The Flat Earth Society
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Volume 4B of the 12-volume series, The Lodging for the Rose

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Chapter 8 - A Weapons Mythology.

      "We are doing a lot of that lately," said Sylvia, "I mean in the way of twisting words to cleanse the ugly. Hitler's 'Fueherprinziep' with which Hitler had put himself above the law is the same as America's principle of the Unitary Presidency, which the President declares makes him to be superior to the law. Thus the President declared that torture will continue regardless of the law of the land forbidding such practices. A devious devise is used to justify this Hitlerization of the Presidency. The devise is a tradition that was actually started by President Regan who at times attached a statement of his own to a bill of law at the occasion of him signing the bill. I have heard from concerned sources that this process has been used by our current President roughly 500 times so that almost every piece of legislation has thereby its face significantly altered, if not rewritten. I was told that in over 100 such cases, of signing statements, the 'Unitary Executive Doctrine' is included in the statement, which thereby puts on record the President's intention to defy the Legislative Branch of our government, which indeed he must do in order to be able to serve his masters, the masters of Empire. He literally declares himself to be a dictator under orders. While this 'unitary executive' doctrine is illegal under the Constitution, we are about to have a Supreme Court judge appointed by the President, who supports the 'unitary executive' doctrine that places the President above the law. I never imagined that I would see the day when the highest officer of our nation would say to our people and to the whole world that our laws and our Constitution are just a goddamn piece of paper, that the law means nothing, and that in the case torturing people, his decreed practice will not be abolished no matter what the law demands. In the name of fighting terrorism - which wasn't an issue until our secret National Security apparatus had secretly arranged it as a Pearl Harbor type rape on the nation, our Fuerer stands up and says, I am the Law to meet this emergency."

      "Actually he is correct," I interjected. "He is the law indeed, because no one stands up for the nation and its constitution and stops him. No one dares to stand up against the synarchism that has become the law and the government at every level. That is, because we have become as red as the Red House is red. There will be no impeachment forthcoming in the present red world, because no one dares to stand against synarchism, even if it is necessary to rescue the nation. Our minds have been painted red with the color of synarchism. And so, the doctrine of the 'unitary executive' that the President lives by isn't the President's own song, just as it wasn't Hitler's own song. Their song was scripted by Hitler's chief jurist Carl Schmitt who had sent one of his students to America to study Thomas Hobbes the British Empire's pet philosopher who had scripted an earlier version of the same song probably on behalf of the Venetian Empire. Schmitt had stayed in contact with this student for years after the war, who eventually became a professor in an American University teaching synarchism and fascism. Several major institutions have their highest-ranking people rooted in this teaching, including most of today's top ranking officers in government. In practice, it is really Carl Schmitt's law, the law that Hitler employed, which is governing our country today. It certainly isn't our own Constitution and our own Legislature. Our own laws and our Constitution are on a shutdown budget to be eliminated. Our society doesn't give a damn in its gross disinterest. It sees red dollar signs. Its budget of patriotism has nothing in it that can effectively protect the Constitution and our republic as a whole. So where do we have to start, but by healing ourselves? All the ranting that we hear being spewed forth against our President and our government and military institutions is utter nonsense. It's a protest cry against ourselves. We allowed the White House to become the Red House. The healing has to begin with us. The healing has to begin by digging deep into ourselves to rediscover in our humanity the Principle of Universal Love. Maybe then can we say that there is hope on the horizon."

