The Flat Earth Society
a political and religious science and romantic fiction novel by Rolf A. F. Witzsche
Volume 4B of the 12-volume series, The Lodging for the Rose

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Chapter 8 - A Weapons Mythology.

      "It appears to me that what we call our human 'mission' is defined for us within the Intention of the Universal Mission that places us into the sphere of Eternity," I said to Ross. "This means that we are linked with Eternity on all fronts as we find ourselves linked with Universal Love. Maybe we can tap into the flow of this Universal Power like the Sun taps into the galactic streams of electric power. Maybe it is an aspect of our Universal Mission to tap into this all-pervading ever-flowing Power that we are surrounded with, just as every sun is surrounded with electric power. Maybe its our inevitable Mission that we direct this 'spiritual' Power that surrounds us into ways and processes that benefit the general welfare of mankind according to the dynamics of the Universe. In this case, any attempt to act against the Principle of the General Welfare is like hitting our head against the dynamics of the Universe. Isn't this what mankind has done for millennia, except for the few periods of renaissance. Why are we surprised then that mankind has suffered all of these big headaches for all those millennia in its history, even the big headaches such as the black plague and all those devastating wars?"

      Ross nodded.

      "I should add that in the same manner as a galaxy would likely not exist without the action of each sun attracting its power and tapping into it, so mankind would likely not exist at all without our build-in attraction of the Power of Eternity to the degree to which we succeed, and our tapping into it with our intention to brighten the Universe with intelligent living."

      "That's active living," said Sylvia. "That's living with power."

      Ross put the five wineglasses that he had filled onto a tray and handed them out.

     "When I was working with the Rickover project to help enable the utilization of nuclear power for marine propulsion," said Ross, as he handed a glass to me, "I was proud to be a part of this leading edge project that gave our human capacity a new and expanded dimension. Maybe the term 'capacity' should have been spelled with a capital C already then. We were in touch with the Infinite, literally, and we stepped forward and dared to be a part of it. We didn't create nuclear power, but we developed ways to let it serve us. Those were exciting times."

       Ross turned to Sylvia. "Now, after that grand awakening that is beginning here, I see us standing up once more in the world, and I see us having stepped one step farther down this road towards the Universal, even though we have barely begun to recognize what this means. I think it means that our problems have become smaller and the needed solutions have become a whole lot more doable. With this said, I see a future before us in which we will discover ourselves as Universal beings, or Sublime beings, as the highest term that combines all reality is the term, God. What we see unfolding here makes us one with God in an unbreakable lateral unity, the Universal unity."

      "Now you are talking like a powerful man in the truest sense of the word, with Power to uplift the world," said Sylvia and raised her glass. She didn't smile. She said this almost with a sense of awe.

      We all drank to this. We all did.

      In time, as the profundity of the idea unfolded, we cheered. Even Tony cheered with the recognition that was now beginning to dawn. He laughed and embraced Heather, which I hadn't seen him do before.

      "So, what must we do with our newly discovered power to develop its potential?" said Sylvia. "What must be our first task?"

      "I would say that we have to shut the process of empire down so that we can breathe again," said Heather.

      Ross simply cheered, as if more of an approval wasn't needed. "We must do this so that the Ice Age renaissance that we urgently need can begin and come to fruition," said Ross. "We are running at a 75-year deficit already. In the early 1970s the concerned scientists of the world had called for a world-conference to explore what needs to be done to prepare the planet for the coming Ice Age. The conference happened in 1974. It was hijacked and turned upside down. It became the birth-orgy for the global warming hoax. In the quarter of a century that has passed since this day much of the world's industrial capacity, which is needed to start an Ice Age renaissance, has been destroyed. The American industrial complex has been largely wiped out, and so has the European industrial complex, and likewise Russia's industrial complex. China has major industries remaining, but it is not an industrial nation for the simple reason that it doesn't have much of a machine tool industry that's worth crowing about. If you want to build a house you need a hammer; consequently you need to have an industry that produces hammers. In the modern world the hammer is a machine tool. So you need a machine tool industry. America once had the finest in the world, but this has been largely destroyed. Europe suffered the same fate. Russia never had much, and even the little that it had was destroyed by the western vultures when the Soviet Union collapsed. China hasn't been allowed so far to develop a significant machine tool industrial capacity. The bottom line is that we need to launch a fifty-year crash program to rebuild what has been destroyed. And even when this succeeds to the full, we will have lost a minimum of 75 years by the de-industrialization madness that has blanketed the world."

      "So you are saying that we've got a bigger job to do than anyone even dreams about," interjected Sylvia. "Is this what you are saying? Haven't we been saying this for years already?"

      Ross nodded. "It can all be done," he said. "In fact the physical rebuilding is the easiest part of what must be done. There is something that I must do as a scientist that is many times bigger and harder to do. I must help resurrect science itself. This means that I must help shut the CERN project down, or reform it from a Wellsian-type project into a real science engine. Right now CERN is a Wellsian-type project that pursues the destruction of science. The CERN project appears to have been organized to become a black hole in the world of science. It draws the finest talents from over 500 of the most leading scientific institutions in the world and channels them into an intensive effort that is by design a dead-end pursuit. This is the kind of processes that H. G. Wells had fantasized about and would be proud of if he saw is being implemented of it to the extreme extend as we have it happening today. And this too, is only the beginning of the problem that I, as a scientist, must help to correct, because the worst hasn't even begun. A French fellow that I worked with at Oakridge had contacted me recently and voiced his concern regarding the LHC machine. He said that it might be designed to ignite a major cataclysmic event that would give science such a bad name that all forms of science would become effectively outlawed for several generations to come, out of fear."

      "Do you agree?" I interjected.

      "My friend said that the ghost of Wells is still very much alive," said Ross. "I agree with him on that. And so, what he said is frightening. He asked me to consider what the outcome might become when the LHC machine fulfills its design objective and succeeds in overpowering the most fundamental barrier in the Universe, the light-speed barrier, and in the process succeeds in breaking apart the most fundamental bond in the Universe, the bond of the nuclear strong force that binds the quarks, which is by the by-far strongest force that exists in the Universe. Wouldn't this kind of objective have potentially catastrophic consequences? And if it had this, wouldn't it then fulfill the Wellsian objective of destroying science from the inside out?"

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