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Chapter 8 - A Weapons Mythology.

      Ross paused. "We destroyed Iraq next," he continued in a more hushed tone of voice. "In typical synarchist fashion Kuwait was coaxed into stealing oil from Iraq by illegally drilling into the Iraqi oil fields. As expected Iraq defended itself with an invasion to stop the thievery. Thus, the pretext for war was on the table. The war was designed to destroy the nation of Iraq in typical CIA fashion. We've been doing this sort of thing for forty years already under the cover of our secret government that we created in 1947 with the National Security Act that established the National Security Agency and its strong arm, the CIA. America lost World War III in 1947!"

      Heather stood up in protest. "I can't listen to this shit," she said.

      Ross motioned her to sit down again. "We lost World War I at Christmas in 1913 when we sold our soul to the devil and became an imperial monetarist society. We had been fighting the imperials for 138 years to maintain the nature of our republic as what you might call a 'federal credit society.' Our republic was built on the General Welfare Principle by which we made the financial resources available to ourselves for the self-development of our society. We caved in under enormous pressure in 1913 and handed over our currency and our credit creation to the private financial world-empire. The General Welfare Principle was scrapped and replaced with the Imperial Welfare Process, the synarchist process. The shooting war that started a year later in Europe was secondary to our surrender to that antihumanist process that suddenly had free reign. America lost World War II in 1941 with the Pearl Harbor in-house rape on our nation that got us into the war, but at the price of loosing our soul to the synarchist processes of orchestrated secrecy, lies, and deception under the mantle of national security. We lost World War III in 1947 when the synarchist process of rule by secrecy, lies, and deception became implemented as a formal national institution that became the NSA and its covert operations arm, the CIA. This institution was designed to operate as a secret government so that it could operate with impunity outside the sphere of national law, and international law and treaties, and every established principle of civilization. The official purpose was to fight communism. In reality the CIA staged a secret world war against the entire so-called Third World, the world outside the Communist Empire and the Western Monetarist Empire that should really be called the Synarchist Empire. The CIA waged a Synarchist world war against the Third World. Its methods were so brutal that the whole thing had to be kept secret. In 1947, what we called officially 'National Security,' became a secret operation - not to keep anything secret from the Russians that could see what was going on - but to hide from our own society the synarchist process that was set up from the beginning to be very dirty in support of imperial objectives. We lost the war against the Third World the moment of our intent to unleash it, because at this moment we lost our republic, our democracy, and our soul as a people. The moment that you have a secret government established that is unaccountable and free to break every law that was ever created and trample on the Constitution and every moral principle, you no longer have a nation. You have a zoo of slaves serving an empire."

      Heather was shaking her head. I saw tears forming.

      "What do you want me to say," said Ross. "Do you want me to lye to you? The truth is the truth."

      Ross went to his office and came back with a book. "We once dared to question our secret government. I think it was senator Church who launched the enquiry, and later we had the Iran-Contra enquiry. The truth that was laboriously dragged to the surface turned out to be very dirty. We can choose not to look at it and let it be. Or we can choose to look at it and clean it up towards a brighter future. So far the national choice has been to let it be. That's a tragedy, Heather. Secrecy means deception, and deception means lies. A nation that is held together by lies to cover up for fascist greed and ugly police state measures is not a nation, but a captive zoo. That's what America has become. We surrendered our freedom in 1947. We really did, because from that point on all hell broke loose and our secret war against the Third World began. We launched 9000 major operations to topple or destabilize elected governments all over the Third World and assassinated their elected leaders that didn't play ball the way we wanted. Not even our own leaders and potential leaders were exempted from the assassination operation, if the didn't play ball the synarchist way, such as President Kennedy did, and his brother had done who would have taken his place, and Martin Luther King, and all the others that were simply killed. We assassinated more leaders of governments and society than we may ever know, and tortured and executed everyone standing in opposition, or who didn't wave the imperial flag to our liking. In some countries the corpses of the murdered piled up into the hundred thousands. The CIA rule was a rule of terror and murder. We supported every secret police that was established in our Third World playgrounds that protected the dictators that we installed. We even hired mercenary gangs to terrorize the populations and financed the death squads that littered the dumping grounds."

      Ross sighed. "The murderous rampage of our secret government and its enforcement apparatus started in earnest in 1952 in Egypt," Ross continued, quoting from the book. "The next year, in 1953, we overthrew and assassinated the elected governments of Iran and Guatemala and installed our dictator puppets there and left a trail of dead people in the wake. In 1960 we hit Korea, Laos, and Zaire. In 1963 we hit the Dominican Republic and then Vietnam that became a huge mess in which 2.5 million were killed. In 1964 we hit Bolivia and Brazil, followed the next year by Indonesia and the year after by Ghana, followed the year later by operations in Greece. In 1970 we tore into Cambodia and three years later into Chile to set up our dictator there, Pinochet. In the 1980s we hit Nicaragua with absolutely brutal terror operations all across the country. We had zero support from the local population in our effort to bring its government down. The Contras were imported and financed to do the job. It was all totally illegal of course, and hidden under the cover of secrecy. We also hit Costa Rica and Honduras, followed by Panama and Iraq."

      Ross put the book down. "These are but a few highlights of the 9000 major operations in which millions were murdered," said Ross in a hushed voice. "Everywhere we went we left a trail of corpses behind that historians suggest, accumulated into a huge pile estimated to be five to ten million high. These are corpses of gentle people, beautiful people, many of which died a horrible death, too horrible to describe. That's why we had to run the operations in secret, to hide the unspeakable criminality involved. The exact death toll will never be known, because the murdering of those that resist is deemed collateral damage, a kind of 'trash' that is left behind littering the country side for the locals to clean up, or that is in some cases simply dumped into mass graves as it was the case in Panama for example.

      "Our operations against Iraq were totally 'normal' within this hidden framework of unspeakable criminality. Only the cover story has changed somewhat when the Iraq adventure began. With the collapse of the Soviet Union, we lost our official excuse for maintaining our National-Security Secret Government. The original cover had been that we must fight Communism, not that we ever dared to spar with the Soviet Union. We concentrated on the small and poor countries that had no means to fight back. But then, with the Soviet Union existing no more, we had to invent a new cover story and a new enemy. The new enemy became Iraq, and the new cover for our massive terror and the corresponding secrecy, became our new project, the project to fight terrorism and weapons of mass destruction. The 911 operation was the means for staging our advanced new project. The 911 operation against our own country wasn't extraordinary in itself from an operational standpoint. It followed the long-established synarchist way. It was extraordinary only in that we crossed the Rubicon and brought the synarchist operation home into the midst of our own society. In the times of the Roman Empire the empire had a long-standing rule never to bring its fascist troops into the capital. One day that rule was broken and the River Rubicon was crossed. It changed the face of the Roman Empire. In other case it opened the scene as never before to advancing forms of police-state terrorism at home and evermore awesome terror-wars abroad. The veil of secrecy became thereby somewhat lifted. With the 911 Operation the raping of society became more open and more tangible, even more tangible than the 'rape' that started the Vietnam War. Some say that the first attempt to bring the World Trade Towers down was ordered and paid for by the CIA, which of course no one can prove. Nevertheless, the veil of secrecy of our secret government is rapidly wearing thin."

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