      Sylvia paused and sighed. "Actually, in real terms we are no longer on a shutdown budget as a nation," she continued. "The shutdown is already complete, and it is complete around the world. Iraq is a perfect example. It is a nation that has been shut down by us, because we ourselves are shut down as a humanist society all around the world. The destruction of Iraq isn't an American travesty alone. The whole world owns the blame for it. The country of Iraq has been turned into a death zone in many ways by the world standing aside and tolerating the murder of one of its own. There were a few protests, but no actions. Even now, virtually no one stands in the hustings in America against the monster of American synarchism that is committing evermore genocide on an ever-wider scale in far off places. For example, we have dumped nearly two million kilograms of depleted uranium onto the country of Iraq, all finely pulverized into invisible radioactive dust that is too fine for any filter to stop, that is potentially everywhere present. No natural parallel exists for this radioactive pollution, much less on such a vast scale as we now have it, and with accumulative long-term effects on the human genetic system. There exists only one precedent in history in which the genetic system of a society has been targeted for politically motivated genocide and that occurred in ancient India. Under distant Hindu mythology the ideal bride was said to be a third of the age of the groom. An eighteen-year-old man would thereby marry a six-year-old child. The genetic mutations in an offspring born from this 'woman' whose reproductive process would rarely be fully developed as a child, were apparently severe and were carried forward by the surviving offspring through several generation with the corresponding social consequences. In India this insanity  - of attacking the reproductive process for imperial control - was eventually stopped. It could be terminated because it had been basically self-imposed at every step along the way. In Iraq however, the genetic mutation that has already taken on alarming proportions, cannot be stopped. The two million kilograms of radioactive dust remains in that country to stay. I have been told that the US Army once decontaminated a uranium-destroyed tank, and that it took a three-year effort to get it clean. A uranium-bombed city will likely never become clean. In future times, perhaps over millennia, the invisible uranium dust might be gradually dispersed with the winds and be spread across the planet and become absorbed into the oceans, but until that happens it remains essentially concentrated in Iraq, with long-term genetic consequences that has made the entire region potentially uninhabitable. Iraq may be the world's first death zone that has been made unfit for habitation. But even as we face this shutdown of our planet that has already begun, no one stands in the hustings leading the charge to shut the process down that causes it. And so, the production of depleted uranium weapons continues unabated, and it probably produces huge profits for the makers of the bombs. The ruling synarchism in the world won't allow such highly destructive insanity to be banned, and neither will the Red House, which is their embassy."

      "The term 'depleted uranium' is a deception in itself," said Ross. "Natural uranium, as we dig it out of the ground, contains 0.7% of its volume in the form of a radioactive isotope of uranium, called U235. The remaining 99.3% is non-fissionable uranium U238 that is nevertheless radioactive. Only the U235 isotope is fissionable in power reactors or in nuclear bombs. However, to be useful in power reactors the U235 ratio needs to be increased to typically 3% from the natural 0.7%. In order to 'enrich' the ratio, some of the heavier U238 is extracted by weight. However, since the weight differential between U235 and U238 is rather minuscule, the separation is never perfect, even with a multi-stage separation process. In practice, 99.6% of the natural uranium used, becomes waste. That's what goes into the DU bombs, because waste is cheap. Nevertheless, DU is 99.6% uranium, and uranium is radioactive. It emits alpha radiation in the form of  nucleonic clusters consisting of two protons and two neutrons. While alpha radiation doesn't penetrate very far, as a piece of heavy paper can stop it, the short penetration distance is meaningless in the intimate biological world of cells, and DNA chains, and delicate chemical balances. That's where the gasified uranium from the DU weapons use causes its damage. And this damage appears to be intended. The proof lies in the policy that turns the DU into a waste product. It is insanity to utilize only 0.4% of a valuable resource on which mankind's energy future depends, and to throw the remaining 99.6% away, when this portion can be turned into useful fuel. The fast breeder reactor has the capability to convert this 'waste' into U239, a higher-level fissional isotope called plutonium, whereby the fast breeder reactor creates more reactor fuel from this 'waste,' even while it produces power. In fact it produces more new fuel than it uses. However, the loyal stooges of empire have shut down this technology. Fully functioning large-scale power plants of this type have been demolished, such as the famous Super Phoenix plant in France, the once largest in the world. Likewise, the American Fast Flux Test Facility in the State of Washington, our leading edge research facility and the front-line producers of medical isotopes, has been demolished. The point is, that after this technology was demolished, what used to be a valuable resource became available as a waste product to be used in bombs for the mass-eradication of human beings. Our world famous Fast Flux Test Facility was not just shut down. It was utterly destroyed as if it had been bombed in a war. It was destroyed irreparably by drilling a large hole into the reactor vessel in such a way that the facility can never be repaired and activated again. Thus, we killed a two-billion-dollar national asset, even though it didn't save us any money to do that. In fact, it will cost the nation more than two billion in cleanup costs to dismantle and dispose of the destroyed facility. In addition, more than 200 billion in potential benefits are lost, without even including the loss in human lives that the cancer research and treatment portion of the facility would have prevented. And that, really, is just a small part of the hidden face of the synarchist process that is shutting down humanity, which the Red House is ordered to carry out. We are throwing our future away for the sake of building the most deadly bombs every created with a near infinite killing potential, which the DU bombs have over time. That is how the Red Embassy of Empire in Washington, called the White House, is betraying the nation and the world."

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