The Flat Earth Society
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Volume 4B of the 12-volume series, The Lodging for the Rose

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Chapter 7 - Party on the Rooftop

      "No, Ross, our smallness is too great," I said to Ross and laughed. "But this can be healed. I remember a story that Sylvia and I had heard in Washington. It's the story of a woman that was healed of partial paralysis." I told the story to Ross.

      The woman was not only a cripple but was also destitute, and to make matters worse, her home life had become unbearable. She decided to leave home, never to return. As she hobbled away she met a crowd of people coming from the railway station. She reasoned that something important was happening, so she followed the crowd as best as she could. She met up with them at the edge of town at a homestead where a woman was speaking to them from a balcony. However, having been slow in coming she ended up too far in the back to hear what the woman on the balcony was saying. With bitter disappointment that had become a way of life for her, she turned back. She felt that something important was being said that she once again missed. Later, on her way back to town, while crossing the street, she noticed a team of horses approaching. She stopped to let them pass. While the carriage passed by her, she noticed that the same woman was in the carriage that she had seem speaking from the balcony. The woman had noticed her and kept looking at her. By the time the carriage had passed out of sight she suddenly noticed that her paralysis had vanished. When she wrote about this incidence, she said that she had never seen such love in any human face as she had seen that day when the woman looked at her from the carriage. When she returned home, she found that her home life had been healed as well. She didn't know at the time that the woman that she had encountered had been America's most accomplished spiritual healer of the late 19th and early 20th Century, who had put the divine Principle of scientific mental healing on the map again, bringing back Christ healing on a scientific platform.

      Ross seemed amazed by this story. "Is such a thing really possible?" he said moments later.

      "Wait, it gets more amazing still," I cautioned him. "The person that told Sylvia and I that story in a place called Aladdin's Palace said that there was another element attached to this story that is far more amazing than this healing of the paralysis was."

      I told Ross that as far as I could remember the healer's career began with an almost instantaneous healing of her own, of a spinal injury that had put her near death. That happened in 1866. With this had started a career that enabled her to teach other people to heal likewise, on that scientific platform that she had discovered. I told Ross that the woman who told us that story in Washington said that this particular healing practice is still being ongoing to some degree and that one of the key elements of it is love. I said that she had told us that this healer had also set aside a portion of each day to heal the world. Then the woman that told the story had added that she discovered to her great amazement, that during those 44 years from the healer's breakthrough, till her death, was the only major period of peace in the world in many centuries. In 1866 the American Civil War had just ended. The Opium Wars against China had ended a few years before. The Napoleonic Wars had ended a few decades earlier. Even the bestial Spanish Inquisition that had murdered tens of thousands of people had been officially abolished just prior to this date. The woman told us that it appeared to her that the entire train of historic evils had been brought to a halt in 1866, and had remained stopped until shortly after the healer's death at the end of 1910, when the train of horrors was restarted three years later and hasn't stopped since. She had pointed out that the entire century since the staging of World War I had been a century of war. Only during the time span of that healer's work had there been peace in the world, interrupted by just a few minor skirmishes in Asia and the assassination of President McKinley in America.

      "If that peace is the evidence of the power of the Principle of Universal Love set in motion, then there is hope for us yet," I said to Ross.

      "The woman who told you that story about the healer may be wrong about one vital point," said Ross. "I think the healer's career began in a period of renaissance, but she didn't create it. She may have helped perpetuate it, but it started long before her career began. That renaissance was developed in defense of the Principle of the General Welfare. That's the platform the USA was created to represent, and did implement as a departure from the imperial world of serfdom and slavery. That's what the British imperials were trying to wreck when they mobilized their old slaveholder society in the South to create a civil war. Well, it didn't work out as they had planned. We fought back at them in their civil war. We fought in defense of a profound humanist principle. Yes, we also fought to abolish slavery. But that wasn't the key issue. The key issue was the Principle of the General Welfare, the Principle of Universal Love. The fight against slavery was threaded into this issue, because it is impossible to have a functioning economy that's set up a foundation of serfdom and slavery. The American Civil War brought the Principle of Universal Love to the foreground. That's what created the renaissance in which that healer emerged. It was the same in the 17th Century. It was the development of the Principle of the Advantage of the Other that led to the Peace of Westphalia in 1648 and created the renaissance that followed. It was the Principle of Universal Love in either case that uplifted the world."

      "So, why shouldn't it in our case?" I interjected.

      "It may some day, Peter. It took decades for the principle of the Peace of Westphalia to be developed. It took probably just as long to realize that one can't have an economy built on slavery. One ends up with poverty, instead of with an economy. That lesson really hasn't been learned yet, since we have more slavery in the world today than at any time in history."

      "That's why we have to dedicate ourselves more than ever before to the Principle of Universal Love," I interjected again. "If the power of this principle is so profound that it can heal a person's paralysis in the space of an instant, or end eighty years of war as it did in 1648, or deny the Empire of Slavery its victory as in the Civil War, mightn't it also have equally profound effects if we bring it into our individual lives? We should develop this principle not primarily for the peace it can bring into the world and uplift civilization, but for the light it promises to bring into our individual living. We had seen some glimpses once of this light, before we closed the door to it, when the principle became too demanding and we began to mess up. We let ourselves drift into the rut, instead of developing the principle further. That's where our big mistake lies, Ross." 

      "The principle of marriage seems to be the blocking factor in our case," said Ross.

      "No it isn't," I countered him. "It is our too small sense of it that is the blocking factor. It's privatized love versus universal love. Our sense of marriage should expand to embrace the whole world. It should make love universal instead of private."

      "And how do we get there?" Ross interrupted.

      I had to laugh. "If I knew how, I would be already there," I said and laughed some more. "I'm not the kind of genius who can overturn all the small conventions of the world in a jiffy. I'm just as stuck with them as you are. But I'm enough of a genius to know that we have to get out of this trap, because it has become tragic for us, and is killing the world."

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