The Flat Earth Society
a political and religious science and romantic fiction novel by Rolf A. F. Witzsche
Volume 4B of the 12-volume series, The Lodging for the Rose

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Chapter 8 - A Weapons Mythology.

      "So you want to add insurance fraud to murder?" said the policeman. He laughed. "Of course you are right. Three thousand deaths is a small thing on the national scale. They measure up to but a few percent of the nation's annual traffic fatalities. But those accidents aren't intentional. One single person being killed intentionally, that is murder. It amounts to a great tragedy, and more so do the three thousand deaths on September 11. Of course those three thousand murders are just a small thing in comparison with the larger crimes of murder that the President stands convicted for, such as the war crimes, the DU crimes, and the crime of forcing death by starvation by burning food in a starving world, for which the entire world is condemning the President."

      "The-burning-of-food policy didn't come from the President," the man from the entourage protested. "You have got the wrong man for this one too. The policy was forged in Britain. It was rammed down on us. It didn't come from the President. The depopulation policy comes from Britain, from the highest levels. The President merely did what he had to do, as we all did. The global warming doctrine is merely a subset of this policy. It serves the policy, which is now a globally accepted policy. There are simply too many people in the world. That's a problem that most people recognize. The global warming game is just a step in the process of correcting the problem. The policy is needed for fixing the mistakes of nature. The policy for depopulation has many subsets, such as to cause genocide by poverty, by forced underdevelopment, by deindustrialization, by imposing the DDT ban, by creating AIDS, and so on, and on. These are all necessary steps for saving the planet. I hail the courage and the wisdom of the oligarchy of the old British Empire that has courageously moved on this issue for over a century already, at a time when no one else had dared to take any responsibility for the planet. That is where the policy comes from that you cry about. It comes from Britain. It is a long-standing policy that requires great courage and wisdom to be implemented. This exonerates the President. You don't honestly believe that our President has the mental capacity to understand these deeper issues, much less to engineer such complex solutions as have been developed with projects like global warming and the bio-fuels. The President merely supports the policies that come down from higher levels, as do we all." The man laughed at the policemen. "You don't honestly believe that our President is capable to have engineered such a complex and smooth operation as 9/11,  or as the global warming scare?"

      The policeman joined him in laughter. "Are you saying that the Nuremberg Statute doesn't apply in the case of the President, because he received his orders from on high, from the same imperial oligarchy from which Adolf Hitler had received his orders along with the financing that put him into power? Are you suggesting that the Nazi kingpin Adolf Hitler wouldn't have been prosecuted for that reason if he had not killed himself in the last days of the war? I can assure you, he would have had to answer for all of his crimes, just as those had to answer for their crimes who had followed his dictates and carried out the crimes."

      The policeman paused and turned towards the cameras and added, "I think I have said enough to explain what is happening here. The right to life is the most sacred human right. It stands as the foundation of civilization. The arrest of any President who denies this right is thereby more than justified as a measure of society's self-defense. The arrest of such a President, that you are witnessing being carried out here, will be recognized some day as the most important legal event in the entire history of the United States of America, a republic of a free people. The arrest is required as the first step towards rebuilding America into a society of human beings who are no longer oppressed by unrestrained tyranny, looted by financier thieves that have stolen their jobs for someone's profit, and have destroyed their existence with the wrecking of culture and the perpetration of violence. Freedom from that is what freedom means. This freedom is guaranteed to us in the Constituion. When all of our honored institutions, including the Congress, the Senate, and the Supreme Court, which constitute our government, fail to respect the rights of society accorded in the Constitution, especially the human right to life, then it becomes incumbent on the people on the platform of our American Declaration of Independence, 'to throw off such Government and to provide new Guards for their future Security.' According to the American people's most sacred Declaration, this action to establish freedom 'is their Right, it is their Duty,' and this duty is what you see being carried out."

      The policeman reached into his pocket and brought a piece of paper out and read exerts of President Franklin Roosevelt's State of the Union Address from 1944.  The policeman looked at the President and then read one sentence. "Unless There Is Security Here at Home, There Cannot Be Lasting Peace in the World."

     The policeman paused and said to the President that he was arresting him for murder in the name of mankind and for the security of mankind.  He pointed out to him that Franklin Roosevelt had properly named the threat of a fascist take over of the United States as the greatest threat to the security of the world, even after the defeat of the fascist enemy abroad. "You are arrested as a high-volume murderer, convicted under our own law, and secondarily, because you have applied yourself to advance the fascist takeover of the United States of America, which President Roosevelt describes as the greatest crime a person can commit, because this crime endangers the whole world including this nation, and with it, endangers the very future of humanity. Your crime of fascism weighs heavy on the whole world. Today, the massive amounts of uranium that you have dumped into the environment of this planet, which is equal to 400,000 atom bombs, has turned the entire world into a death chamber. The nano-sized particles from your depleted uranium bombs and munitions are circling the globe and are killing people in every country. When they are inhaled they cause DNA damage. This damage is evident on every continent already, manifest as a rise in birth defects, all kinds of cancers, and diabetes. And the poison particles remain radioactive forever, and remain in the environment for very long times. The poisoning of Iraq is already so extensive that Iraq has become an uninhabitable country. Since the people there cannot escape, they will gradually die out. Since none of us can escape this planet, the fate of Iraq may be our collective fate. We know too little about the long-term accumulative effects of persistent DNA damage to predict what its effect will be on mankind over the next dozen centuries. Nor can we predict how long it will take for the present global load of DU poisons that float in the air, get rained out onto the land, then to enter the food chain, and so forth, and to be finally washed into the oceans. You are a mass-murderer of people in generations yet to come, Mr. President. There exist no term in language to describe the full scope of this crime. Unfortunately, the damage that has been done by your dumping of 400,000 atom bombs worth of radioactivity into the human environment, cannot be undone. You are arrested in order to prevent you from causing further damage so that mankind may have at least a hope. Of course you'll be accompanied in your new abode by all the others whose dedication to fascism has made them champions with you in the use of DU-bombs and munitions. You have a long time to consider with them the damage that you have inflicted on this world and to comprehend the danger that you represent to mankind. It may also be that the special facilities that you cherish in Texas may claim your presence sooner, before this comprehension dawns."

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