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Chapter 8 - A Weapons Mythology.

      "And for a big effect, they needed a big cause," Ross continued in a quieter tone of voice. "Many people with engineering backgrounds insist that according to the available evidence, the towers were collapsed by controlled demolition. They say that nothing else could achieve the kind of flawless and complete collapse of the towers that we saw happening, and was happening in free-fall time. The psychological effect wouldn't have been one-tenth as strong if the towers hadn't completely collapsed. The fires had almost burned themselves out by the time the collapse occurred, so that the towers would have remained standing if they hadn't been brought down artificially. Obviously we, that is the involved departments of the government and secret agencies that were running the show, had to make sure that the towers would collapse to achieve the needed effect. Some people even suggest that the seismic evidence tells us that the towers were brought down primarily with the use of mini nukes. It appears that a Dioma-type device was used that is said to be far more efficient and leaves no radioactive fallout behind, only a short burst of alpha particles that are extremely deadly at first, but dissipate almost completely in the space of an hour."

      Ross shrugged his shoulders. "Peter might be right," he said. "But nobody knows for sure how it was done. Whoever ran this show made sure that no witnesses would remain behind. They even locked the rooftop doors so that no one from the upper floors could escape onto the roof and be rescued by helicopter.  Nevertheless, whichever way it was done, since we will never know, the available evidence that we have is enough to tell us that the 9/11 event was an in-family rape on the nation of gigantic proportions. And it was probably done for profit. Many people had profited from 911 in different ways. There were rumors floating about on the Internet that the World Trade Center towers were structurally defective and would have had to be taken down anyway at an horrendous cost to the owners, the New Your Port Authority. They would have had to be disassembled from the top down at a cost several times greater than their original construction cost. The problem was solved for them by leasing the entire complex to an investor who bought an insurance policy that included insurance against terrorist attacks. A few months later the towers came down. The investor ended up with 4.2 billion for a 120-million lease that he paid for a building that was not an asset to begin with, but a huge liability. That raises the number of parties that profited to four. And there were others that profited as well. Building 7 was stacked full of sensitive records of court cases and fraud investigation and so forth, that numerous people had an interest to see destroyed. And they were destroyed. Building 7 was 'pulled' down many hours after the attack, probably to fulfill a commitment. It appears that somebody goofed and planted the nuke mistakenly in the basement of building 6 instead of building 7. Within seconds after the South Tower had been hit building 6 blew up. I bet they had to do quite some scurrying around to find another bomb to bring building 7 down also. I believe it took them six hours to do that. So you see, it really wasn't a terror attack at all. It was simply a prudent act of business. It appears that every party in the game got out of it what they had bargained for."

      "That's disgusting," Heather protested.

      "I didn't say it wasn't," said Ross. "Unfortunately, that's the way imperial operations are run. The murder of those thousands that lost their life isn't a factor in the imperial equations. Human life means nothing to them. As Bertrand Russell wrote, back in the 50's, 'really high-minded people don't care about happiness, especially that of other people.' He argued for the need for massive depopulation and lamented that wars, even big wars, are disappointing in that they don't kill enough people. Some imperials want the earth depopulated by four billion. What's a few thousand for them compared to that? But this too is just a front to cover the real intention. The real intention is far more deeply hidden. A good chess player plays several strategies at once. Most of them are designed for deception to hide the real strategy. The real strategy that stands behind the 911 atrocity is evident in only one thing, and that's well hidden."

      "The evidence is found in the imperial ledgers. It's not found in the figures as much as in the way the ledger is arranged," I interrupted Ross. "Their ledger has basically two columns, and the interaction between the two columns determines everything. The two columns are the same as you can find in any business ledger. One column records the cost, and the other the profit. What makes the imperial ledger unique is the simple fact that throughout all history the cost has been measured in human lives expended, and the profit in dollars. As the figures in the cost column grow, so do the profits. That's why the wars never end. War is a profit engine. In World War II, while the USA had 18 million people stationed oversees fighting and dying, over 20,000 millionaires and billionaires were created at home. That's how the ledgers are balanced. And compared with today's world of business, World War II was just the beginning. That is why the war costs are so astronomical. Where you guys think the 2.5 trillion go that the Iraq war is expected to cost? It isn't given to the Iraqi to rebuild their country. More than 99% of it ends up on the profit ledger of the imperial 'business' machine that fronts the cost of maintaining the Red House on Pennsylvania Avenue, the local Embassy of Hell. Whatever the ambassador wants the ambassador gets, because those costs are exceedingly small in comparison. They are so small that they don't even show up in the cost column, while the profits are huge. The biggest profits of course are raked in by the imperial banks, the private banking empire that prints the money to keep the 'business' machine humming along. And that, my friends, is another aspect of the war-reality story that you won't find a trace of in the weapons mythology that we were given to read. I think the weapons mythology was created as a cover-up to hide the real story behind war and the horrendous tragedy of people being killed by the millions. The 3,000 that were 'expended' for the 911 effect were evidently too small a factor to even be noted on the cost ledger. They were simply dismissed as insignificant."

      "Of course, Peter," Ross interrupted. "That's elementary. That's the hidden thing that's been driving the imperial strategy for millennia. At least they are doing their darndest to keep it hidden, but it's ever harder to hide. The more their profits increase the more people die in war and poverty. War is a profit engine. Poverty too, is a profit engine. But they can't maintain that kind of ledger in a renaissance world. It wouldn't be allowed. That's why the imperials always stomp onto the slightest spark of a renaissance to put it out before it becomes a fire. The 911 atrocity falls into this category."

      Ross turned to Heather at this point. "If its any consolation to you, let me assure you that there were no people in the planes that hit the World Trade Center towers. The planes that hit weren't the planes that were hijacked. The hijacked planes that were diverted to New York were both Boeing 767 jumbo jets, but the engine that fell out of the South Tower onto the street was of a type that was only used on the much smaller Boeing 737 airliner. The engine that fell out of the building couldn't have come from a 767. It's the same story for the Pentagon hit. The official story is that a Boeing 757 jumbo jet flew into the ground floor of the Pentagon at high speed. That's not only physically impossible, but no evidence supports the story. No debris littered the lawn in front of the building. In fact the lawn wasn't even scratched. And again the engine that was found inside the building was of a type that was used on a much smaller aircraft. In this case it was an engine that was widely used on a small twin engine jet that flew from aircraft carriers some decades ago. No Boeing 757 engines or parts were ever seen at the Pentagon, because the supposedly hijacked jumbo jet, like the two 767s, never came near the buildings that they officially flew into. In fact, some of the serial numbers of the supposedly hijacked aircraft were still observed and recorded on planes flying after 911. The evidence suggests that three radio-controlled substitute aircraft flew into the respective buildings. The planes appeared to have been especially equipped with uranium penetrators to cut through the steel facade of the towers and then to produce the amazing pyrotechnics show that we all saw. The supposedly hijacked planes that we never saw on TV, were most likely diverted to some other place. No one of the public knows for certain what happened to the passengers. There are many theories floating about, but none can be proven. Most likely the planes were not hijacked at all, but were simply ordered to turn off their transponders and land at some pre-designated place under emergency procedures, where the passengers and crews were herded away and killed in some fashion. The masters of the plot certainly couldn't risk leaving any witnesses alive that could disprove the official cover-up story, and thereby sour the soup that was dispensed from the Red House."

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