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Chapter 8 - A Weapons Mythology.

      "I think this will happen when the clean sweep of freedom happens," said Ross. "That's when the rebuilding will begin. Of course no one will know beforehand at what day and hour the avalanche will start to move that buries empire for all times in the sea of its own muck. At one moment the valley will be calm and quiet. The next moment the entire accumulated load of evil will come crashing down. When the dust settles a new era will begin."

      "That's what I saw in my dream," said Tony. "I think we will see this happening. I also think that this is how the weapons mythology story should end. I think that story should end with the king's daughter becoming the actual king and then calling on all the people in both realms to work together to build up their country and with it their world."

      "That's what I would call creating an active peace," said Sylvia, praising Tony.

      Tony laughed. "Every person knows the story of the avalanche. Every child has read Hans Christian Anderson's story of the Emperor's New Clothes. It's been the subject of movies and school plays. The Emperor gets bushwhacked into believing that it is really possible for some well-spoken weavers from foreign lands to weave cloth so pure that an unqualified person cannot see it. So he watches as the weavers work on their empty looms. Then he exclaims loudly about the perfection of the product that neither he nor anyone else could see. And so everyone plays the same game of sticking to the imperial lye, since no one wants to admit that he is unqualified for his post. The situation becomes so ridiculous that the Emperor proudly walks in a parade before the people wearing only the finely-spun clothes that no one could see, but which everyone says are exquisitely beautiful. Only a child that hasn't yet learned to lye to itself, steps forward and speaks loudly the 'unspeakable,' shouting, 'but he hasn't got anything on.' At this point the cry of a child brakes the sophistry of lies. It is impossible for a child to be unqualified to be a child. Thus the truth that everyone already knows becomes universally accepted to the obvious embarrassment of the Emperor, who will never be seen again. That's how the avalanche will likely begin to move. Right now almost everybody knows that 9/11 wasn't a terror attack from foreign lands. Vast masses have seen the evidence on the Internet that this tragedy could only have been the result of a deep-layered inside government operation that intentionally involved the murder of thousands of people. Right now, almost nobody speaks up in the halls of the Congress and the Senate, and in the houses of the institutions too. Everyone sings the official song that is almost universally known to be not true. Privately people joke about the paper-thin cover-up stories, with evidence that not even a child can believe. They joke about the 'indestructible Pentagon lawn' that a hundred-ton airline supposedly crashed into and left no marks and no debris, and then vanished without a trace. They joke about the giant steel spools, made of the indestructible 'Pentasteel,' the giant cable spools that stood in front of the Pentagon building right in the impact path, but which survived without a scratch or even a dint. They weren't even toppled over by the supposed high-speed collision with a hundred-ton airliner crashing down. They were made of magic steel. A lot of photo-editing magic was spilled across the news and entertainment media during the cover-up phase as everyone openly exclaimed over the Emperor's clothes and argues with a straight face why we must have a war on terror. The resulting war of our terror has so far already destroyed two entire countries, caused the death of over 250,000 civilians at a cost of over 245 billion dollars while the social support services of our own people are being decimated and education is being gutted, and countless thousands of soldiers are coming home disabled and are now dying from DU-poisoning. One day a child will ask a senator in a talk show why they can't have school lunches anymore. The child might ask why the nation must save money for a war to fight terror that its government created itself. I wonder what an avalanche that would start if this innocent question was broadcast nationwide. Would the nation's Senators and Congressmen continue to lye to themselves and the nation, hoping that evermore electronic wizardry would get them elected again as in the past? Or would they honor the honesty of the child? How could they stand against a child before the electorate of the nation with a face covered in lies?"

      "We see the first signs already happening," interjected Ross. "Congressman Murtha already calls the government's bluff on Iraq in a 'Face the Nation' interview, ridiculing the song sung to children to put them asleep, insisting that the war in Iraq is going very, very well."

"Would I believe this nonsense?" Murtha had laughed at the press. "This administration, including the President, have mischaracterized this war for the last two years. They said it will take only 40,000 troops ... Then they said there's no insurgency. They said there're nuclear weapons. There were no nuclear weapons there; there were no biological weapons, no Al Qaida connections. So why would I believe the chairman of the Joint Chiefs when he says things are going well? Look in the latest report the State Department puts out and tell me how much progress we've made? We've made no progress at all. Sixty percent unemployment! The Iraqis want us out of there. Eighty percent of the Iraqis want us out of there. Oil production is below pre-war level. Only 30 percent of the people are getting water...  We're caught in a civil war. We've lost almost 20,000 people in this war, people who have been killed in the three years we've been involved..."

      "The children must be laughing in their sleep at the official Emperor's song that the war is going well and that America is winning," said Ross. "Murtha pointed out that the U.S. population and the troops are with him in his proposal for withdrawal. But he also pointed out that some Democrats are opposing him because they believe that any troop withdrawal will help the Republicans in the fall elections. I would call this appeal to honesty a start, nevertheless," said Ross. "The real breakthrough, though, may come from outside the game of politicians playing for election trophies. It may come from something unrelated, something small, even smaller like the Vice President's shooting of his hunting partner and then covering up the fact that he was drunk and lying about the distance of the shooting since his story defies physical evidence. We've been lied to right and left, but the truth is still getting out. The military is telling us their uranium bombs are harmless, but I just read in a Korean paper that America has three million of these bombs pre-positioned there. Why would we do this if they are harmless? I also know from Russian sources that China is scared to death, which is the real target for these bombs, and the Russians are telling me that the Chinese have a new missile system deployed, the Dong Feng 31 system. As we all know, the DF31 system has been developed in response to these bombs. It has been designed specifically to pepper the U.S. West Coast. It comes in two flavors. One is a single-warhead version, carrying a 3-megaton warhead. That makes it 300 times as powerful as the Hiroshima bomb. It appears to be designed to vaporize the high-level nuclear waste dumps and nuclear fuel deposits, and spread their deadly stuff across the East of America via the jet streams. The second flavor of the DF31 system is a three-warhead version, each with a 90-kiloton yield to be used against the West Coast cities. That's all in place, active today, in response to the 3 million uranium bombs that America has on the ground in front of their doorsteps. The Chinese are scared. We are insane. Something has to stop this before all hell breaks loose. But nothing is moving. If we have three million uranium bombs stacked up in our five Air Force bases in the Korean theatre, can you imagine how many we have sitting on the ground in the twenty-plus Air Force bases we have in the area encircling Iran? There might be 12 million bombs pre-positioned in this theatre, and I tell you, the Russians are scared to death, because they are meant for them. And so, Russia is responding too. As we all know, they have several new Topol systems deployed, one with hyper-speed maneuverable warheads that the antimissiles can't catch. Russia is prepared to do what it takes to remove the threat against it. Russia will wipe the USA off the map if that is what it takes to stop the bombing of Iran, which is physically synonymous with bombing Russia. They will hit us the moment that our bombing campaign starts."

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