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Chapter 8 - A Weapons Mythology.

      "And as we all know the soup wasn't soured," I interjected. "The effect of the plot was precisely as expected. The American public became enraged with red hot anger and at the same time gripped by fear. The effect was similar to the Pearl Harbor effect. The loss of life was also roughly equal to that in Pearl Harbor, and so was the national outcry resulting from it that opened the floodgates to war under the flag of fighting terrorism. Of course we know now that it was all a lye. We weren't fighting terrorism. We were the terrorists. We killed tens of thousands in Afghanistan, knowing full well that no one living there had anything to do with 911. We had an interest in using Afghanistan for its central location to destabilize all of south central Asia. I don't think we ever intended to conquer Afghanistan. Nobody has ever conquered Afghanistan. Whoever tried, has failed. Even the Russians have failed. There were rumors about an oil pipeline that was to be built there that the West wanted, for which Afghanistan had to be taken over first. But that was just another smoke screen, another lye. Everybody knew that the pipeline wouldn't be possible unless everybody in Afghanistan agrees and has an interest in it, which can't be arranged by force. Everybody knew that. Even the Taliban hunt and the hunt for Bin Laden was just a cover for using Afghanistan as a stepping stone into central Asia, and from there into Russia. Consequently the whole Afghanistan adventure was built on lies. The Second Iraq War, too, was launched thereafter under a barrage of even more blatant lies, carried forward by the mass media about Iraq building weapons of mass destruction. The barrage of lies was supported by forged documents that were 'manufactured' in the synarchist own secret workshops. And so, we, that is our military operating in our name, destroyed Iraq for a second time. We bombed it to hell, we invaded it, and then we occupied it and strangled its life out of it. What we called a war and even victory, though nobody saw it as a victory, was in real terms a horrendous rape. The invaded nation was robbed of its soul in the ebb and flow of military atrocities, uranium poisoning, insurgency reprisals, and a civil war that we literally forced on them. We turned Iraq into a hellhole in the background of the still ongoing war of occupation and privatization, and the Red House still orders the nation to stay the course. And that's what we called Operation Enduring Freedom. What the Red House calls freedom, is the hellish freedom that is devoid of every trace of anything that is human. And that's just another facet of the weapons reality tragedy that is now poised to wipe out Islam, India, Russia, and China. The story of our wars is so grotesque that it sounds like a mythology, and I wish to God that it was, but unfortunately it is deadly real. The Red House has turned even the very notion of truth upside down into a lye, and turned the lye into a weapon to destroy civilization."

      Heather began to laugh. "What else would we expect from the Red House, the embassy of hell, but a flood of red hot lies?"

