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Chapter 8 - A Weapons Mythology.

      I turned to Sylvia. "This is what the essence of our humanity is, isn't it?"

      I sat up straight in my chair as if to emphasize the next point. "We are not personal beings, but are of a higher-order quality, powered by a higher source than we can imagine, a source that is anchored in the Universe and reflects a level of Intention that mankind has rarely associated itself with, but which is a vital aspect of civilization. In fact, without it, we would have no civilization at all. Civilization would not exist. This is what the masters of empire have targeted for annihilation, because empire and civilization are opposites. For civilization to survive, empire has to be taken out of the human scene and be sent to oblivion. It is not possible to compromise between opposites and for opposites to coexist. Empire and civilization are opposites. Empire has to be evicted for civilization to exist. Empire cannot have a place on the round table of international agreements anymore than a rapist can be invited to one's home. If empire, which is a rapist, is invited into the innermost sanctum of society, a Dark Age is the outcome with the collapse of civilization. And this, my friends, is the significance of the weapons mythology story, which is but another facet of the long fairy tales of the Ortes/Mathus/Darvin/Galton/Huxly/Wells-axis of evil. This long axis is totally evil. It is so, because it proclaims that mankind is not human. Its fairy tales deny the higher-order quality that defines our humanity. In this denial they rip our native quality off our face, as it were. The tragedy is that mankind has allowed this rip-off to happen on a vast scale and has bowed to it. We have all become diminished thereby. We've been actively driven into a rut. The old proverb is wrong that time will heal everything. We in this room have experienced this proverb to be wrong. With every single passing day we have sank deeper into a rut and became more impotent and isolated. Nothing was healed by time. Time is a cheat in this regard. The resulting effect is precisely the effect that the axis of fairy tales is designed to have. It had this effect on us all, and it had this effect on the world."

      "Actually the tragedy began before Ortes," said Ross. "It probably began with Tomas de Torquemada of the Spanish Inquisition, and with Voltaire and Joseph de Maistre the 'inventor' of the Beast Man process that later became known as "synarchism" and in the modern world as "fascism." Fascism is the outcome of the dehumanizing process of the kind of clever fairy tales that supplant Truth with lies, the lies that time has not healed, but has enabled to become intensified. It seems to me that any attempt towards a healing has to begin with an active process of exploring the model that defines our humanity in Truth, such as Steve's comprehensive model of the Universe that we are a part of, powered by the force of Intention. We, as human beings, are Universal beings. We must reclaim this title for ourselves."

      "This means we should celebrate the intelligence by which somebody sent the weapons mythology story to us," said Heather. "Somebody has pushed our face into the pudding to wake us up."

      "Did the fondi send this?" said Tony.

      "It would be their style of communicating if it came from a dissident in their ranks," said Ross. "The envelope came without a return address, postmarked in New York. It could have come from anyone. Whoever sent this to us is evidently aware of its meaning, and is raising a point that has the potential to uplift the entire world. For almost five millennia mankind has been locked into this endless war of empire versus mankind. The point that was raised with the story is that we now have a foundation for stepping away from the war. The story that was sent to us exposes the Ortes/Mathus/Darvin/Galton/Huxly/Wells-axis of evil. And with it, it also exposes the axis of Truth by way of the back door, which is the natural axis of good. Whoever sent us this story may have recognized that when mankind can recognize its real face, and by the profound image that it sees there becomes empowered to reclaim its humanity, then the war of empire will be over. Time is not a factor in this. The war of empire against mankind is fought on lies, encapsulated in fairy tales. A lie has no foundation that is rooted in anything real. Take away the lies and the structures of lies disintegrate. That is how the train of empire is easily derailed. The rest is inconsequential. Everything that is attached to empire then ends with it. War ends. Terrorism ends. Globalized looting ends. The global warming doctrine fades into the wind. The depopulation madness ends. The feudal property insanity ends. All that it takes for this to happen, is Truth to become restored. When this happens the principle of the General Welfare becomes restored, and the principle of industrial production, nuclear power, and so forth come to light; even new principles will come to light such as free universal housing, free universal education, indoor agriculture, a renaissance of culture, honesty in science. We may even find ways to tap into the endless electric power resources that exists abundantly in interplanetary space, that is the electric power that powers the Sun. On this path we will be able to face the coming Ice Age without fear. All that we need to do for this to happen, is to build the scientific infrastructures up that bring us face to face with our profound spiritual stature as human beings."

