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Volume 4B of the 12-volume series, The Lodging for the Rose

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Chapter 9 - The Christmas Present

      "What are you saying?" I interjected.

      "She has taken sex out of the marriage context and gave it its own focus and its own significance, even its own dimension for its development," Peter. "She is saying, 'marriage has nothing to do with that.' She is saying that sex pertains to a unique aspect of human development in consciousness, which makes it its own element in the development of spiritual science."

      "She is saying that marriage stands alone as a concept," I repeated, "and has its own development path, and that it has essentially nothing to do with sex."

      Ross nodded. "She is saying that the sexual development of mankind has to stand on its own spiritual and scientific foundation. She is also saying to me that marriage isn't a license for sexual exploitation or whatever. She is saying that nothing should be found in marriage that wouldn't be tolerated anywhere else.  And the other way around, she is saying that sexual interaction should be such that it honors, ennobles, and enriches one another in any sphere. She is saying with this to me that one has to reach the pinnacle of one's identity out of one's own resources. Once that has been done, one has something to bring to the marriage feast that can shine as a light in it. Marriage isn't meant for exploitation, as I see it laid out here by Mary. Instead it is meant to unfold like a sun, powered by the riches we bring into it. It is designed to radiate, giving light to civilization and the Universe. Aren't we all married to one another already at the lateral and Universal level where the human and the divine are one? This reality needs to glow in our life and bring light to the world. Perhaps it is for this reason she has put sexual development into its own development stream. It poses different challenges. That's how I see what she has put before us."

      "But what does it mean, Ross?" I interjected again.

      "It means that almost everything that society is concerned about in regard to marriage, doesn't even come to play at the level where the scientific concept of our universal marriage begins to unfold. What we have agonized over for all those years, and have become divided by in the name of marriage, isn't even a part of it in Mary's development structure. Therefore, my friend, these things that we have struggled with to draw into a rational context with moral existence, have nothing whatsoever to do with that, certainly not with the real concept of marriage. Her scientific rendering of marriage is comparable to your child's answer to the King. Her answer invalidated all of the King's concerns. The child acted out of a deep love for itself, its world, its people, and it didn't give a damn about all the petty concerns that surround the ruling of an empire."

      "I didn't know that I described a marriage scene when I created the story of the king and his daughter," I said to Ross. "It wasn't my intention to do this. But now that you say it is in the higher context as Mary described it, that changes everything. A whole new dimension comes to light for the old concept."

       "The way that Mary, the scientific and spiritual pioneer, had presented the concept of marriage puts marriage into a class far above all of our common petty feelings, and wants, and woes, that have become related to it," said Ross. "For instance, there exists no domination at the high level where Mary has placed the concept of marriage. There exists no possessiveness there. No boundaries are possible there. Dominance cannot be imagined there. Such low level concerns as civil rights and obligations won't even enter the equation either, because they are meaningless in the Universal domain that Mary lifts her concept of marriage into. The dark aspects simply aren't an issue in the 'noon-day sun,' nor anything of that sort that is related to darkness. There will be only appreciation, healing, and the kind of spirit that inspires honesty with oneself and others, and everything that causes one to enrich one-another in life and in love on a basis of truth, opening the gateway to Universal Life, Love, and Truth."

      "We all need to hear this," I said to Ross. "We have all been touched by the false perceptions that have been created over the centuries."

      Ross approved the answer. He grinned and said that the research he had done into this matter was his Christmas present to all of us.

      He paused and looked at me and smiled. "Of course, how to convey this precious gift, my Christmas present for everyone, is for you to figure out, since you are the diplomat," he said to me and grinned. "But mostly one has to live it and prove it," he added to me. "You should also see it as a personal gift to you that may help you to meet with Antonovna in Love all over again, should you ever break your isolation as I am sure you will, as you now have something to contribute  for her well being. You have to be in Love with each other without the shackles attached, and this deeply. Your task must be, if that is what you want, to free Antonovna from her evidently false concept of marriage, the kind that we are all trapped in. You must be like the king's daughter who has freed the king of a false concept of duty. I am certain that you will do this one day, provided Antonovna gives you that chance. In fact, we all have to free ourselves from whatever has been erroneously accepted, and that includes our isolation, too."

      "That's a tall task, my friend," I said to Ross.

      "It's a tall task that we must all take up, no matter how difficult this appears to be," he said quietly.

      "You should show this to Sylvia," I said to Ross.

      "I already have," he replied with a smile. "I showed it to her two days ago."

      "What did she say, Ross?"

      "She didn't say much. I think she found it interesting," Ross replied.

      "In this case let's ask her now, Ross."

      While we discussed what Sylvia's perception of the discovery might be, or anyone's perception for that matter, and why this scientific matrix hadn't been discovered for a hundred years since it was created, Sylvia came walking into Ross' office to say good night and break up "our party."

      "What do you think of all that?" I asked her.

      "This was created a hundred years ago," she said with a smile. "It was reduced to an outline form, evidently to encourage the process of discovery. That's what this is all about. It is a structure designed for scientific and spiritual development. This is not a doctrine. It is a scientifically designed platform to facilitate advanced discoveries. It comes to light as a platform that causes one to ask questions, to develop paradoxes, so that they can be solved."

      "The whole thing is actually a paradox in itself," said Ross. "Mary has provided such a vast amount of detailed references for it and has put them all right in the open in the very books that thousands of people study on a daily basis, and virtually nobody has yet seen what is right before their very eyes. This has gone on for a hundred years."

      I nodded. "That's a paradox, I agree. But how does one explain the paradox, or better yet, solve it?"

      "The structure itself is a paradox," said Ross. "The structure defines four levels of perception and four columns for development. This means that whoever created this structure has defined four levels of vertical interrelationships that doesn't actually match any vertical model that we know. Mary didn't originate it. She took it from the last pages of the Bible. Maybe Plato had originated it, or the Pythagorean society. It appears to be something profound and comprehensive that society lost sight of. Even the Byzantine model contains only three elements not four. Of course, the Byzantine perversion doesn't add up to much. It puts God out of reach, mankind into the dirt, and a mediator in the middle that interprets the will of God, performed by the master of empire. It doesn't even hint at science."

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