      That's not funny Sylvia interjected. "We were only able to do this horrible thing because America was already a defeated nation before 911. We have terrorized the whole world with our superiority in nuclear bombs. We threatened the Soviet's with extinction. We waged a long string of silent unofficial wars against every Third World nation that didn't dance to our tune. Some wars became too big to hide, like the Vietnam War, in which we killed three million people before they drove us out. All of that was illegal, of course. All of it was in total violation of our Constitution, on which our country was founded. We ripped the Constitution up, one page after another. It was deemed OK to do this under the new air of freedom promoted by the CIA's Congress of Cultural Freedom program that promoted freedom from culture. Many a Congressman and Senator claimed this freedom, the freedom to lye, even while he swore the oath of the office to uphold the Constitution. It was shredded for dollars and for getting votes. It was even shredded by the courts that are sworn to uphold it. And that's the circus that we voted for, election after election, because we, the people, didn't give a hoot about the principles of our Constitution either. We've become self-defeated. The White House began to be painted red after World War II had been won, starting with the day when President Franklin Roosevelt died who might have been the last President who understood the Constitution and lived by it to some degree. The historic White House was red with no trace of white left when the last shadows fell and the gigantic and deep cutting 911 rape upon ourselves commenced. The 911 event was a rape within the family. And we all loved it. Can you remember the posters we put out for the world to see, of our B-2 bombers lined up on the tarmac, under the headline that proclaimed our coming? The in-family rape is typically the easiest kind of rape to pull off, but the hardest to suffer through, and as one might expect, from that day on we died as a nation. America's world-famous politician, Lyndon LaRouche, called the 911 rape a coup against the American republic. He said this almost spontaneously on a radio talk show while the 911 event was happening. I heard him saying it, but I couldn't believe what he said. Still, he insisted that no other government on earth had the capacity to carry out what had been done. He said this without even knowing the details involved. To add to his credibility, he had warned about the potential for such an event to be happening, and this months in advance, by observing the synarchists movements. The synarchist bankers were in trouble. Their games were collapsing. LaRouche had warned in January of 2001 about what he called the 'Guns of August,' knowing how the synarchist world typically reacts to a threatening financial crisis within their system. LaRouche's warning in January turned out to have been off by a week and a half, and we know now that this delay was caused by the weather. The wind hadn't been blowing in the right direction sooner, which had been needed to blow the smoke bloom from the North Tower across the South Tower as a screen to hide the carrier-based helicopter that controlled the fireworks show. But the worst part of this 'rape within the family' had been the flooding ejaculation of lies that was shoved down society's throat, even while we loved the flooding. We reveled in our military prowess. Most people swallowed the flood of lies and some still believe them to be the truth. Our rape was terrorism against ourselves. We also terrorized the world with long lists of 'axis of evil' targets, but that was a case in which the perpetrator of terror claimed to be the victim. In real terms we were the victim only of the rape upon ourselves that we invited and loved because it gave us a sense of power, even while the whole country was terrified with an escalating fear of terrorism. America became emotional numbed by this rape that became a powerful agent for the deep reaching mind control towards accepting the atrocities that were planned and already set up. As victims of rape, America soon tolerated the raping of others, the rape by torture that was being perpetrated against even civilians arrested as prisoners of war, including children. Many people hailed our Red President that they loved. They hailed him for his courage and his courage to kill. He proudly proclaimed in his State of the Union speech the killing of thousands who might have had intentions to harm the USA. He didn't actually say that they were murdered. He merely smiled and said that those won't be a threat anymore, ever. We, the American people, have also tolerated the wholesale takedown of the nation's civil liberties. It was done with almost universal consent and with very few protests being heard. Society cried out for vengeance. America gave its heart and soul to vengeance. We started two endless wars to stop the terrorists in a reign of vengeance, while nobody wanted to see the truth that we were the terrorists to begin with. Iraq fell by the wayside in this orgy of synarchism. We destroyed Iraq, and with it we began to destroy ourselves evermore deeply as human beings. We stormed across the sea and invaded a foreign nation that used to be our ally. We went in there, blew up all that they had, and killed 600,000 of its civilians, with probably more dead victims to come. We paid a steep price for that destruction in coins that depleted both our soul and our purse. Our murdering rampage in Iraq is estimated to cost America a whopping 2.5 trillion dollars while the killing likely never ends. The flood of dollars that finances the war will ultimately be stolen out of the pockets of the poor and America's families by cutting social services, education, school lunches, health care, housing, pensions, and tearing down hospitals. We've become a small people, my friends. We've become small, ugly, and stupid. We even refuse to help rebuild the storm-ravished city of New Orleans. It's hard to imagine how stone hard we've become. Sure, we had a few spectacular space triumphs on Mars, but those were small-scale efforts and were all planned and paid for many years in advance of 9/11. Today's budget for NASA is so minuscule that many see it as a shutdown budget. That is how we are treating our own population. It's pure rape, they way I see it. We give tax cuts to the rich and take the last penny from the poor average American that can barely survive. The entire city of Baltimore is on a shutdown budget. Most cities are on a shutdown budget, and most states as well. That's the synarchist way. We lost half of the steel industry, almost the entire electronics industry, now we are in the processes of loosing the automobile industry. The whole country is on a shutdown budget. NASA may remain alive as a skeleton, but without any power to do anything. The synarchist goal is to shut the Space Program down and turn the space capability over to the military for the weaponization of space. According to the grapevine they may soon have their wish. During the brief history when the Space Program had full support, the scientific and technological power that was developed by this program had put the whole country and some parts of the world on the fast track of creating an economic renaissance with new technologies. We stood at the threshold of a worldwide renaissance of vast proportions. That's why our secret government's synarchist aspiration has been shutting the space program down, to prevent a new renaissance at all cost. The planned weaponization of space will be the final nail in the coffin. What we have unfolding in our world today makes the ugliest part of the weapons mythology story appear like paradise in comparison. And even then, when it seems that it can't get any blacker in the world, there is always worse to come."

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