      Tony laughed. "This won't happen," he said. "Nobody can make this to happen. The moment you make the lightest move the empire will conjure up a new facade of fairy tales with thicker lies."

      "Don't ignore that when the reality dawns it may not be possible to hide the lies," Heather interjected.

      "In this case society will be 'inspired' to compromise," said Tony and laughed some more. "We have seen the compromising so many times. The imperials will say to society, 'you cannot shut our system down, because our system is all that you have, so compromise.' They will sing this song repeatedly like a broken record, compromise, compromise, compromise! They will sing it till the cows come home, which will never happen, while civilization disintegrates."

      "By saying that we cannot prevent the onrushing tragedy, you are saying that we are not human," I interjected. "You are saying that the whole of society is not human and is impotent in the face of empire, whereby the tragedy that is already prepared will happen. I must disappoint you, my friend, because the very opposite is the reality. You are captivated by ghost stories that obscure our perception of what is real. The reality that I see is simple. This tragedy that you fear cannot happen, because society is a society of human beings, and therefore the insanity won't happen. The evidence speaks for itself."

      "What evidence?" said Tony sharply.

      "The evidence is located in history," said Ross. He pointed to me. "Let me tell Tony about it." Ross took a sip from his cup of chocolate milk. "It is true that mankind has been in a war that empire has waged against it for almost 5000 years already. But there have been victories won, and they are getting stronger. The first faint victory was won by Homer, who set the human harts on fire with a spark of humanism that broke the yoke of the mythological age. Of course, as you know, Pericles of Athens defeated this victory. Plato restored the loss and paved the road to the Christian era with his scientific method. This time it was Rome that defeated the victory. However, Rome fell. With its darkness fading like a bad dream, Islam rose out of the ashes and brought the torch of Plato back to Europe that eventually lit a fire that became the Golden Renaissance. This victory was defeated again by the Venetian Empire, but out of the ashes rose the Peace of Westphalia. On the strength of this peace the USA was founded and its liberty was won. My point is that every time the fire of humanity was rekindled it shone a bit brighter and stood scientifically taller, whereby it became progressively more difficult for the masters of empire to put it out again. The dynamics of this progression tells me that we have the potential in the present age to build the highest scientific platform for the self-recognition of mankind that has ever been imagined. From this tall platform that we now have the resources to build, we can reach down and pick up the power that is already laying in the streets and shut down the scourge of empire once and for all. No miracle is needed. The empire is bankrupt. Private monetarism is bankrupt. All that is needed to catalyze the huge phase shift that has become possible, is for someone to step up to the plate and put the whole thing into bankruptcy reorganization. LaRouche is already saying this. This door is open; it cannt be closed again. The bankruptcy reorganization is possible. It can be done, and therefore it will be done. The question that remains, is when it will happen. When it happens we have no more empire in the world. This also means that we let go of the fairy tales of the Ortes-to-Wells-and-beyond axis of evil. The letting go, too, is possible. The evidence speaks for itself. Isn't that the essence of what we did tonight with the weapons mythology story? I even say that we stand on a taller platform today than the founding fathers of the USA had available to them. Mary Baker Eddy has raised up an immensely tall scientific spiritual platform, with a face for mankind that inspired a worldwide wave of healing. And again in recent decades Lyndon LaRouche raised up the tallest-ever scientific platform in humanist statecraft. We have the potential to stand on all that. We have the potential to raise a shock front in scientific and spiritual perception and achievements that pales anything in our past. We may well have the kind of power here that is equivalent to the power of the shock front that blew the concrete out of a floor in Bali fifty feet from a blast, even the power of the shock fronts that pulverized two 130 story towers in New York City, before they collapsed. This is not the kind of evidence you want to despair over. This is evidence to rejoice over, because it illustrates to some degree the real power we have on the front of science to change the world in a positive way."

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