The Flat Earth Society
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Volume 4B of the 12-volume series, The Lodging for the Rose

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Chapter 10 - Celebrating our Universal Marriage

      "This means that we have quite a challenge to meet," I interjected. "Actually, we should have met this challenge 2000 years ago already, but we squandered it by creating empires centered on fascism and a money economy that gave us a whole string of dark ages. We are facing the resumption of the Ice Age literally with a 2000-year developmental deficit that we now have to make up in 100 years time. That's quite a challenge, isn't it?"

      "That's a much greater challenge that we might realize, because we are still stuck in the old imperial, privatized, money-economy mode, which is fast killing us. The insanity of 9/11 and the horrendously destructive war on humanity that followed, has put us deeper into the sewer of self-destruction than we have ever been. Our so-called war on terror is really a war on humanity that has dragged us more deeply into the sewer than any event or person or ideology in history. Hitler's impact on humanity was tragic, but minuscule. His madness destroyed a hundred million people and the infrastructures of a continent, but when the war was over the damage stopped. The Nazification of America has already had a much deeper impact. The millions of kilograms of uranium poison that the American military in its madness has dumped  onto Iraq and Afghanistan with its DU-weaponry, will continue to impact the genetic system of mankind for a very long time. So far, no one can predict what the impact on mankind will be from the accumulative destruction of the human DNA over a long period of time. But what about the destruction of our mental DNA, the destruction of our humanity?"

      "That is where the Principle of the Universal Marriage of Mankind comes more fundamentally into play," I said to Ross. "It could help us to act realistically. With the dispersed DU particles by the quadrillions of quadrillions, and them being so fine that they are smaller than the wavelength of light, countless many of them pass right through the cell membranes in our body, where they then act like little cannons shooting their high-energy alpha radiation clusters into the DNA chains, knocking out whole chunks of them. The defects then become replicated and passed on through procreation. Since the DU particles are now dispersed in the air, all around the world, no one in the world is isolated from their destructive effect. The whole of mankind has become the target in this nano-war that is already claiming countless victims all over the planet. This means that we are more deeply married to one another by our genetic foundation than most people realize. But our mental DNA has just as many fine points and critical aspects that are presently under attack by equally 'invisible' forces.  The sooner we realize that the Principle of the Universal Marriage of Mankind is a profound aspect of our being on all levels, the sooner will we be able to mobilize the resources we have within our reach to stop this insane universal assault on ourselves that the multifaceted wars of empire have brought upon us."

      "This means that we have to act together in universal love for our common humanity and begin to cherish it universally, right down to the smallest, most insignificant seeming aspect of it," said Ross. "If we do this, it may not be too late yet, even at this late hour, to protect the great treasure that we have in ourselves. But how do we do this, Peter? We do it in small steps, one tiny bit at a time. We use the natural model. Did you realize that every great avalanche in the mountains started with a single snowflake that is almost imperceptible by itself? But when the snowflakes pile up on top of each other the conditions for an avalanche are created that eventually begins to start moving and becomes a devastating whirlwind that can fill an entire valley and wipe out forests and buildings in its path. That is where we are now on the world scene, at the end of countless tiny failures that were not addressed, but which piled up, one upon the other, to the point that they now threaten civilization and possibly all life. I think there is a lesson in this for us. We should have created an avalanche of our own, in tiny steps of small profound ideas and recognition of truth, all of them piled up upon one another towards an avalanche of a great blessing, and of great riches, that we thereby create for ourselves. Our tragedy is that we tend to ignore the tiny steps, the insignificant seeming steps. We expect to stand on top of Mount Everest, without us taking the footsteps along the way that can get us there. And this is what you forgot to mention during your unveiling of my present on Christmas day. Mary took great care to provide for those essential, countless tiny steps along the way. She provided for each of her sixteen elements, nine sub-elements, which she has defined, and has presented, alphabetically sorted, in the glossary of her textbook. Each one of these has a specific place and has a significant story to tell in the context of where it belongs. But she didn't even hint were these 144 elements are designed to be applied. That's left to the individual discovery of society to determine, impelled by the scientific imperative in each case. This demands one to be sensitive to the smallest details, the least aspect of Truth, and to be careful not to throw a single bit that is of value into the trashcan. Doesn't this pose an amazing challenge?"

      "That makes the 1913 event one of the most tragic events in all of human history that slipped under the radar screen of society's attention," I said to Ross. "The very notion of the idea should have rung alarm bells all over America and the world, but it went by virtually unnoticed. Society hadn't developed the scientific sensitivity to detect what was unfolding. Nothing at the time could have superceded the severity in consequences of this one 'little' error that was allowed to pass. The effects are now so huge that they are presently threatening the very long-term existence of mankind. Only one tragedy could have superceded this. A major meteorite hitting the Earth might have been worse, as appears to have happened at the end of the dinosaur era. The dinosaurs never recovered from this closing of its 130-million year epoch. In comparison with them, we are but babies still, of a mere 2 million years of age."

      "That's a bad comparison," said Ross. "As human beings we are a million times more capable and resourceful than the dinosaurs were. We have scientific riches at our disposal that the dinosaurs couldn't even dream of."

      + + + 

      A miracle seemed to be unfolding on our shore that appeared to have been started at this Christmas day with Ross' present. It came to a head a few weeks into the New Year. It happened without anyone working for it specifically, or working towards it, or hoping and dreaming about it. It simply happened on its own, so it seemed, which, of course, never really happens in the real world. Obviously we had done something right for a change. We appeared to have touched upon some profound truth, even if it was just a 'snowflake,' something that had caused movements in perception that we weren't even aware of.

      Maybe it wasn't big enough to be called a miracle, although to me it had all the appearance that something was moving again that had been stalled for more than a dozen years, so long that I could barely remember, when, and why it stopped. What happened now appeared like a breakthrough, like sunshine pircing through the opening between clouds in an April sky. But can this be called a breakthrough? Isn't a breakthrough something that comes as the result of a victory at the end of a long struggle? I had given up struggling ages ago. So it wasn't the result of a victory, but it was a sea-change event nonetheless, one that happened unexpectedly, like a tide coming in that wasn't on any tidal chart. Where did it come from? It happened that day right on our beach, several weeks after Christmas.

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