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Chapter 8 - A Weapons Mythology.

      Ross sighed again. "The first Iraq War was not a military intervention to end the invasion by Iraq of Kuwait and to settle the oil-stealing dispute that caused it. The first Iraq War was set up and executed as a typical synarchist war of genocide to destroy a nation that didn't play ball with the synarchist empire, whose oil resources the empire wanted to grab. In a typical stooge-like response to the synarchist rage America committed murder and destroyed Iraq's entire civilian infrastructure. We destroyed almost everything that a population needs to live. We destroyed the water supply infrastructure, the power and sanitation infrastructure, the industries that produce medicine, operate transportation, provide food, even baby food. We destroyed everything. And then, when we had bombed the country back to a stone-age type existence, we imprisoned the defeated nation behind a wall of sanctions and let it rot, and die at a horrendous cost in human lives. We forced the death of 1.5 million people in this intentionally created unspeakable misery. Finally, to add insult to injury, being openly true to the synarchist way, we declared in our arrogance that the sacrificing of those millions of Iraqi people has been 'worth it.' That was the official statement by our government."

      Ross shook his head as if he couldn't continue. "We even murdered the Iraqi military, when it was withdrawing," Ross continued anyway. "We murdered them when they surrendered to our demand. We killed them with uranium loaded munitions in a horrible turkey-shoot orgy. We hit them when they were on the highway, out in the open, on their way home. Virtually no one escaped from this massacre dispensed from the air. I think, that is how we destroyed our own humanity, bit by bit, and with it a bit of our own world. The invisible radioactive uranium dust from our countless dirty uranium munitions that we have used up over Iraq, will remain in that country and poison it for all times to come. We have made it horribly dangerous for human beings to live in this country for a long time into the future, possibly for millennia. Our radioactive heavy metal poisoning is causing all kinds of cancers and genetic mutations resulting in unspeakable birth defects. Not only did we dump this poison onto their country, we dumped it there in a pulverized form with particles so small that no filter can catch them, or anyone will ever see them. They are being dispersed invisibly through the air. They become lodged in buildings, clothing, in plants, and in the food that people eat. Once they are inhaled they become trapped in a person's body and mostly remain there until the person dies, typically from the damage that is thereby inflicted. What we did to the Iraqi people is truly unspeakable. Words are to 'small' to describe the horror. We committed worse-than-Nazi-like acts, and did so with the full knowledge that this danger would continue forever to some degree. It is rudimentary knowledge in nuclear physics that radioactivity in uranium decays so slowly that it takes 4.5 billion years for it to decay to just half of its intensity. That's the kind of stuff we dumped on Iraq in huge quantities, estimated at between 300,000 to 800,000 kilograms. It's all still radioactive; all pulverized into fine invisible dust; all dispersed across the living world of a nation of tens of millions of people, and some of it across the world. That's extreme barbarism. That makes the ancient Roman hordes and the modern Nazi beast-men, all appear like saints in comparison.

      "Eight years after the First Iraq War some people were tested. Many of them still had hundreds of times the safe limit of uranium in their urine," said Ross. "The symptoms of this poisoning were so numerous that we called them in America summarily, the 'Iraq War Syndromes.' More than 300,000 soldiers came back from Iraq disabled by this disease that nothing can really cure. And those were the fortunate ones in that they were able to come home, getting away from the polluted arena after their tour of duty had ended. The Iraqi people were not so fortunate. They have no option, but to remain in this poisoned land and to continue to live a life on 'death row' as it were, which is the way their country may some day be defined. Nobody really knows how many millions of Iraqi babies have already died in the womb due to catastrophic genetic failures resulting from the finely pulverized radioactive 'poison' that get inhaled and trapped in the body. The particles are small enough to easily enter the living cells. In the cells they act like tiny, continuously exploding canons that knock out DNA segments, causing irreparable damage, which is especially tragic in babies that are shaped by the damaged DNA. No longer do prospective parents ask doctors whether their child will be a boy or a girl. The question now is, 'will the baby be normal?' Deformations have been encountered that are so gross and horrible to look at that they would break a heart of stone. But it doesn't stop there. Synarchism is a disease that becomes constantly more deadly to the global environment and to the people living on our earth."

      Ross sighed. "And that my friends sets the stage for the beginning of the real weapons insanity story that has become so crazy that it has become almost mythical. I had word from Korea a few days ago that they obtained an American dossier on DU-bomb stockpiles in Korea. It was obtained through the U.S. Freedom of Information Act. The dossier is dated August 2003 and lists the quantities of DU bombs that were pre-positioned at this time in the three U.S. Air Force bases in South Korea. The list adds up to 2.7 million dirty uranium bombs. The DU bombs are 'dirty bombs' by every definition of the term. When one includes the 300,000 of such bombs that are located in Japan, we see an arsenal built up in that region of 3 million dirty uranium bombs. With a possible average of 10 kilograms of uranium per bomb we face the American intention to vaporize 30 million kilograms of uranium into the environment. That's a hundred times the amount that was dumped on Iraq in 1991. This huge radioactive pile is about to be vaporized, to be carried by the wind all across Southeast Asia, with the real target for it being China. Draw a circle around North Korea, a thousand miles in all directions, and you cover the most densely populated areas of China. The same circle also covers all of Korea and Japan that are thus termed, collateral sacrifices. The evident imperial goal is to destroy China. China has become too powerful. China is standing in the way of the Western Empire aiming to become a global empire. China has been a sore spot with the imperials for centuries, for this reason. Now it's been put on the block for the same old reason, my friends, to be destroyed by means of depopulation. The DU bomb has been selected as the weapon of choice to achieve this long-coveted imperial strategic goal. The official target for the 3 million or more DU bombs that are presently pre-positioned, is North Korea. But the intended target is China. The intention is to cause depopulation. Depopulation has been the imperial song for decades. But China doesn't intend to lay itself down to die. It has a weapons smithy too, and has been busy in it. It recently deployed a new small truck-mounted ICBM system, the DF-31 system, which has been specifically designed to pepper the U.S. West Coast with two types of nuclear weapons. One type is a small 90-kiloton nuke. Of this type, each missile carries three of them. The other type is a 3-megaton giant nuke that can vaporize such targets as high-level waste dumps, and production and storage facilities of radioactive materials. The obvious goal is to create massive amounts of fallout that would get injected into the jet stream and be carried across to the East where it would render much of the East-Coast region uninhabitable. In other words, when the DU bombing starts, the Chinese intend to wipe out America before it has a chance to drop the rest of its 3 million dirty bombs onto North Korea, which would wipe out China."

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