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Chapter 8 - A Weapons Mythology.

      "The Principle of Universal Love can get us out of the red synarchist hellhole," said Ross emphatically. The required solution can only unfold as a social solution with a spiritual dimension. The political platform cannot take us beyond what we recognize ourselves to be as human beings, while instead our human development can uplift us beyond our smallness and empower our politics to become the beacon of white that it needs to be. At the very best, the political platform will never reflect anything greater than our self-perception, which is presently anchored in the red hot hell in many respects. This means that we have to rebuild and uplift our humanity to free ourselves from the yoke of the red synarchism. That rebuilding can never be a political project. It has to start within us and reflect itself as never before at the grassroots social level, even sexually and economically. This demand was put forward a hundred years ago by Mary Baker Eddy, the most accomplished healer of the modern age. Her demand was to 'level wealth with honesty.' She posed a huge challenge. Indeed, the Principle of Universal Love, if honestly pursued, poses an immense challenge to a society that has sunk ever deeper into the hellhole of synarchism, but it does offer a way out and a New World such as we have never seen before."

      I suggested, at the end of our discussion, that the weapons mythology story might have been written by one of the synarchist empire's own agents, as this is so often the case with degenerative literature, and that it therefore needs to be rewritten to reflect the real challenge. "The story, as it stands, presents a picture of the trap we are in, and in its superficial way it does this quite well, because it blinds us to what stands behind it, the synarchism that drives it. If the story is designed to demoralize people and keep them from fighting the synarchist way in themselves with a higher-level humanist platform, the story does that rather well. It appears to be designed to tell humanity that it is impossible for it to get itself out of its trap, except by building bigger weapons which avails nothing in the end and drags us deeper into hell and into further destruction. The story that we read leaves the reader no hope. It reflects precisely what Willie the Rock of the Fondi Empire had said to us years ago in Venice, that there is nothing that anyone can do to stop the red synarchist game, especially not impotent little clowns like us, as he had put it. But I think we have a surprise for him."

      "Yes, we may be slow learners," said Ross, "but I think we are beginning to learn to reclaim a few aspects of our humanity that have been so lost so carelessly during the last few decades."

      Ross turned to me, "did you ever find out if this Palmerston that boasted that Perfidious Albion is all-powerful is really Willie the Rock, the high level advisor to the fondi that we thought he might be?"

      I shook my head. "Steve couldn't find out anything either," I said quietly.

      Ross continued by suggesting that the weapons mythology story should be rewritten in such a way that it inspires mankind to get itself out of its mythological weapons trap by stepping up to the deeply underlying principles that have been historically known and proven as the platform for its freedom, the natural freedom of humanity based on respect, honor, affection; a step beyond even mere moral freedom to a freedom that stands on a scientifically honest foundation. "We need a community of truth that obsoletes weapons," said Ross. "Nothing else can obsolete them."

      "So, rewrite the story," Sylvia challenged him.

      He shook his head. "I can't. I'm not a storywriter. I only read them."

      "Why don't you give it a try," Heather turned to me. "How would you redesign the story? How would you have it end?"

      "I would make it end at the beginning," I replied with a smile. "Once you get into a retaliatory mode, there will always be another retaliation, another revenge, another escalation with no end in sight. Of course one could end the story the way in which the infamous Thirty Years War was brought to a close, with a new Treaty of Westphalia. Except this treaty came far too late, didn't it? The treaty wasn't put on the table until after half of the population was killed and the land was turned into a wasteland. With the Treaty of Westphalia the ruling powers said to one-another, let's stop. Forget the past, forget revenge, and forget retaliation. Let's just stop. Let's be human beings and help one-another to rebuild our lives and our world. That's not good enough anymore. The story has to be rewritten so that the tragedy doesn't even begin. In comparison with what synarchism is leading towards, what it has in store for us, even considering all the horrors that we have seen so far, the reality is that the potential tragedy hasn't even begun to unfold. We haven't seen anything yet. That story must never begin."

      "Isn't that what LaRouche said in 1999 in his famous 'Storm over Asia' address?" said Ross. "LaRouche said the same thing almost two years before the 911 'rape' happened and what came out of it. He saw the way synarchism was destroying the American republic from within and was extending its tentacles around the world. Considering what he saw then, he said in essence, you haven't seen anything yet. And he was right."

      "Now I am saying the same words again," I cut Ross off, "because we have truly not seen anything yet in terms of were we are going. That story must never begin. LaRouche put the 'synarchist' word on the map. We are in the boundary area now and are seeing the first faint hints of what it means. The hints are too horrendous. The full story must never unfold, or even begin to unfold. The hints are already unbearable. The loss of a whole city no longer rouses any significant concern, as in the case of New Orleans. We can't even be bothered to turn the lights back on. Nothing was done to get the city back in operation when New Orleans had been wiped out by storm damage that could have been avoided had the protective structures been built that everybody knew were needed. That happened in August. The President promised that electricity wouldn't be restored till the next spring since the power company that lost all of its infrastructure went bankrupt. The official excuse is that one mustn't help a private company with federal money. The real reason why New Orleans hasn't been rebuilt is that such rebuilding goes against the grain of the synarchist process. The synarchist process is focused on destroying America. It always has been that since America was created. The synarchist flag-bearers certainly aren't interested in creating a new economic renaissance in America, as would be required to rescue that city. They'll resist any effort to rebuild it. That is why after four months have passed only one public school out of 120 is back in operation and 45,000 refugees still live in tents. For as long as synarchism rules in America, New Orleans has no hope, because the fulfillment of that hope requires a renaissance in America that will simply not be allowed. They said openly that the dykes will not be upgraded to withstand the next Category-5-type hurricane, but will only be repaired to the Category-3 level that they were before they failed. The synarchists suggest that only the stupid Europeans would do such a thing as protecting their population, like the Germans that have their heart still 'chained' to 'socialism.' The synarchists say that people don't count for anything in the synarchist world, especially when they become collateral trash. That's how we can loose an entire city and nobody gives a hoot. Nothing that takes us even remotely towards a new renaissance will be allowed under synarchist rule. The tragedy of New Orleans gives us a faint indication of what the future holds in store for the entire nation under the song of synarchism, and for humanity as a whole. We can't afford to let this trend become the story of the future, or for that wider story to even start."

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