The Flat Earth Society
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Volume 4B of the 12-volume series, The Lodging for the Rose

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Chapter 7 - Party on the Rooftop

      "It's the old song again, Ross. 'We loose it if we don't use it.' That's been true so many times before, about many of our human qualities. Love becomes lost primarily through cultural warfare that 'inspires' humanity not to love, much less to embrace the Principle of Universal Love. Love is always the key target in any form of cultural warfare. It's the main objective in cultural warfare to destroy the potential for universal love in order to culture a foundation for fascism and an environment for greed. Fascism is darkness, Peter. If you turn out the light, your world will be dark. If you destroy love through cultural warfare, you end up with darkness that is fascism rife with greed, and fascism is always destructive. It turns human beings into cattle, easy to be ruled and exploited. But the fascist that runs this show is no longer human. A person that lost the fire of love in his heart is no longer truly human. Such a person becomes a beast or something lower than a beast. The process that is used in cultural warfare to turn human beings into beasts, is sophistry. It is a concert of lies that hide what a human being is. One of the most powerful element of this sophistry that destroys our humanity is the sophistry of greed. It takes the fire out of love and encourages stealing, slandering, murdering, war, slavery, imperialism, and now in modern times the globalization of slavery and imperial stealing. Sophistry is the process used to create fascism, a process that is designed to destroy our humanity with cultural warfare. That's the process that the ancient imperial world of the Babylonian background had used to destroy the Greek classical culture. Greece had become an undefeatable nation on the basis of its highly developed scientific culture. The Persian Empire seemed powerless against it on the military battle fields. That's when sophistry was introduced to destroy Greece from within through cultural warfare, through cultural irrationalism that destroys the substance of our love and  with it the foundation for science and scientific development. Pericles became the fool that was used to destroy Greece with sophistry. The Peloponnesian War was the result that raged for decades until Athens was defeated and Greece was in essence self-destroyed. Socrates and Plato tried to revive and perpetuate the Greek cultural heritage. After Socrates was executed by the still lingering sophists, Plato created the Academy of Athens, but in spite of his effort the light of the ancient world was fading. Nevertheless, the light of the Greek classical culture that Plato tried to preserve, and others beside him, is the foundation of the European renaissance culture and its extension on the American shores with the founding of the USA. Of course the process of sophistry was also preserved and was used again and again to destroy the budding renaissance culture. It was resurrected by the Venetian Empire in a big way to keep the European culture in darkness. Venice used this tool to 'inspire' the Crusades that were carried out by its puppet fools, the Norman Chivalry. Later, Venice used the tool of sophistry to destroy the Golden Renaissance. The bestial Spanish Inquisition and eventually the Thirty Years War that destroyed half the population of Europe, were the result of it. In later years, when the Venetian oligarchy transplanted itself northward and became the British Empire the same sophistry was used to unleash hell across Europe. The cultural warfare created the Masonic insanity of synarchism, a deep black fascism that unleashed the Jacobin terror and the French Revolution as a front for this terror. It also created Napoleon who spread this terror across Europe in over twenty wars. The same British imperial sophistry also created the Southern Strategy that unleashed the Civil War in the USA in order the destroy the USA Republic and its still unfolding renaissance culture. After this battle-field attempt failed to destroy the American republic. A more advanced form of imperial sophistry was created with the goal to capture once and for all the entire world. It became the fascism of Nazism. The old imperial Europe became blackened with an intense wave of Nazi sophistry, including imperial Japan. The resulting war consumed over a hundred million lives. While Nazism was defeated, the imperial sophistry that had developed Nazi fascism was preserved. America would become its new host, the 'New Pericles' to start yet another string of wars to protect the old empire, the worldwide private financier banking empire that has as its stated goal to eradicate every nation state in order to create a world ruled exclusively by the private financial empire, the new 'right of kings' mythology. That's what today's globalism is, and its powered once again by the cultural warfare of sophistry that creates fascism. The 9/11 event was a blib on the radar screen of the sophistry-created fascist horizon. The goal of reviving Nazi fascism in America, is evidently nothing less than the goal to detroy the American Republic once and for all, which leaves the fondi to rule the world. We are not far from that, but with it comes the total destruction of civilization.

      "Love, which the cultural warfare of sophistry aims to destroy, is the foundation for economic development, or any form of a functioning economy," I continued. "Without love there is no functioning economy possible, because love is the foundation for the next higher element of our humanity, which is economics.  When fascism rules, which is a void of love, no economic development happens or is possible. For example, contrary to popular perception, Nazi Germany was not a great economic power. It was a self-consuming power, upheld temporarily by a vast fascist slavery process. The defeat of the Nazi Empire was inevitable for its lack of an economic foundation by which it was inherently self-defeating. We have the same in America today. We have become a fascist country with a self-defeating, fascist so-called economy that is rapidly collapsing; that is upheld temporarily, as in Roman times, by looting the rest of the world. America is therefore doomed, by its fascism. That is why it is so essential for society to win its freedom from the sophistry of the cultural warfare that has crippled America and much of the rest of the world. For this freedom to be realized we need to rediscover our love that is native in our humanity. And it needs to be done fast. The crisis that we are facing has become so acute that nothing less than a scientific process for the development of the Principle of Universal Love in our lives will be sufficient. That's the principle that every renaissance in history had been built on, though it had never been fully developed in those periods of renaissance. This time we to go with it all the way and we have to do it scientifically. If we fail, civilization will end and the human journey may end with it when the next Ice Age period begins. A truly gargantuan economic development effort is required for humanity to survive the next Ice Age. In fact, 'gargantuan' may be too small a word to describe the infrastructures needed for indoor agriculture that supplies ten billion people with their daily bread, once the present interglacial period ends. We are presently the eighth major human species since the dawn of man 2.5 million years ago. All the previous species have already become extinct, possibly during some of the many ice ages of the last two million years. Now we have reached the point that economic development can give us the power to survive those ice ace cycles without loosing our population and our civilization. However, for this vast development effort to be possible we need to achieve a profound breakout from the imperial sophistry that has crippled us. And that can be achieved with the scientific development of the Principle of Universal Love. Universal love is the key to universal economic development. Without it nothing will happen and we are doomed. I think this was vaguely recognized by the cultural pioneers of the renaissance that unfolded on the basis of the principle for the Treaty of Westphalia. Mozart dealt with the subject of two men being in love with the same woman and so did others later, like Bizet. They must have recognized, though faintly, the imperative of the Principle of Universal Love, and that we are more deeply married to one-another as children of a common humanity than we see ourselves married artificially in a limiting way."

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