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Chapter 7 - Party on the Rooftop

      Ross paused and laughed. "Now tell me that this was arranged from a cave in Afghanistan. Nobody, but our own governmental institutions could have accomplished that. Of course, the buildings were brought down with mininukes, and that narrows the field down pretty much to ourselves, doesn't it. As I said before the first mininuke exploded under Building Six at the identical moment that the South Tower was hit a block away. The explosion was so huge that it ripped a thirty-foot crater through all ten floors of this concrete structure. The building didn't collapse. It was blown out with such an immense force that no rubble remained of the ten floors. It left an empty crater. Nothing short of a mininuke can blow a hole through ten floors of concrete and pulverize the building into a fine dust that shoots hundreds of feet into the air. A nuclear explosion creates a hyper-intense shockwave that pulverizes concrete. The initial shockwave is then followed by a pressure wave that blew the pulverized concrete into the surrounding area. It seems that the mini nuke in Building Six was either a weapons-systems test, or the weapon was accidentally placed under the wrong building. It might have been intended to take down Building Seven right next to Building Six, or both might have been rigged to collapse simultainiously and one didn't go off. For whatever reason Building Seven was later brought down the conventional way with demolition charges. As I said, bringing the towers down with nuclear explosives might have doubled as a weapons test. The dust cloud that covered much of the surrounding area was so heavy with pulverized concrete that nothing short of a nuclear explosion would have pulverized that much concrete."

      "The bottom line is," said Ross moments later, "that none of the passengers ever died in the building, and that is proven by the fact that three credit cards were returned to a relative. The cards were supposedly found at Ground Zero, perfectly intact. Can you imagine a person who is about to be killed reaching for his credit cards, which would then miraculously be thrown out of the building or survive the inferno, to be later found undamaged? Of all the cases of planted evidence, that's the most unbelievable that ever was. It proves more than anything else that the passengers were 'taken care off,' meaning, being killed, in some other fashion."

      "Doesn't that prove beyond the shadow of a doubt that our 'perennial' presidential candidate for the FDR Democratic Party, Lyndon H. LaRouche had been right?" I interjected. "He was on a radio talk show while this tragedy happened. He had warned in January in his "Guns of August" address that such an event would happen. The world financial system was collapsing fast. The stock market indexes were dropping lower and lower, especially in the August to September timeframe. As the predicted 9/11 event unfolded, LaRouche instantly pointed out that this could only be an inside job. He pointed out that no country in the world, much less a fanatical terror organization, has the capability to do this sort of thing inside the United States. He said that it had to be an inside job carried out by rogue elements within the government, or with their extensive support and cooperation. He immediately launched a series of mass distribution pamphlets to expose the hidden layers that might have stood behind the tragedy. He distributed hundreds of thousands of these pamphlets. It appears that a lot of alert elements in society listened to his message and agreed with him, or recognized themselves that the official story didn't add up. No matter how you look at it, LaRouche assumed a leadership position on the entire issue from before it even happened. Once the direction towards the truth was established, he left society to work out the details. He acted like a schoolteacher giving homework assignments to his pupils. And it wasn't too hard an assignment to follow through with. Now society has clearly established with physical evidence that no airliners flew into the building and that mininukes brought the buildings down in New York. That's the work of countless people threading together physical evidence. Building Six was clearly destroyed with a mininuke. No conventional explosive that was ever invented can blow a thirty-foot crater through ten floors of a reinforced concrete and leave no rubble behind. The evidence that we see is not miraculous. We've seen this sort of thing before. At the Bali nightclub bombing, a concrete ceiling was completely stripped clean of concrete, leaving nothing behind but the original web of rebars, and those weren't bent out of shape. This happened some fifty feet away from the blast site. No known explosive can cause this kind of phenomenon, mush less so fifty feet away. But that is what one would expect for a small nuclear explosive. High explosives in full contact with concrete can develop an overpressure of a million pounds per square inch and break the concrete down in to sand and dust. Explosives that produce this kind of overpressure, typically 200 times the yield strength of concrete, strip the concrete bare. However, this can only be accomplished with contact explosives. To achieve this effect over a distance of fifty feet one needs an explosive that develops a hyper-intense shockwave that expands with lightning speed over a large distance. The kind of mininukes that can do this now exist. A new micro sized nuke was developed in the 1980s known as Dioma. It is a fast burning device made up of extremely purified plutonium, with a purity way beyond the 99% range. The evidence indicates that such a device had been used in Bali. A larger version of it might have been used in New York, both to blow a huge crater through ten floors of concrete, thereby turning Building Six into a dust cloud shooting 550 feet into the air.

