The Flat Earth Society
a political and religious science and romantic fiction novel by Rolf A. F. Witzsche
Volume 4B of the 12-volume series, The Lodging for the Rose

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Chapter 7 - Party on the Rooftop

      "That's the story told by the evidence, Peter. Eventually the evidence will convict the perpetrators. That's the LaRouche method of looking for the truth, staging a scientific platform for looking for the truth. That's the platform of a leader. The leader sets the stage, a higher level stage, and then encourages society to step up to that stage. That's what society has done. And that's how the evidence began to tell its tale. It's no longer a question of opinion and theory, or an emotional issue that detracts our attention away from the key issue. It's the story of facts told by the evidence itself. When the slave boy was asked by Socrates in the Meno dialog whether he could say with absolute certainty that the double-sized square that he produced is indeed double in size of the original area, the boy could answer with the authority of the evidence. The evidence could speak for itself." 

      + + +

      I met Ross again on the beach a couple of weeks later. He laughed when he saw me sitting on a log enjoying the sunshine, deep in thought. "Have you figured out yet how in the Meno dialog the evidence could speak for itself?" he asked.

      I shook my head.

      "Then let me guide you," he said. "Go and find a stick and draw a square in the sand, and then draw another one with twice the area. I bet you can't do it. If you make one side twice as long you will get a shape of twice the area, but it won't be a square anymore. You'll end up with a rectangle. If on the other hand you make both sides of the new square twice as long, you end up with a square alright, but one that is for times as big. So how do you create a square that is only twice as big?"

      "Helen told me once how to do this," I replied. "It seemed simple, but I can't remember how she did it."

      Ross took the stick that he had in his hand and drew a big square made up of four squares. "Now, can you remember how she made a double sized square out of this?" he said and grinned. "Let me give you a hint," he said moments later. "The big square is four times the size of the original square, since it contains four of the original squares. If you divide each of those four squares into half, right down the middle into two triangles, and assemble one of each of those halves into another square, wouldn't that be twice as big? Of course it would. You could say with absolute authority that the new square is twice as big, because the evidence speaks for itself. It is plain to see that the original square divided down the middle end to end contains two triangles, while the new square contains four of those identical triangles. This evidence proves that the new square is twice as big. No one has to take your word for it, or mine. The evidence speaks for itself."

      Ross continued after he finished drawing the evidence. "That's how I approach the 9/11 event, Peter," he said quietly. "United Airlines flight 175 was registered as a Boeing 767 aircraft. We are told that this aircraft crashed into the South Tower of the World Trade Center in New York. That's the official story. However, the evidence tells a different story. The jet engine that fell out of the South Tower at the time of the impact and landed on the sidewalk on Murray Street is of a type that was never used on a Boeing 767. It's 'three sizes too small' for this type of aircraft. It's a CFM56 engine that was used on the much smaller Boeing 737 aircraft. The evidence proves that flight 175 did not crash into the South Tower. Other evidence proves that flight 175 never even got onto the runway in Boston. The Bureau of Traffic Statistics that records every aircraft using the runway supposedly has no record of flight 175 leaving the Boston airport that day. And as for American Airlines Flight 11, which supposedly crashed onto the North Tower, air traffic controllers both in New York and later in Washington had tracked the plane. And that happened after it had supposedly crashed. The evidence proves that some other aircraft struck the towers than the official story claims. The evidence tells us that the entire official story to has been a fabrication. What really happened, of course, will never be known, Peter. Mountains of other evidence also exists that suggests that the 9/11 terror event was an inside job. For instance, the evidence of molten steel in the basement of the towers suggests that a nuclear explosion brought the towers down. We have video evidence of a huge white cloud rising from the bottom of the North Tower at the time when the debris of the upper floors had fallen only half-way to the ground. Some people report seeing a bright flash of light prior to the dust cloud appearing. That's evidence of a ground-level explosion. As to how precisely it was done, nobody really knows. Those question will never be answered Peter. Nor do we need to have them answered to prove that it wasn't fire on the 100th floor that caused the North Tower to collapse."

      "It would be nice to know the details to help the healing process," I interrupted Ross. "For example. It would be useful to know what happened to the people on the hijacked planes that didn't crash into the towers."

      "I would suggest that you don't want to know those details," Peter. "It might be too painful to know how they perished. Terrorism is an outcome of fascism, and fascism really isn't a human quality in its own right, but is a lack of human quality. It's a void of humanity. Whichever people become seduced into the fascist game have no humanity left in them. When a fascist gang, whatever its organizational label might be, becomes so dehumanized that these people collapse two office towers in which close to 50,000 people are employed, any form of inhumanity becomes possible. When people are prepared to carry out this kind of atrocity to gain some dubious political advantage, I don't want to know what they are prepared to do with a few hundred captives, which, if they remained alive, would spoil the whole project. You must never forget, Peter, that terrorism is an element of fascism. You can't rationalize terrorism. You can only see it as a facet of fascism, which is a void of humanity. Nor can you actually fight terrorism. You can only eradicate it by eradicating fascism. This means replacing the void that causes it, with a higher sense of humanity. That is what you have to fight for if you want to eradicate terrorism. You can't kill people to stamp out terrorism. You can't stamp out fascism with fascism. You can only stamp out fascism with a higher sense of humanity."

      "I know that!" I interrupted Ross. "That higher sense of humanity arises from the Principle of Universal Love. Anyone that is serious about stamping out terrorism and fascism has to begin with implementing the Principle of Universal Love and everything that's built on it."

      Ross nodded.

      "But why are we not doing it?" I said in response. "Look at our two families. We are neighbors separated by only a few miles of sand, yet we behave as though we were enemies, and we do it in the name of love. We've become isolated and divided. It's all keyed to sex, isn't it? It's about Heather and I once having had a wonderful love affair that unfolded with such freedom as if nothing stood between us. The Principle of Universal Love was new and vital and so simple and uncomplicated. Now, it's all been washed away with the tide of time. We've become more divided than the whole world is divided, even you and I, man to man. We've started our own version of the Thirty Years War. But why should we? The evidence tells us that we've been using the wrong engine, an imperial engine, a fascist engine. Whenever there is no evidence standing in the foreground of the Principle of Universal Love being expressed, the scene is powered by imperial notions with a fascist engine driving the scene.  That's our wrong-engine evidence that crashed into the street for all to see. It's part of our 9/11 that should have never happened."

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