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Chapter 7 - Party on the Rooftop

      "It's a tough problem, Pete," Ross interjected.

      "Richard Strauss tried to turn the thing around in the early 1900s in his opera, Der Rosenkavalier," I continued. "He presented the challenge of two women being in love with the same man. But he didn't solve the challenge either. The older woman most generously capitulated in favor of the younger woman. The question won't be resolved, Ross, until we stop putting limits onto the Principle of Universal Love. What limits can we justify to be placed on a universal principle? Can we say that the Principle of Universal Gravity applies in one instance and not in another instance? We can't say that, because we know that a principle applies universally. But when it comes to the Principle of Universal Love that every renaissance in history was built on, we say that the principle doesn't apply here and doesn't apply there. That's tragic, Ross. Still we keep on saying that. We have created a rift in saying that, which has become a void. Over the years this void has become deeper and wider. Now we are prepared to destroy our world over that core issue that we have so far failed to resolve and has now become a global issue. The 9/11 event is the result of society having drifted in this deep void, this humanist void."

      "Don't rail against society," Ross interjected. "Society is us. It's all that we've got."

      "Would you have said the same thing in 1939, in Germany, in Joseph Goebbels' world? Goebbels was Hitler's propaganda minister, Ross? His incessant 'shrieking' of countless streams of lies robbed society of its soul? Society was a fool to allow that and paid a steep price. Today's society has become the same fool again."

      "But railing against society doesn't help anything, Peter."

      "It's painful, I know, but it might help to bring to the surface where the current void comes from. I think the current void started as a cultural rift in 1951 under the cover of a CIA sponsored project for 'Cultural Freedom,' meaning freedom from culture. Under the influence of a whole bunch of Goebbels types the initial rift became a huge void under the cover of half a century of this deep reaching cultural warfare. We sat back and let this happen, Ross. Indeed, society is driving the process now. The 9/11 event is located in this court. It's on our hands too. The road to hell started in 1947 with the founding of the NSA and also the CIA, which in 1951 launched the Congress of Cultural Freedom in Berlin and the year after that overthrew the democratically elected government of Iran in order that the imperial cartels could get their hands in Iran's oil. That was one of the first of the CIA's 9000 major covert operations that resulted in the death of five to ten million people. The 9/11 event was but another escalating step in the march to hell that began in 1947, which nobody had the guts to stop. This march was promoted by the project to create a society that is free of culture, free of humanity, a society liberated from sanity. Doesn't the 9/11 event fit this parameter perfectly?"

      "Maybe the CIA did the 9/11 thing," said Ross.

      I shook my head. "No, Ross, you have to look for the 'master of ceremonies' for this one. You have to look for whoever wants to set up a new Hitler. The Reichstag Fire in Germany was lit in order to set up Hitler as an absolute dictator. Look for the controlling hands that want to set up a new Hitler in America. However, to stop that, we have to go much farther back in time, possibly to biblical times to where the perversion of the Decalogue was instigated."

      "What perversion?" Ross interrupted.

      "Moses' Decalogue was a gentle law, Ross. It was a law of 'Ten Commandments' that are essential for civilization to survive. One of these, in the German language counsels us not to break the honorable bonds that love has forged. It places no limits on such bonds. There could be many. Who indeed could place limits on the principle of love? That's the tone of the original Decalogue, as we find it in the second book of Moses, a kind of Universal Constitution. Then, three books later, in the fifth book about Moses, called Deuteronomy, we find a politicized version of the same Decalogue, rewritten by the priests for their own use in controlling society. That's what the word Deuteronomy signifies; the law rewritten. The priests simply ripped up the original Constitution, and rewrote the law. They even called this travesty the 'Law of God' and put Moses' name on it. Now the focus is no longer on bonds of love, but on property bonds, and on the death penalty for violating the property bonds. That's probably how the marriage laws originated in which people become property of one another. And so a rift developed that became a void of humanity that we still struggle with today. That's also what Christ Jesus faced when defending an adulterous woman from the death penalty. He won his case against this insane law by appealing to the humanity of her accusers. He didn't have the option to speak against the law. That would have been treason. But he did find the door open to inspire the people to embrace their humanity. The result was that the people simply left the place of judgment and walked away. Their actions invalidated the insane law. They didn't have to speak against it. They merely had to act in accord with their humanity. Our challenge is to do the same in regard with anything that would encumber the Principle of Universal Love with limits. On this platform it may be possible for two men to be in love with a single woman and to honor those bonds. If we can build on this platform we may in time fill the voids in the fabric of our humanity with love. We may also in this manner heal the pain that 9/11 has caused us. The 9/11 tragedy caused a great wound that needs to be healed. But more importantly the void in our humanity needs to be healed, that caused it."

      We agreed on one thing that day, that none of that is easy. We also agreed that Plato's Meno dialog was useful in building the needed platform. When the slave boy was finished doubling the square he could say with authority that the resulting square is twice as large, because he could see the principle of the process that had caused the result, and he could see this principle reflected in the result. All of this evidence spoke for itself. We agreed that Jesus did the same thing when defending the accused woman. He enabled the accusers, and also the woman, to claim their humanity back that had been stolen by a corrupt law. He did it on the basis of principles that couldn't be rejected, which subsequently became reflected in the evidence - the evidence that they were free to love.

      + + +

      I met Ross again several weeks later after a storm had littered our beach with debris. He came to lend a hand with the cleanup work. "I have come to the conclusion that you were right," he said at one point.

      "Right about what?"

      "About 9/11 having been a relatively minor event, Peter."

      "Did I say this?"

      Ross nodded. "Compared to the DDT ban it was a minor event. The 9/11 event was a horrific tragedy that killed over 3000 people. It started at eight in the morning, and by noon it was all over. The DDT ban, in comparison keeps on killing. In Africa alone, with every passing minute two people die because of this ban, most of them children. The DDT ban brought down the infrastructure that once nearly eradicated malaria. In comparison with that 9/11 was a minuscule tragedy. But the greater tragedy is that the DDT ban is still ongoing and society is determined to continue this tragedy by doing nothing to stop it. No real scientific evidence exists that DDT is harmful. The ban is used as an executioner to scale down Third World population levels in order to preserve their natural resources for the future needs of the imperial world. That's what the NSSM200 dictum is all about. It's like throwing children out of the window from the 110th floor, at a rate of two per minute; day after day; year after year. And this greater tragedy too, is only a small thing in comparison with the wrecking operations of the countless corporate raiders that are looting society's farmers, such as with seed patents; that destroy society's industries, such as with price gouging and debt; that throw skilled workers onto the scrap heap and export their jobs to poor countries where the raiders can exploit the desperate poor as virtual slaves. Nobody really knows how many people are killed each single day on this train to hell as the support structures for people's physical existence are being demolished in the ongoing wrecking operations. And nobody really cares either. It has become almost a sport these days for the financially powerful to find clever loopholes in the law that can be used for looting society, while society stands by and lets this happen. In many cases people even admire the looters for their 'achievements' in looting society. This insanity has bought the entire global economic system to the brink of collapse. In comparison with that, the 9/11 tragedy was too small to even be rated as a minor prank."

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