The Flat Earth Society
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Volume 4B of the 12-volume series, The Lodging for the Rose

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Chapter 8 - A Weapons Mythology.

      Ross took the bottle of wine that Heather had brought and drilled the corkscrew into the cork and pulled it out.

     "May today's events mark the beginning of also our own days of wine and roses," said Ross as he filled five glasses. "I think we are finally beginning to discover ourselves," he added quietly. "We are beginning to discover ourselves as a part of an infinite, but intelligently bounded Universe. The Universe is infinite in its extend and development, but is bounded in the sense that every trail leads to one point that everything is tied to, the power of Intention. For example, the Universe would not exist without the force of gravity; therefore gravity exists. Likewise, the Universe would not exist without the electromagnetic force, and so on; therefore these forces exist. The biosphere in its countless forms, and the human sphere, do likewise have a role to play in the context of the whole, and therefore they exist and we exist. What would the Universe be without the profundity of life in it? It would be a primitive wasteland; therefore life exists. There are trillions of billions of galaxies in the Universe, each with on average of a hundred billion solar systems. This vast scene is bunched into clusters of galaxies and tens of millions of super clusters of the same, and walls of clusters of galaxies that form structures that are stretched out billions of light years in size, which are themselves but elements strung along in large filaments and networks of filaments of these immense structures made up of clusters of galaxies comparable to the filaments of foam. And there are many such scenes, and those of course comprise only what we can see. As more capable instruments are created our perception of the Universe becomes progressively larger. It may well be that we haven't seen anything yet. But even considering what we can see -- considering the existence of trillions of billions of galaxies with hundreds of billions of solar systems in each of them -- it is impossible to imagine that the Universe would not be teeming with life. And so it might well be that all life is as interconnected into a single whole, just as the entire Universe is interconnected electrically in a vast sea of interlocking structures governed by the power of Principle and its harmonizing Spirit of Intention. Whatever the unknown details of this infinite scope might be is not really important in comparison with the question of how we see ourselves as a part of the flow of the Universe that we routinely observe. We know that our sun, like every sun, is linked physically with the Universe by the physical energy that powers it, and is so linked also by the physical principles that are expressed in the solar processes. However, we, as Universal human beings, are two sizes 'larger' than any sun. We are of a higher order within the basic model. We do not need to attract physical power as a sun does. We have physical power placed at our feet. Nevertheless we are linked with the whole of the Universe in a flow of power of a higher mode. In our case the galactic flow isn't physical, but is a power that unfolds the Intention of spiritual principles. We find the Intention unfolding in the energies of cognition, competence, profound potentials, and a vast sea of talents that enable the realization of the potentials that lay at our feet and in our heart as human beings."

      "That is real power too," I interjected. "We don't create the cognition we have, we merely use it. We don't create the wisdom either that gives us the competence that unfolds into creativity. Nor do we create the potential we have as human beings to create a whole new world for our living. The potential is already built into what we are. Nor do we create the vast array of talents that we bring to bear to realize our potential. We discover our talents, we nurture them, we channel them into streams by which our Universal human Mission succeeds as it becomes a light in the world. But we can't say that we created those talents. It appears that we have all that we need in rich measure to fulfill the Universal human Mission within the larger framework of the harmonizing network of Intention of the Universe that we are a part of."

      "This links us with something that is greater than ourselves," interjected Sylvia. "Being linked with the Universal is therfore like being linked with aspects of Principle that are common throughout the Universe. In this case, when we speak of universal love, we should see our loving as an aspect that unfolds from our linkage with the whole of the Universe. We should see it as Universal Love written in capital letters. Maybe every aspect where the term 'universal' applies should be seen as liked to a quality of the Universe that touches us profoundly and in no lesser manner. The concept of the Universal, if we were to apply it in its truest sense, would then widen every related concept to its absolute to which the capitalized 'Universal' sense pertains, pertaining to a quality that we share with the whole Universe, which makes the Universe and our living Universal. I would say therefore say that the in-flowing powers that we have, which we are still in the process of discovering, such as the power of our cognition, competence, our creative potential, and our talents to realize the potential, are but aspects of the Universal Potential, Cognition, Competence, Talents, and so on, that facilitate a comprehensive Universal Mission. Just as a galaxy requires the functions of its suns for its function to exist, so the category of Intelligent Life expressed in and throughout the Universe might likewise be a critical element in the functioning of the whole of the Universe."

      "You are dreaming," said Tony.

      Heather shook her head. "I think what Sylvia said makes sense," she said. "In fact, what she said is beautiful. It tells us that by exploring ourselves in the deepest manner that we can muster, we begin to touch the hem of the Universe and become engaged in an exploration of it that is more deep-reaching than any space-flight exploration of other worlds could ever be. By looking within, discovering aspects of Universal Truth, we might have the nature of the Universe unfolding before our very 'eyes' as we discover ourselves as an aspect of its Power and its Intention."

      "Do we really choose our 'Mission' when the power to fulfill it is a Universal Potential?" said Ross. "What we see as the human mission may be merely an element of the harmonizing and expanding Universal Mission of Life itself that reflects the very opposite of entropy as does the nature of the Universe, which becomes reflected in all Being. Entropy is the condition of a process where everything is winding down towards a zero state, as the energy in a system is being consumed like the mechanical energy is spent that powers a windup toy. However, the dynamics that we observe in Life tells us that the Universe functions on the opposite platform. Life is expanding. Likewise the Universe is expanding. The intergalactic flows of power that power the Universe and the galaxies within, are evidently not consumers of energy, but are producers of energy. The galaxies appear to be energy creating engines with a process by which all processes become qualitatively improved. We see this process reflected in the small in mankind in its continuing development of civilization. As I said earlier, the dark ages of empire are fast being overlaid with Principle-oriented structures. Homer lit a spark that started a fire that grew ever brighter. Plato fanned the flames with scientific living and opened the door to Christianity that raised the scientific platform to become a platform for concious spiritual living. Islam carried the torch forward. The collective background ignited the Golden Renaissance, which in turn set the stage for the Westphalian Renaissance in which the founding of USA occurred as the first true nation-sate republic on the planet. Civilization is not winding down, my friends. It is winding up. It is gaining power as it unfolds. It has created the conditions on earth for Life to expand almost explosively, far beyond anything that has ever been seen on this planet, while the inhibiting monster of darkness, the empire, is fissuring on the whole front and is disintegrating. Empire is like a great dam that has been holding back civilization since civilization began. But the built-up pressure of developing civilization is fast becoming too great for it to bear. Huge fissures are already gaping. The thing is breaking up. In accord with the dynamics of the Universe we can expect to see a huge flood of civilization soon to be covering the planet with an unfolding strength of Life that already has the potential to overpower the coming ice ages. The Universe has a Mission for its unfolding of Life that will bring to light ever-brighter definitions for human living." 

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