      "Evidence further suggests," Ross continued, "that such type of mininuke brought each of the towers down. With the collapse of the World Trade towers huge clouds of vaporized concrete covered the city. Such an extensive vaporization of concrete can only be achieved with a nuclear shockwave. Most of the concrete in the towers had been pulverized into a fine dust of an extremely small particle size in the range of 70 to 300 microns. It takes a large amount of energy to pulverize such a huge mass of concrete so spontaneously into such fine dust that fills all of the surrounding streets and then creates a rising heat wave that expands high above the city like a mushroom cloud. Only a nuclear explosive could have done that."

      "This means that the evidence that this was an inside job was literally laying in the streets," I interjected. "A scoop of dust could have proved the case."

      Ross said that far more proof than this exists. "Additional proof was in the rubble that was hastily carted away. Photographic evidence suggests that far more than just concrete was effected by the nuclear shockwave. It appears that the nuclear shockwave also changed the micro-crystalline grain structure of the steel in the core of the building in such a way that it became extremely brittle. Photographic evidence shows that something unusual had happened to the steel columns of the core of the building. Something had evidently caused them to not merely topple or crumple in segments, but to disintegrate in place. After the North Tower had collapsed and the dust cloud had drifted aside, a portion of the central core of the North Tower had remained standing like a giant spire, consisting of at least three of the giant steel columns tapering out to just one at the top. The spire just stood there. It stood 70 stories tall and remained standing for about twenty seconds, swaying a bit to one side. Then, without toppling over it abruptly began to drop straight down onto itself in an apparent free fall. It fell for about a quarter of its height when, suddenly, while it was still falling it turned to dust, a kind of heavy dust that drops straight down with little dispersion. The particles were apparently quite dense, as one would expect, since the steel columns had been turned spontaneously into a coarse 'powder.' The collapse of this spire apparently shows how the towers as a whole came down in a free fall fashion. The steel core that had held them up had been crystallized with a shockwave. While the columns crumpled into dust the pressure wave that follows the shockwave blew the building out from the bottom up through the elevator and service shafts, giving the appearance that the collapse happened from the top down, while in reality the fall of the tower was a repeat performance of the Building-Six explosion. Only this time the steel core of the tower, and not just the concrete in the floors, had been shock-fractured into dust. By the time it was all over, the heat of the nuclear explosion had melted 60 feet of the once massive columns of the central core. Nothing but a nuclear fire can melt the bottom 60 feet off 48 steel columns that are roughly two by four feet in size, five inches thick, with six inch thick cross braces inside. Nothing short of nuclear energy can melt 48 of these massive columns simultaneously, that are almost solid steel. There might have also been secondary explosives carried into the buildings with the attacking aircraft to cause the pyrotechnic effects, and some thermide canisters that would give us a show of melting steel dripping out of the windows as we have seen in Building Two. There might have even been some small nuclear explosives on board the aircraft to create a convincing show in support of the official story that fire caused the collapse, starting at the impact floors. But it wasn't convincing, was it? It was overdone. During the early stage of the collapse process giant sections of the outer column structures were ripped out and thrown several hundred feet away from the building before they began to fall vertically. It takes an immensely powerful blast to rip apart thirty box beams simultaneously, in chunks weighing hundreds of tones, and throw them into the air like tied-together matchsticks. Nothing short of a small nuclear explosion can produce such an enormous force."

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