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Volume 4B of the 12-volume series, The Lodging for the Rose

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Chapter 8 - A Weapons Mythology.

      "There is only one solution possible that I can see, for mankind to survive under this shadow," I said to Ross, "and this is to shut down the synarchist way. Get the Red off the House and get the White come shining through. It will take some effort, but this healing can be accomplished. The healing 'weapon' that can do this, that we have available to us to accomplish the necessary transformation, is the Principle of Universal Love as I have said so many times in so many ways, and we all have acknowledged. Nothing less will be sufficient to cause the momentous overturning that must be achieved. If we aim for anything less, we won't have a chance at all."

      "That leaves us little hope," said Heather, "Because this principle has been trashed. Love has been trashed. It's been banished. Universal love is treason! Isn't that the slogan that we live by?"

      "All that I can say to that is that we are all human beings," said Sylvia. "In life we stand side by side in a supporting bond of love for one-another, as human beings. That's the Principle of Universal Love. It is the most natural human thing. If we don't get to this natural, human thing, Ross is right, we won't survive. In a very real sense we are all married to each other by our humanity. Just look at what the White house should represent in metaphor. What is the color, white? Well it isn't a color. It is all colors existing side by side in universal union. White is the physical equivalent of the Principle of Universal Love, it's the metaphor of the humanity of mankind bound in a single universal marriage as human beings. That's what a civilization really is. It shouldn't be hard to accept that and build on it. If we rally around and honor our common humanity we will have our New White World and all that we need physically and culturally, even an Ice Age Renaissance that we must achieve to survive on this planet. This kind of bright future is inevitable if we rally around our common humanity with the love that is due in response for the gem that we find in it. Of course, if we stay locked into the present synarchist mode, where truth is out of reach and mankind is mired in red mud, we will all die. That's inevitable too. The right choice, therefore, shouldn't be hard to make."

      Ross pointed out that the weapons mythology story is a hopeless story where nothing is being developed at all. "It depicts a chain of thoughtless reactions to something that doesn't exist in the natural sphere. The intent for an attack in the story that would necessitate the devastating self-defense that pointed the whole world red was only implied. The intention for an attack was never proven as in every case of political self-rape, the in-family rape as Sylvia has put it. Nor does the weapons mythology story show that there is no victory possible under the red blanket of synarchist hell, even in cases of such overwhelming force that no one has the capacity to retaliate. When our 911-Pearl-Harbor in-family rape buried 3000 people under the rubble of controlled demolitions for maximum effect, the sacrifice that enraged the nation was just the beginning of many ever greater self-inflicted wounds. The subsequent opening of the floodgates of war that set the world on fire in Afghanistan and Iraq inflicted massive waves of death, and that death is coming home to roost. From the First Iraq War in 1991 an estimated 300,000 came back as disabled people suffering from Golf War Syndromes, which is the unacknowledged cover-term for DU related syndromes. Many of them have died from their illnesses and many others are still on DU-death row. Some also have resorted to suicide for being unable to bear the torment of the innumerable ailments that took away their careers, their sexuality, their ability to have normal children, or just their ability to breathe and walk normally. For today's Iraq War the real casualty figures will likely never be known as the thick red cover-up blanket is far too dense, but the casualty will likely be greater than the 30% range experienced in the previous war. Nor will this death-burden put an end to the 911 story. The USA will have to shoulder the burden to decontaminate the entire country of Iraq. Since it is most likely physically impossible to decontaminate the cities, especially those that have been bombed with massive amounts of uranium, new cities will have to be build for the tens of millions that might survive the American holocaust. And that burden too is a part of the red ink that flows out of the Red House at the present. And that burden will have to be born as a part of the healing process of healing ourselves."

      "Completely new and automated building technologies would have to be developed to accomplish that task," I interjected. "They would have to be based on new materials such as cast basalt, or extruded basalt," I added. I reminded everyone of my proposal from decades ago to launch such a building development program as a means for eradicating homelessness and slum living in America, in order to heal just a single one of our red synarchist syndromes. "Remember," I said, "I had suggested that we build a million new houses and give them to the victimized people for free, and that we could easily do this. Remember, I suggested way back then that we would thereby uplift the whole country as the advanced process would revolutionize the building industry, enable new freedoms in architecture, and bring a whole new dimension to humanity's housing and new materials for manufacturing, clothing, transportation, and the building of industries and infrastructures. All of that would open the door to the greatest era of progress to come."

      I suggested that all of this is still possible. "The materials are still sitting unused on the ground. We have 170,000 cubic kilometers of this high-grade material. And it's sitting process-ready on the surface. We don't have to dig for it. Nor do we have to pre-process it. All we need to do is use it, and start with it. If we don't start, we'll never build that New World that we must build to survive the next Ice Age with. The importance of Iraq to mankind is ultimately not its oil, but its food production potential in the transition period to the next Ice Age. The Iraqi landscape needs to be cleaned up. One way or another, this will be done."

      "Of course we won't get anywhere if we don't start, and to start, in this case means to end the red synarchism, and it means to recognize that synarchism only comes in one color, the color of red, the color of hell," said Ross.

      "That goes without saying," I said. "But it has to be an 'active' start, Ross. The process of ending something is a passive thing. No one has ever uplifted civilization passively. It has to be an active process. This means that the Principle of Universal Love has to be put on the agenda in an active manner. We have to empower ourselves with this principle. We can't fight the red hell of synarchism as a political project with purely political means. That will never work, just as it is impossible to eradicate war by technological force, because war isn't a technological problem. We can only kill ourselves with technological weapons. Likewise is it impossible to eradicate the red hell of synarchism as a political project, because it isn't a political problem. It is a human problem. Our last election is a perfect example of the folly of trying to counter the red synarchism politically. We reelected the red government that gave us the 911 rape and set the world on fire. We gave the red government the mandate to do more of the same. And it will attack Iran in our name, with preparations already under way. Synarchism can't be stopped as a political project. It can only be left behind by creating a higher-level platform for civilization than we have so far cared to create. We have to build a profound humanist platform. We have to build our New World on new 'moral' principles that take us far beyond morality into the white light of scientific acknowledgement of the truth that we are as human beings as the tallest expression of life in the Universe, which we certainly are as far as we can tell. If that miracle of life that we truly are and find in the humanity of our profound nature doesn't inspire love for one another, even universal love, nothing will."

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