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Chapter 8 - A Weapons Mythology.

      "Actually they may allow NASA to remain as a hollow facade behind which they'll hide the policy of their intention. That's the synarchist way, too," said Ross. He spoke in a tone as if the words seemed painful to say. "The synarchist disease is now continuing to become evermore deadly," he said. "We stand at the precipice today, facing the trap of destroying Iran. Every single step along this path destroys our own country more deeply. Also, Iran is a huge target that can only be collapsed with a nuclear war, or with a massive bombardment with dirty uranium bombs. The plans are already in place for both options to be enacted simultaneously. A list of over 600 targets in Iran has been put together for the opening round, with nuclear bombs fully on the table. Everything is on the table except sanity. We are dancing precariously at the edge of a precipice. That's the synarchist way too. This is the future that Empire has in store for mankind. The intended destruction of Iran has to include nuclear war, because we have already destroyed our own conventional forces. We destroyed them in Iraq. We don't have a capable army anymore, and the little that we have left we can't support properly, as it is. In World War II we had 18 million men at war with the richest logistics to support them the the world has ever seen, even while we supported Britain, Russia, and China logistically at the same time. Sure, we made tens of thousands millionaires in the process, but now the nation has been so deeply looted and weakened that we can't maintain a tenth of a million soldiers anymore in as little as an occupying role. We can't supply them with the armor and protective gear that would keep them safe. The frontline soldiers have lived on a shutdown budget too, some for years already, while the whole thing is slowly shutting down across the board. Even the home bases are being shut down, including the veterans healthcare system. This tragic shutdown happens at a time when tens of thousands are already living on death row from uranium munitions poisoning. Of course the synarchists want our army to be destroyed so that we have an excuse at last to go nuclear. The Iraq invasion was probably intended by the synarchists to be the next bigger Pearl-Harbor-type trap where the synarchists call on America to lay down unspeakable sacrifices, in order to open the scene to still bigger things. That kind of irrational escalation of inhumanity is also the synarchist way and always has been, and it isn't mythological. No mythology story could ever be written that would come even close to what is happening in the real world. But how can we heal the real world? Can we?"

      "We have become impotent in our mind, Ross. That's why we are not in space anymore," I interjected. "Instead of being a space-faring nation with a renaissance potential we are not even a nation anymore in terms of our self-defense. We've got nothing left but a missile shield that doesn't function, and beyond that an overwhelming hammer of nuclear bombs that we are itching to use to destroy everything that still remains intact in the world. And yes, that's also a part of our weapons reality story. There is no mythology left in it so that we might dismiss the whole thing as a myth. We are a self-defeated nation, like the nation of Gourdland became, or the Greenfield nation, in the weapons mythology story. We lay self-defeated by the weapon of synarchism. We have sunk so deep into the sewer that we can't even dream of a renaissance anymore, much less of an Ice Age Renaissance that can pull us through the upcoming 90,000 year Ice Age with a ten billion population living on indoor agriculture. This essential step had become like a dream too. It seems to belong to a far away world that seems evermore remote, while the necessity for this step is real and urgent for mankind to be able to survive. It's our task therefore to get reality back. We've got to put the principles in place by which the necessary renaissance can become real. Our first task has to be to develop the principles to eradicate synarchism right off the face of the planet. We have reached a point in the escalation of warfare, where war is no longer survivable in the global context. Our weapons have become too powerfully destructive. Nuclear war is not survivable. It would end civilization. And the DU bombing is worse. It kills globally and for all times to come. The DU bomb is a weapon for human extinction. That is where the imperial ledger system breaks down. As the cost column gets longer in terms of human lives expended for war, in that proportion the profits in the dollar column become meaningless. Without an economy, the dollar that represents the economy, has no value. We have already crossed that threshold. The dollar is dead in real terms. The imperial financial system that it props up, is bankrupt. The dollar can only be saved by scrapping the entire imperial system with its genocidal ledger system. After that we face the awesome task of rebuilding the American economy with new technologies for living, new energy sources, new industries, and a new culture for producing the goods and the housing and food and so forth that a society needs to live an develop. If we do all of this the nation can be saved and the U.S. dollar might become fungible at its currently assigned value after 50 years of this totally necessary rebuilding process. Anything else is paramount to suicide. We should understand that the color of the Red House has become the color of the nation. The healing process has to begin there. The white needs to be restored from within our soul as human beings and by the power of our humanity. Then we may begin to understand our Constitution again. If we fail to do this the color of the Red House will become darker and blend into a deep black and that black will spread across the nation. It will be our tomb in a New Dark age in which civilization will end and mankind's existence on this planet is doomed to fade away into an endless void. It won't be easy to shut down synarchism and imperialism, as the first vital step in keeping mankind alive on this planet, but it is a necessity no matter how difficult it may seem. Unfortunately, that's what the weapons mythology story doesn't even hint at. It portrays civilization as a technical issue, when in reality it is primarily a human issue."

      "I think we know enough about synarchism and how it works, to shut it down," said Heather. "But do we know enough about our own humanity, and how it works as a power with an irresistible potential to shut down the synarchism?"

      "Synarchism is the most potent weapon of mass destruction ever devised," said Sylvia, "and Ross is right in saying that it is a disease that is constantly getting worse and more deadly. Synarchism has the effect of a dirty bomb destroying civilization. Its effect is worse than the worst of fiction that we can possibly invent. What we are seeing unfolding today has not been seen in the entire history of civilization. We know that Adolf Hitler put himself above the law by burning down the parliament with the Reichstag Fire that his synarchists had set ablaze. The burning of the parliament became Hitler's first Pearl Harbor, his first in-family rape in which no one died except a bystander that was executed as a fall guy. But in this Reichstag fire burned the Weimar Republic. And so burned the civilization that the republic represented. Before the flames where quenched the civil liberties of the nation were vanquished. Hitler ruled by emergency degree from this day forward. He screamed to the nation, 'I am your Commander in Chief, your Fuerer, your Leader, do it my way! I am the law.' This didn't happen in our country after our first Pearl Harbor. The synarchists of the time might have desired it, but didn't get it off the ground. However, all of that is now unfolding after our nation's second Pearl Harbor, our second in-family rape. The American Republic died like the Weimar Republic did. Our civilization was set ablaze with the flames of our 911 Fire. While we didn't burn Capital Hill to the ground, everything that our republic stood for became suspended under the increasingly heavy hand of the Empire Executive, the hired puppet ruling on the American shores. Knowing the history of our Independence Victory over the colonial British Empire, the synarchist Empire, by which we became the Beacon of Liberty for the world, I couldn't have imagined that I would ever see the day when an American President stands before the nation and screams that our 'Constitution is just a goddamn piece of paper.' No one could have imagined that we would see such a day. No one could have imagined that an American President would stand up and boldly abolish the Congress and the Senate, which was done in effect by declaring that the laws enacted in these houses are but a goddamn pieces of paper, too, that the Empire Executive has the right to ignore. That is what we are hearing now, Peter. Both houses have voted overwhelmingly, almost unanimously, to abolish torture in US military prisons, and also in the CIA's secret prisons in foreign lands in which a large number of people have already been tortured to death. We apply torture, even unto death, to obtain information, forcing our captives to betray their own people. These are captives that we kidnapped in foreign lands and secretly transported to our secret torture facilities. We have given this process a nice sounding name. We call it 'rendition.' Kidnapping followed by torture is now called 'rendition.' It probably means that the prisoners are slowly being rendered to death. But we are the real victims in this tragedy in which civilization is torn apart."

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