The Flat Earth Society
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Volume 4B of the 12-volume series, The Lodging for the Rose

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Chapter 9 - The Christmas Present

      "Forget the Byzantine model," I replied instantly. "No serious scientist would ever be concerned about that. I'm sure, this woman, Mary, hasn't related her structure to a defective model, like the Byzantine model. I think the paradox that you see can be easily resolved if we look at it from a scientific standpoint. I see two interrelated models involved in the design of her four element columns."

      "What models, Peter?" Ross asked quietly.

      "The lower three elements represent a confrontational model," I answered. "The center element of the three represents a context that can be taken into two different directions depending on how one is oriented. It can take us from the third level down to the lowest element that represents the Aristotelian perception, the sewer. The same element can also take us upwards to the next higher element that represents the Socratic/Platonic perception of Science of Truth or the Christ. This means we have two opposite concepts, Science and the sewer, opposing each other, with something pivotable in the middle that can take us in either direction. You alluded earlier that Mary calls the pivot the moral domain. The entire triad, of course covers only the three lower levels that Mary put on our plate. I think she needed the fourth level, above all of that, to represent the Universal domain, the lateral domain. The Universe or God gives us a lot of profound aspects, such as Cognition, Competence, creative Potential, and Talents to play with, but I think science is a cultural creation of our own; something we build up and develop. With this in mind I would say that the Universal domain that is all lateral, stands above the scientific domain. I had discussed this with Steve a long time ago in Leipzig."

      Ross nodded. "The upper and lower elements of this triad represent the opposites in perceptions that are as old as the hills, pertaining to mankind's self-perception of the resulting human condition. Consider the idea of human worth, Peter. Aristotle says that humanity is made up of intelligent people who by their virtue are natural leaders and are born to rule, and that there others who are worthless people by a supposed lack of this virtue, who are born to be slaves. That's Aristotle's ideology of natural slavery. Both elements are a part of the sewer, the sewer of empire. Whatever excuses slavery is a part of the sewer. And when society accepts slavery it dwells in the sewer too. This renders both aspects immoral. But Socrates says that living in the sewer is rubbish. He says that each human being is endowed with the human intellect with which to understand complex issues, be it a professor of mathematics, or be it a slave. He says that scientific living is mankind's real home ground, rather than the sewer. Socrates proved this to be so. In the story of Mino, Plato tells us how Socrates called a slave boy away from his job and asked him a few question by which the boy developed in his own mind an understanding of a complex geometric phenomenon that had once puzzled even mathematicians. And what's more astounding, the boy developed this understanding without having been taught anything. He developed it out of his own Universal resources, his Cognition, unfolding his Potential, with which he developed a scientific process for understanding the challenge before him. And so, in conversation with the boy, Socrates represents in the overall scheme a recognition of Universal Truth. He acknowledges the power for scientific discoveries as a Universal Potential, the very aspect that Aristotle denies totally, even to exist. This renders the lover three levels as a confrontational structure."

      I took Ross' diagram and showed Sylvia that what we just said matches perfectly the definitions that Mary had provided for the lower three elements in her columns. I pointed out to Sylvia that the highest of the lower three elements is defined as defined the scientific domain, which she also calls spiritual, which unfolds along the Platonic/Socratic axis of Science to such higher levels that the process serves as a gateway to spiritually knowing oneself in the Universal domain, represented at the highest level that Mary simply labeled "the Word of Life, Truth, and Love."

       "No other development structure that has ever been developed includes Mary's fourth level, the top level," said Ross, "because the Universal domain is deemed not to exist, even while it really cannot be ignored."

      "That's interesting," Ross agreed. "That's also a bit shocking, isn't it? I am the scientist in this house, and you are teaching me?" He began to laugh.

      "I am not teaching you anything that you don't already know, Ross," I defended myself.

      "I would call the new model, the model for freedom," Sylvia commented.

      "Even the flow of it is reversed from the Byzantine model, which is a model for slavery," I said. "Mary's model doesn't accommodate the slightest top down domination , such as we see in the Byzantine model. Instead I see a flow of reaching up from the grassroots level towards the Truth via the gateway of Science. There is no facet of dominance built into its structure. I see Empowerment unfolding. I see Potential unfolding. The power that flows here is enabling, enriching, beautifying, and liberating."

      "You say," I replied, "that in the first column of Mary's structure, the element in the position of Science is focused on marriage, or the science of marriage as you have put it. But look at what Mary has put above it as the element of Truth that absolute Science focuses on! It focuses on the singularity of the human Soul, not a privatized singularity, but a Universal singularity that includes all and IS All. The recognition takes away the notion of the existence of countless little souls that exist isolated in space and time like countless little isolated suns, self-powered, and spread throughout the galaxy as they are perceived in the Big Bang gravity-only fairy tale of the Universe; souls that are deemed isolated by sex, by religion, by politics, by marriage, by death, even by the mythical concept of departed souls stuck in the past or reaching for a future heaven. Mary's model is clean. Soul is One and comprises All, and is reflected in all."

      "This sounds crazy, doesn't it?" said Sylvia. "But it agrees with Helen's perception. It agrees with her concept of a lateral lattice of human hearts that represents the whole of humanity, bound to each other by their Universal Love, a love that flows for their own humanity and thereby envelops the humanity of all mankind. It's Love reflected in love. In this unfolding flow of Science we gleam the natural platform for human relationships coming to light as the Universal Marriage of mankind as something that doesn't need to be built, something that is the reality of our being as Helen discovered and is using in her healing work."

      "Helen missed something," I interjected. "She made her lateral lattice too small. She wrote 'universal' in small letters rather than seeing it capitalized as 'Universal.' She failed to include the Universe or God that is the force that powers the whole thing. The expressions of love that flow in her model cannot be small, arbitrary, privatized, and optional, but reflect something greater that can never be small, arbitrary, privatized, and optional, but is Universal Love that is its own power and substance that stills all human needs."

      "It appears to me that Mary has set up the scientific process for the advanced unfolding of what Helen had barely glimpsed," said Ross. "If that is already powerfully effective in healing, can you imagine what the full scope can accomplish? Helen brought a glimpse of the real down to earth as it were. Mary takes the whole earth into the real."

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