The Flat Earth Society
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Chapter 8 - A Weapons Mythology.

      "H. G. Wells would love us for it," Sylvia interjected.

      "What we have here is definitely not a paradox," I added quietly. "It follows perfectly the long line of the fairy tales that come out of the Ortes/Mathus/Darvin/Galton/Huxly/Wells-axis of evil. Just look at where the money comes from for the Big Bang 'empty' science."

      "The money comes from the Wellsian and Fabian background, said Ross. "It comes from the countless stooges that prostitute themselves to the objectives of empire. The evidence that we see here tells its own story."

      "And what evidence is that?" said Tony.

      "It's all black evidence," said Ross. "In as much as the 'empty' science of the Big Bang world of the gravity-only Universe omits 99.99% of the Universe from its consideration, so do we find the modern fantasy tales of global warming totally fictitious. The global warming doctrine doesn't even bother with any real physical evidence anymore, except to lye about it."

      "This is going too far," Tony interjected. "You guys are pushing this thing too far."

      "We are not pushing. This thing has already been pushed so far into the territory of lies that it now is so distant from reality that people no longer know what is real," I countered him. "But not all people allow themselves to be drowned in lies. The whole global warming thing has reached such ridiculous proportions that the empire's own constituents are now speaking out against it. Yes, Tony, that happening. The aristocracy are people too. The few of them, who still see themselves remotely as human beings, hate to have their name besotted with the ridiculous nonsense that the global warming doctrine is. They are now speaking out against their own empire's brainwashing sessions. They warn society that the madness to inflict billions of dollars of new taxation on all the people in the world for the excuse to inhibit carbon utilization, that all life depends on, and to inhibit economic development by forcing selectively-disfavored industries to buy 'carbon credits,' and to create vast economic distortions with arbitrarily-rationed permits for emitting the supposedly harmful gases. The empire's own people that speak out expose the whole scam as a pyramid of lies that omit the simple fact that the trace gases they try to eliminate are an indispensable factor of mankind's current energy production, and are not only entirely harmless to mankind and the environment, but are necessary to all life on earth and have little effect on the surface temperature of our planet. These courageous people spill the beans by pointing out that genocidal demands are intentionally designed into the global-warming profile, and that those are designed to fall cruelly and disproportionately upon the poor, the third-world nations, the very nations that are targeted for elimination. They point out that the imperial scam is massively threatening billions of lives. The message from the masters of empire to society is, to have the 'courage' to do 'nothing positive' on the global warming front, while hiding the fact that the front is designed to inflict social and global destruction. The counter-message from the few who are waking up, is an urgent one, saying to society that those who have any influence or power must attack the global-warming scam vigorously, because the fairy-tale belief in global warming is already killing millions. Of course, with this message that the dissident aristocrats are now putting out, they are merely joining the chorus of over 30,000 scientists who with one voice from all the countries of the world have shouted the same message for years already."

      "Science is being abused," said Ross quietly. "It is abused far more deeply than you can imagine. Science is by definition the tool for discovering the principles that operate in the Universe. In comparison with that, science is being raped today. It is raped in many ways. It is raped by being forced to omit large chunks of the evidence so that society's perception can be turned upside down for political objectives. But the rape doesn't stop there. Instead of observing the Universe as it is, a new form of rape is introduced into the world of science. The new rape is called 'active' research. Active research began with the HAARP project, the High-frequency Active Auroral Research Project, run by the US Air Force. The HAARP facility pumps large amounts of electromagnetic energy into the ionosphere. The ionosphere is an electrically charged field around the earth that absorbs certain spectra of the solar energy that would otherwise be harmful to life on earth. But the HAARP project doesn't just observe how it the ionosphere functions. It pumps energy into it that is unnatural for the ionosphere, that makes it 'squirm,' that lifts it up to higher elevations. The HAARP research then lets it plonk down to produce an electric shock wave that extends deep into the surface of the earth, where it triggers unnatural secondary reactions, like artificial earthquakes and meteorological phenomena that can be exploited for political and military purposes. One of the openly stated objectives is to develop the means to detect underground military installations. The process is called sub-terrain mammography, or something like that. The whole thing stinks," said Ross, "not only because it is used for diabolical purposes, but because it distorts science. We no longer observe the natural operation of the Universe to discover its principles. We make the Universe squirm to discover how it copes with unnatural conditions. That's a fascist process. In the Nazi concentration camps prisoners were subjected to extremely brutal psychological conditions, often involving electric shocks and induced pain, in order to observe how people behave under extremely unnatural conditions. They called this atrocity, science, and said, based on the evidence, that they discovered in the process the inner nature of a human being. In reality, this is crap. The outcome is crap. It produces evidence for what a human being is not! Now we are doing the same in nuclear physics. The LHC machine at CERN is designed to smash two proton beams in to each other at a closing speed of twice the speed of light. They intend to force the light-speed limit of the Universe to give way to unnatural conditions. The stated goal is to break the nuclear strong force, the by far strongest force in the Universe, the force with which the quarks are bound into structures that form the protons. What will be attempted at CERN happens nowhere in the Universe. The attempt is to break the Intention of the Universe at the subatomic level and make it squirm, and then observe the outcome. That's not only Nazi-science -- a rape on science -- but also the outcome is useless as an indicator of how the Universe operates in its normal mode. In addition, no one can predict what will happen in this process, except perhaps to predict that in the resulting unnatural squirming chaos, somebody sees a shadow that is then taken as proof for the Higgs 'boson.' And so, at the very best, real science is pushed backwards another step into mystery land. The 'boson' itself may well be the equivalent of Ptolemy's epicycles and the CERN facility the equivalent of his equant point. At worst the attempt that is planned at CERN, to overpower the speed limit of the Universe, may cause an energy shock wave that rips into the energy continuum with consequences similar to a supernova. The only thing that won't be discovered in the process is how the Universe actually operates, meaning what its natural model is. This becomes evermore obscured thereby."

      "What we have here is just another facet of the long fairy tales of the Ortes/Mathus/Darvin/Galton/Huxly/Wells-axis of evil," I interjected. "It always comes down to that. It appears to be all done in an effort to obscure the real issue that is at the heart of empire, to hinder the unfolding recognition of what a human being is and what civilization is built on. The electric cosmology comes closest to presenting the real model. It omits none of the factors that are known to exist. It introduces no fudge factors. The electric model can be proved by replicating the universally observed phenomena in laboratory simulations. The electric model also presents a universal model in which mankind has already recognized itself aeons ago as the Son of God, or image of God, and as 'powered' by God, representing God, representing the Spirit of Intention of the Universe, and so on."

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