The Flat Earth Society
a political and religious science and romantic fiction novel by Rolf A. F. Witzsche
Volume 4B of the 12-volume series, The Lodging for the Rose

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Chapter 8 - A Weapons Mythology.

      "We should go to the phone this minute and call Fred, and tell him that we quit the diplomatic service," said Sylvia. "We should tell him there is more urgent work that needs to be done, and there is nobody doing it. We should tell him, that he should sent us to do that kind of work as renaissance builders, and let us do something real for a change. But what do we do? Nothing! Do I see anyone rushing to the phone? No!"

      "I agree, we need to do more," said Ross. "But quitting isn't the step to doing more. Instead of quitting the diplomatic service, lets uplift it. We need to rekindle the scientific method for progress that humanity has inherited from its great pioneers as far back as Johannes Kepler, Gottfried Leibniz, Leonardo De Vinci, Nicolaus of Cusa, and of course, Plato and the Pythagorean society."

      "Tell this to the Russians," said Tony.

      "Oh, they have already moved in this direction, significantly," I said to Tony. "Their smithy did blow up, remember? The whole country collapsed when it could no longer keep up the increasing demands of the Ogarkov Plan for war materials production. At this point the people should have looked deeper into themselves, at their own strength instead of looking to the Western Mafioso. But there was no one to guide them. They stood helpless, and empty inside. They had no true education. They didn't even know that the fondi exist and were leading them by the nose. Sure, I had tried to help them a long time ago at the Moscow Peace Conference. I can still remember the faint attempt that I made, and the mess I made of it. I had no idea how little they understood. I was talking to them from much too high a level, and even I didn't understand a lot."

      Sylvia said that all of this was so long ago that I shouldn't agonize over it. She added that it was rather ironic, anyway, that Russia is now hoping to utilize the American system of economy that had once made America great, while America itself was actively rejecting its own heritage and has been doing so for nearly a century already.

      Ross agreed with her and added that America would likely go on rejecting its own system that would save its civilization, and that it would do this until its defective synarchist system would blow up in their face, or someone would say stop, like LaRouche is saying evermore loudly and clearly.

      I disagreed. That's too lethargic a standpoint. The world is in the boundary zone to a monumental universal crisis. Civilization might end, which few will survive. That's what's at stake. The battle lines are drawn. The outcome will determine whether we will see a return to democracy in our nation, or whether our people, and subsequently the whole world, will be collapse into a universal synarchist dictatorship like a bunch of captive animals in a zoo that becomes a slaughterhouse. We are at the same stage in America where Germany was in 1933 when Hitler stood up and said I am the law, I carry the national security on my shoulders in times of grave emergency, which he illustrated by burning the national parliament building to the ground, the Reichstag building. Now our American President says the same thing. He sings the same synarchist song. I am the king. I am the law. Don't throw the constitution in my face, it's just a goddamn piece of paper. What have the laws of the land got to do with anything? I am above the law. I am the war-President. I am the Commander in Chief. The world has changed. We live in a world of terrorism and to prove it his synarchist backers destroyed the World Trade Center in New York. He now sings the same synarchist song that Hitler sang, 'shrieking' that the new world-situation requires the hand of a dictator to keep the nations save. In the name of 'democracy' he destroys the very principles of democracy. He sings the same synarchist song that Hitler sang, saying I am your Fuerer. Who isn't with me is a traitor, an enemy that must be destroyed. The people in Germany saw this. They heard the synarchist song. They heard the same song from their Crown Jurist that had scripted the song, and from every high level Nazi official whose qualification was measured by his 'oratic' power in singing that song. The people of Germany may have gagged at the audacity of the singers and said to themselves, we can deal with that at the next election. The next election never came. Countless people in Germany paid with their life for this lethargic attitude. In time the synarchist song became the death-song requiem for 100 million that lost their life, and for the destruction of not just a single country, but almost an entire continent. Now we are singing the same song again, and the people that are singing it are but flag bearers for the synarchist empire, an collection of hired popup men that became known at the deepest layers of the synarchist sewer for their outstanding qualifications. So, the fight is on now in America that was missing in Germany. A few people are beginning to fight. LaRouche is in the fight in a big way, and the population is beginning to redeem itself from its decades long submission to the synarchist song. It is gradually being recognize that the ultimate goal of the synarchist apparatus is the complete destruction of the United States of America, which can only be achieved from within, and will be achieved if the synarchist march is allowed to continue and the people clap to the rhythm of the song. The bases are loaded. The destruction of Syria and Iran is on the table with a six-week ultimatum for their total surrender or to accept total destruction. The preparations are in progress. The nukes are most likely already in the hands of the field commanders as leaked reports suggest. The goal that becomes apparent is to wage war against a billion Muslims and inspire a religious war that the USA will not survive. In a very real sense we have leaders elected in our country who are committed to cause its complete destruction. The synarchist international, the ruling World Empire, has been aiming at the destruction of the American Republic before it was even fully founded as the USA. They've been aiming to wipe us off the map for the last 230 years. Now it seem their goal is within reach. It is totally possible, however, that the redemption of the American people will occur by which America will survive, and civilization will survive with us. The principle for this deep-reaching redemption, ironically, is best illustrated in a tale created for children, the tale of, How the Grinch Stole Christmas. It is the tale of a profound redemption that is caused by nothing more than an axiomatic change in thinking. Herein lies our hope. If the principle of redemption is simple enough that children can understand it, I think we can assume that the American society as a whole can understand it also and elevate itself with this principle."

      Ross applauded.

      "We shouldn't congratulate ourselves," said Sylvia. "We should be crying for shame that we haven't done anything for the last dozen years to stop the synarchist song."

     "What happened to those days when we were riding high with the determination to uplift the whole world?" said Heather. "Does anyone still remember our days in Venice? We faced the mightiest empire on the planet on its home ground and told one of their chief officers to go to hell. We threatened them with a renaissance, but we did nothing. We also faced the entire scientific community and told them that the world needs a scientific, technological, and economic renaissance several magnitudes larger than any before. But we did nothing more. We dropped the subject."

      Heather turned to me. "I was proud of you when you came back from Russia. You stood boldly before the world and laid out the principles that would have saved the Soviet Union and uplifted the world had anyone listened. You didn't care what their reactions might be, because somebody had to stand up for the truth, and you did. But you stopped. We all stopped. We stopped dancing. I remember a time when you and Ushi boldly pioneered the Royal Dance in the desert of Arizona. It was a brilliant idea. But you didn't take it any further. The same fire should have swept Antonovna out of her doldrums, but the fire was already dying by then. I guess we were all too busy doing nothing, living isolated from the world in our idyllic paradise by the sea. But it doesn't feel like a paradise anymore, does it? We hardly speak to each other anymore. We haven't even built a road yet to connect our two houses after all those years. So who are we to complain that the American society has stopped in its tracks and no longer cares about defending itself and its humanity. Everyone has become too busy to do the one thing that matters most, to love one-another as human beings. The whole society has become petty and small, too small to recognize its own vital interests, just as we have become. Maybe we should implement Peter's rewritten story in our own house first."

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