The Flat Earth Society
a political and religious science and romantic fiction novel by Rolf A. F. Witzsche
Volume 4B of the 12-volume series, The Lodging for the Rose

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Chapter 7 - Party on the Rooftop

      "So what's LaRouche's way, Ross. He isn't even doing anything on the 9/11 question anymore as if it were irrelevant. He doesn't even acknowledge that everything is keyed to 9/11. The presidential power grab, the police state laws, the torture issue, the domestic spying issue, the war against Iraq and Afghanistan, they all rest on one foundation, the President's war on terror. This war on terror, which now excuses everything, started with 9/11 that we staged for that purpose. We launched the 9/11 terror against ourselves in order to justify the war on terror as a means for taking over the world. If 9/11 becomes exposed for what it is, the entire pyramid comes down. But LaRouche doesn't say a word about 9/11 anymore. Do you call this taking on a leadership position?"

      Ross just laughed. "What more do you expect him to say than he has already said? He said that this was an inside job, a coup against the US Government, by the government. He put the 9/11 paradox on the table and said to society, you have been raped. However, he also said to society, you are human beings and as such you are perfectly capable of figuring out the details and to let the proof in the details speak for itself. He empowered society to save itself. He said in essence that a leader isn't a dictator that determines everything and thereby turns society into slaves and mindless followers."

      Ross paused and reminded me of an old proverb that says in essence that the noblest charity a person can give, is that which enables another to live without needing charity. "That's what LaRouche is saying too, Peter. Instead of endlessly talking about 9/11 he started talking about Plato and Socrates. Instead of figuring out the truth behind 9/11, he inspires society to figure out the Meno dialog about doubling the area of a square, and how to prove the Pythagorean Theorem, and to discern the significance of Carl Friedrich Gauss proving the Fundamental Theorem of Algebra that no one had been able to prove for 170 years. LaRouche is thereby saying to society that if they develop themselves as human beings, they will be fit to discern the principles that prove the truth behind 9/11. He is saying in essence that once a person is able to do this, the evidence of the truth will speak for itself and it will speak louder and louder. It will rise in magnitude to the point that can no longer be ignored or be swept under the rug. Then, once the truth speaks for itself in a big way, human beings will respond with appropriate actions regardless of whether that government owns the courts and the legislature. The truth is the language of the human being, even of those that cower behind closed doors in government.

      "That's what LaRouche has been doing, Peter," Ross continued. "He invited a few hundred of the brightest young people from the colleges and the universities to join a renaissance movement for discovering what a human being is. He posed a profound challenge by asking, what is a human being? That's how he started out and then build on it. He build on it with exploring the dynamics of music, literature, science, economics, history, and so on. In this context he put the Meno dialog on the table. The dialog is about Socrates telling his friend Menon that a human being does not really need to be taught anything in order to be able to understand certain universal principles. So his friend called up a slave boy. Socrates proved with the boy that a human being is a human being for all that. He asked the boy to draw a square, and then draw another square with double the area. He posed quite a difficult challenge, but with a little guidance the boy did meet the challenge and was able to prove without a doubt in his mind that the new square that he created is twice as big. That's in essence how LaRouche works likewise. He is telling the youth of his youth movement, his renaissance movement, you people are human beings, you can do this just as well, and you can do infinitely more than this."

      "But what has this got to do with 9/11, Ross?" I interjected.

      "It has everything to do with that," said Ross.

      Ross explained his answer with an anecdote from ancient Greece. A group of men had come before the Oracle of Delphi asking for the solution to a certain problem. "What must we do?" they asked. The Oracle, which was really a fraud, but an intelligent fraud, responded by saying that the answer to their problem would be given to them once they proved their worthiness. The Oracle asked them to replicate an object that was in the shape of a cube, but create it double in volume. The Oracle must have felt that if they should ever succeed in doubling that cube they would have developed their cognitive powers to such an extend along the way that they would never need to come asking questions again.

      "That's is in essence the kind of proposal LaRouche puts before his young people and society as a whole," Ross continued. "He puts all kinds of these types of challenges before them, like for example the challenge of proving the Pythagorean Theorem."

      "And you call that a political movement?" I interrupted Ross.

