The Flat Earth Society
a political and religious science and romantic fiction novel by Rolf A. F. Witzsche
Volume 4B of the 12-volume series, The Lodging for the Rose

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Chapter 7 - Party on the Rooftop

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      "Welcome to the Dead Earth Society," I said to Ross when I met him one morning on the beach. He seemed surprised. I noticed him sitting on a log among a stand of beach grass, motionless, staring at the sea. I joined him.

      "Are you referring to what's happening to us?" he said without looking up. "Or are you referring to what's happening to the world? Nothing is moving anymore. The only movements that I can see happening are happening in the sewer. This has put us into a dead world. Is that what you are referring to as the Dead Earth Society?

      "The thought struck me this morning, Ross, because everything that the man from the fondi had foretold us is coming to pass. From what I remember of the tape recording of my conversation with him in Venice, especially his arrogantly boasting that the fondi would be taking over the USA and the world, is now happening. And just as he said, we haven't got the power or the resources to do anything about it. We are as impotent as if we didn't exist. They own our country. And we who are living here seem to be unable to change that. I remember that I was telling them that this would never happen," I said to Ross quietly. "I remember me telling them that they would never own us. They simply laughed at me."

      "And they are still laughing, Peter," said Ross. "It's happening."

      I nodded. "Palmerston was honest in the way he saw the game. He had us pegged, and he was right. He promised that I would look back and remember that interview with him with shame. He was right about that too. It is happening. I am ashamed at how little we have accomplished, if anything at all, while the tectonic plates are shifting, and the imperial plate is overlaying ours. We don't have a country anymore, Peter. We have become guests in their world. He predicted that we would play the role of impotent little mice while their fascist menace would be rising over our land. That's what he said, but it wasn't a prediction, Peter. That was a subliminal suggestion. It was an order, a request to comply. And we did comply. We find ourselves now in a rut, while they walk all over us. They terrorized our entire society, killed thousands with total impunity, and then build a police state on the foundation of the terror that they created, and they did it in the name of fighting a war on terror."

      "They are far along the road of giving our President the total dictatorial power that he doesn't know what to do with, Pete. Consequently they control his hand. And why shouldn't they reach out to grasp the world and take it if no one cares to stop them? We let them have anything they want. They hijacked four airliners and claim that terrorists rammed them into the Wold Trade Towers and the Pentagon. One supposedly crashed into a field in Pennsylvania. Except the planes that crashed into the buildings were different planes than those that were supposed to have been hijacked. The evidence is plain. The engine that was torn off in one the World Trade Center crashes, which fell onto the street in New York, was from a different type of airplane. A Boeing 767 jet was supposed to have been hijacked, but the engine that fell into the street was from a Boeing 737. It came from a much smaller plane, a plane that's similar in shape but smaller. Even the few untampered photographs confirm the attacking plane to have been a 737. The same happened at the Pentagon. The official story is that a Boeing 757 aircraft was hijacked and was rammed in the Pentagon by the hijackers. However, when the first firemen arrived at the scene ten minutes after the crash, there was no aircraft wreckage on the lawn. The hundred-ton jet, an aircraft big enough to carry over 200 passengers with baggage for more than 7000 Km non-stop, couldn't have simply vanished without a trace of wreckage or without leaving any damage on the building that should have been caused by its 60-foot wings and its 40-foot-high tail crashing into it. All that that fireman could see was a small hole in the wall. However, inside the building, during cleanup later on, a small jet engine was located of the type that was utilized by the Navy's A3 carrier based attack-bomber of the 1950s. The A3 is similar in shape to an airliner with two small engines under the wings, but is much smaller. The small engine might also have been a part of a cruise missile. All of these 'facts' have been known for some time, Peter. They have been on the Internet. Tens of thousands of people have seen the evidence. Amazingly, nobody cares. The evidence shows that the government carried out the attacks. It takes military resources and extensive coordination to substitute a hijacked airliner with a remote controlled plane and then dispose of the hijacked plane, passengers and all, without a trace, and to do this in several cases simultaneously. But that's what the evidence shows was done. In each case the attacking plane was evidently flown by remote control from a second aircraft flying in tandem. Then for the final precision approach a military helicopter took over to guide the aircraft in. Photographs show military helicopters hovering above the buildings. The photographic evidence is all there. Tens of thousands of people have seen it on the Internet. But again, nobody really cares. It's like nobody is home. It's like the whole society is stuck in a rut, just as we are."

      "I agree that we are stuck in a rut," I said to Ross. "This 9/11 thing was a mass-murder terror attack. And we did it to ourselves. The synarchists took over our country in the process of it and we stepped out of their way. So who carries the real blame? We carry the blame, Ross. We all do. We were warned, and stayed in our rut and did nothing. Now we see the evidence that the whole thing was rigged by our own people, and we still stay in our rut and do nothing. We should stop this game before we loose the whole world. But we can't move, can we? Our bus got stuck in a mud hole, right up to its axles. And what did we do? We climbed onto the rooftop and started having a party."

      "No, we are actually abetting the conspiracy," said Ross. "That's worse than doing nothing. The 9/11 thing was staged by a far-flung conspiracy carried out with military precision. But it didn't end with the event itself. The conspiracy became bigger with the cover-up. When the first firemen arrived at the Pentagon the lawn in front of the blackened building was in pristine shape. Apart from the single hole ten to fifteen feet across, no damage was visible on the building. The firemen took a few pictures. All that one could see on the lawn in these pictures were the tire tracks of their trucks. In later pictures suddenly a few aircraft fragments appeared, and those, miraculously, weren't blacked by fire as were the walls of the Pentagon. It is truly amazing what one can do now with computer art. All of the official photos show signs of having been doctored up this way, before they were released to the public. You might have seen the two famous burning cars, Peter, that were parked in front of the Pentagon. Not only were the two cars shown in different colors in various pictures, but they were also shown in half a dozen different locations relative to the building as if they had been trucked around and used as props for different poses, or have been moved around with computer image processing to maximize the psychological impact of the terror scenes. So many doctored pictures have been created, Peter, that it would take you hours to look at them all. But nobody asks why. Why would the government carry out such an extensive cover-up conspiracy against the public? If this had been a real terrorist attack, wouldn't they want to show the world how the scene really was?"

      "That's what I've been saying, Ross. The conspiracy to cover up the 9/11 truth is a fraud, and the fraud is fully in the open. It seems to me that the public almost expects to be treated like this by its government. That's the stuff we've become used to seeing as entertainment in some form all over the world, both in the movies and in the TV shows. Thus, we've celebrated the world of conspiracies for years as the normal way the world moves. The cleverly convoluted entertainment gives us our excitement to spice up our rooftop parties."

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