The Flat Earth Society
a political and religious science and romantic fiction novel by Rolf A. F. Witzsche
Volume 4B of the 12-volume series, The Lodging for the Rose

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Chapter 9 - The Christmas Present

      "That's a rotten comparison," said Tony.

      "No it isn't," said Ross. "The comparison draws something into perspective. "In real terms the Chernobyl accident was the most deadly single accidental event of all times. It came seven years after the Three Mile Island nuclear accident in the USA, which was actually staged by sabotage. It was designed to shut the nuclear power industry down and start the much heralded deindustrialization of the world. Since it was staged deliberately, it was only partially successful. Chernobyl provided the missing nail in the coffin. Nuclear power development was shut down worldwide, and deindustrialization was out on the front burner. Both aspects are massive killers. Coal fired power plants are deadly polluters. God only knows how many people have died of respiratory problems produced by coal fired plants, and how many more have died from the poverty that the shutdown of energy development has created. When those numbers are added up the death toll of the Vietnam War compares as minuscule against it. The fact is, Tony, in an honest comparison, nuclear power has proved itself to be the cleanest, safest, most powerful, most efficient, and least expensive power-generating platform ever created. Indeed it is unfair to even bring the Chernobyl plant into the comparison. It was a first generation plant of an inherently unstable design, but one that was needed for efficient plutonium production for nuclear bombs. We are now four generations down the line, incorporating passive, self-activating, safety systems, and systems that produce high temperature process-heat for industrial processes that have so far been blocked by the lack of this high energy flux."

      "The bottom line is," I interjected, "that we simply can't build the intercontinental bridge without nuclear power. It's not physically feasible; and we need to have it build as a part of the necessary infrastructure to develop Africa in preparation for the coming Ice Age; and we need this done in order for us all to survive. So it boils down to the question, do we want to survive? It is not a question of whether we want nuclear power or not. It is a question of if we want to survive. For this we need nuclear power, and we need it on a large scale. Also, since we have been using nuclear power already for a long time, why should we be afraid of it? There is nothing magical or evil about it. Nuclear fission is just another form of nuclear power. Nor is it anything new. It has been ongoing naturally for as long as the planet has existed. Uranium is a naturally unstable element. It invariably breaks down. It emits a nucleonic cluster of two protons and two neutrons, in what is called alpha radiation, after which it is not uranium anymore. In this way half of today's uranium will no longer exist in 4.5 billion years. We have also discovered that a relatively rare isotope of uranium also emits neutrons as a natural process and has done this for as long as the earth has existed. These neutrons are fast, and as such they rarely interact with other atoms of their kind. However, it has been discovered that the fast neutrons can be slowed down to such a degree that they do interact with their kind, and fission them, and cause them to emit more neutrons. We used this self-escalating process to produce nuclear power. But it is basically a natural process that we merely enhance. So, who is afraid of nuclear power? It is an intelligent application of a natural process. It is a gift to us from the Universe, and it is of a type that now opens doors that would otherwise remain closed. With this discovery-based creative process we 'grow' as human beings, and thereby we become evermore capable in fulfilling our Universal Mission. The advance in power production that we experience here, also goes hand in hand with our growing up in other regards, such as in spiritual development that leaves the empires in the dust to dry up by their own emptiness. These things are all parts of one single package. If we block one part we loose the whole package."

      "Is this the reason why the masters of empire have been so heavy handed in inhibiting nuclear power development around the world?" said Heather.

      "Mary presents us a scientific overview of the shape of the package," I interjected. I went to the white board and drew a row of four squares, all closely spaced to each other, arranged nicely horizontally. Then I repeated the process three times, placing each new row below the previous row in a manner that all four rows became vertically aligned to each other. The end result, I explained, is a four by four matrix made up of sixteen elements.

      "With this basic structure," I continued, "which consists of four levels, reaching across four columns of individual elements, Mary gives us an educational platform for the scientific discovery of our spiritual dimension and its development, and also for the scientific recognition of the trap we so often fall into, and for the processes of stepping away from that. She gives us four levels to consider. The top level is the spiritual level that represents the lateral relationship of everything that is real, reflecting the native Spirit of the all-harmonizing Principle of the Universe that may be termed Love, without which the Universe would not exist. The top row reflects this lateral quality right across the four columns. Mary seems to call this level the level of 'the Intention of the Universe.' She uses slightly different terms to define it. She defines it as 'the Word of Life, Truth, and Love.'

      "The three rows below are all hierarchical in nature," I continued. The highest of the three represents Science. Science is our open door to the infinite, to the lateral reality. Mary uses the traditional term that has been anciently coined for the science that is related to the Spirit of the Universe, or God. This term is, the Christ. Mary defines the level of Science on her educational structure in terms of the ancient concept of spiritual Science. She defines this level as, 'the Christ, the spiritual idea of God.' Science is what pulls us out of the rut, so to speak. Science develops the humanist energies. Science is the engine for building a powerful humanist world.

      "The center-level of the three hierarchical rows," I continued, "represents the level of the thing we have all become familiar with for the last dozen years. It represents the rut we have drifted in. Oh yes, Mary defines the rut as the 'moral' domain, a kind of zero-state in terms of scientific awareness. She also defines it as being 'transitional.' This zero-state in scientific awareness makes it a volatile state. While nothing profound happens in living at this zero-state, we face the bright horizons of scientific development that can get us out of the rut, but we also face the potential of drifting into the sub-moral domain, the long Dark Age of life in the sewer that is a tough trap to get out of. Mary defines the moral domain by its development potential. She describes it as 'Christianity,' which she further defines as 'the outcome of the divine Principle of the Christ idea in Christian history.'

      "The lowest level, of course, represents the sewer, a state of 'living in hell,' I continued. "It represents all the abominations of insanity; such as murder, theft, war, impotence, poverty, disease, death, and of course the perversion of science. But she doesn't define it as a hopeless state. She merely defines it as a state where healing is required, which 'Christian Science' is able to furnish in a profound and powerful manner. Mary defines this level according to the potential that applies here. Civilization can only be defined by its potential for good. In this context, Mary defines the bottom level as 'Christian Science.' She further defines it as that 'which to-day and forever interprets this great example and the great Exemplar,' evidently referring to the healing accomplishments of Christ Jesus, which marked the beginning of a new timeframe in the unfolding of civilization, called the Christian era."

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