      Ross nodded again. "It is a political movement indeed, Peter, though you would probably not recognize it for that. I was invited to sit in one their regional meetings in Washington when this particular challenge was put forward by one of the youth in the last hour of the meeting. The fellow caused quite an uproar when the people there were faced with the challenge to prove the Pythagorean Theorem. One woman said in protest, 'I am a housekeeper. I am seventy years old. I have no need to understand this.'  Some people actually left the meeting out of sheer disgust. The remaining people struggled with the problem for an hour. When the meeting ended, no one was even close to a solution. Nor did the young person that presented the challenge in the first place provide the answer. The people left frustrated and confused that day and took the problem home with them."

      "Isn't that how people reacted to 9/11?" I interrupted. "I don't think anyone could understand what had happened. What they saw didn't make sense. Nor did the official story make sense. Everything seemed so unbelievable. A lot of people reacted with rage. In the confusion the wildest theories emerged. LaRouche merely suggested that it was an inside job, the Reichstag Fire that he had predicted months earlier against the background of the ongoing financial collapse. But even he couldn't say anything more."

      "Some people evidently reacted as I had reacted at the LaRouche meeting," said Ross. "I took the problem home with me and continued searching for a way to prove the Pythagorean Theorem. I developed a way to prove it at noon of the next day. I also discovered afterwards that over three hundred ways have been developed over the last three millennia to prove that theorem. I'm certain that that the 9/11 challenge will be solved in a similar manner. I am not saying that LaRouche's focus on the scientific method of enquiry was universally adapted. In fact his name is never mentioned in any 9/11 research that I came across. But the method that he had proposed to his youth movement, and that the youth had challenged many people with, is plainly evident in many ways. And why shouldn't it be? The scientific method is after all the most deeply rooted human method in searching for the truth in anything."

      Ross smiled and continued. "Look at the Bali challenge, for example. In a terrorist action in front of a nightclub, a bomb went off that killed nearly 200 people, destroyed 100 cars, and damaged fifty houses. It carved a crater into the street five feet deep and twenty feet across. The authorities said it was a car bomb set off in a jeep. But that didn't make any sense, since some body parts of the victims were found more than two blocks away. Soon the authorities changed their story and said that it had been a fuel-air bomb to have cause such wide spread damage. But that didn't make any sense either to some people, since a surface explosion doesn't produce a crater in the ground. The evidence suggested that it had to be an underground explosion. However the evidence of the damage suggested that the force of the explosion was extremely large, equivalent to ten tons of dynamite exploding. But who could bury that much of high explosives underground unnoticed. No one could have done that, right? So it had to be a small nuclear explosion. Since the USA had developed mini-nukes in the 1950s with an explosive yield ranging between ten tons and a thousand tons, it was suggested that one of these, of the Davie Crocket type was stuffed down a sewer pipe and exploded. All the available evidence suddenly proved the theory. Only one piece of evidence didn't seem to quite fit, which was the concrete slab fifty feet away that had all concrete blasted away leaving only the rebars in place. It seemed unlikely that a Davie Crocket could create that intense kind of shockwave. The W54 warhead, as it was also called, had a plutonium core surrounded by a two-inch thick neutron reflector made of uranium. It was felt that this heavy reflector would inhibit the initial nuclear shockwave, which then couldn't produce the kind of damage that had been observed. Consequently the researchers for the truth had to search for a principle that would match the evidence. That's when the Dioma type warhead was discovered that was made of such highly refined plutonium that a neutron reflector is not required. In other words, a new warhead had been created, built on new physical principles that matched the kind of evidence that had never been seen before. The new type of evidence reflects the new physical principle that is being utilized. The truth that was discovered by the scientific process of research, of course, narrows the field of suspects significantly and it changes the way we need to look at the 9/11 evidence. Considering the new physical principles that are now being utilized in atomic explosives, the evidence of the collapse of the towers tell a rather simple story. The collapse of each tower was accomplished with the use of two atomic explosives, or mininukes as they are called, each the size of a mid-size coke bottle. The first was set off at the airplane level to get everybody's attention while the second one was set off in the basement from where it crystallized the steel columns of the inner core and melted the lower sixty feet of them into a pool of liquid metal. By the shock waves preceding the pressure-wave explosion every scrap of concrete in the towers had been pulverized. While upper portion still exploded the lower portion of the towers collapsed into itself as the central core steel structure, that had been crystallized, crumpled into a rain of fragments of various sizes, some possibly as small as sand pebbles. The entire demolition job was utterly simple, and the result rather spectacular.

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