was illumined with strands of love flowing out from each one in support of the one in need."

      "Neither of Mary's universal principles would be possible without the Principle of the Advantage of the Other," I said to Heather. "Maybe that is why Helen put so much emphasis on the Principle of the Universal Kiss. It appears the Principle of Universal Love includes all of these principles."

      "But every one of these makes enormous demands," said Heather. "We are not accustomed to think in terms of universal principles. All of our social doctrines have been focused on the privatization of everything."

      "That makes Helen's comment all the more profound, Ushi, when she says about these types of concerns, 'what have they got to do with anything? Do they change the principle involved?'"

      "Maybe when everything is in place, that lets us step away from the privatized domain into the universal domain, will our life unfold on a higher level, above the sea of impasses so that we won't be concerned with the little things anymore that create the impasses," said Heather and reached her hand out to me.

     "I think we will do this, and not precariously, but confidently, and spontaneously, and with power. But why should we wait? We live now! Why should we wait for the ultimate that we may not live long enough to see? All the requisite principles have already been discovered and laid before us. The Principle of the Universal Marriage of Mankind is already established. We are all children of a common universal humanity. The principle reflects a truth that only needs to be acknowledged and be reflected in our living. Shouldn't we dare to respect that which we know is true? I also think that the Principle of the Advantage of the Other is one of the great stepping stones along the way that make this possible. I know that this is challenging, but I think we will ultimately succeed in this where Rome did not."

      "But we are not there yet," Heather said in a small voice as if she didn't really believe what she said. "It seems to me that we have barely begun. We face a great challenge. We screwed up in the past by rushing forward farther than we could see. We face the challenge to do this right, this time."

      "I disagree. I think we have done more than just barely begun," I challenged her. "We are now talking in a way as we have never been talking before. On the platform on which we stand now, the SandCastle impasse might never have happened. Our whole world would have been different then. Universal marriage is a huge project if one rushes into without understanding the principle and the science of it. That's what we did back then. But now, it seems we are speaking a different language," I said to her and returned her earlier kiss.

      "No one has yet seen marriage in this higher sense," said Heather after the kiss ended.

      "I wonder what Anton would say to me on that platform. Would she still close the door to sex?" I replied. "Or would she consider that the Principle of the Advantage of the Other offers a promise to create an opening for a peace that is not isolating, but fulfilling? That's revolutionary."

      "I think she would still keep the door closed, Peter. She may be a revolutionary girl, but what you suggest is really revolutionary. Let me assure you, she would still hesitate. Sex and marriage are two different elements. Each has its own development stream on Mary's pedagogical structure. She wouldn't know that. Helen's lateral lattice didn't give us that distinction either. Her concept of the universal kiss is the end product. Mary gives us the tools to get there. Universal marriage doesn't mean universal sex. Universal sex has its own development path and comes with its own challenges. Let's not mix the two together as the whole world does. It's tough enough to keep one straight without the other messing things up."

      "That's why both are such a challenge," I interjected. "But on a higher level sex shouldn't be a challenge. We wrap it up with the cloth of morality, but Mary puts the very concept of morality at the near-zero point on the scale of science. Morality is the zero-scientific-boundary. If one slips below, to the submoral domain, and that doesn't take much, one enters the vertical world of imperial synarchist domination ending in rape. Marriage offers no guarantee for freedom from that. The moral domain isn't one of power, but it poses the challenges that should awaken one. It sets up the paradoxes that should get us to think and reach above our little ways and perceptions. Only our scientific advancement towards a higher-level humanity affords us any assurance of safety, freedom, and power. Then freedom becomes an active thing, where morality is merely passive, which rarely ever works. That's why there is so much rape going on, which in many cases isn't even recognized as rape. When Anton was raped by her uncles they were acting 'less' than passively. They gave in to a process that controlled them, that wasn't human anymore. What they did was about as far removed from the Principle of the Advantage of the Other as the earth is distant from the center of the Galaxy. Had they known about this principle that rape might have never happened. Something beautiful might have happened instead."

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