The Flat Earth Society
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Volume 4B of the 12-volume series, The Lodging for the Rose

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Chapter 7 - Party on the Rooftop

      When we saw these events unfolding from a distance in our comfortable isolation on the beach, the whole world-changing upheaval came and went with no greater impact on us than that of a TV episode, like the shows that pop into view and fade away. Also Steve had been correct in recognizing that all of these momentous events would not lead to a new and brighter peace for humanity, but would instead lead to the end of whatever peace there had been. The new era that was ushered in had reflected symbolically what we had seen in Russia when the Russian parliament building was put under military siege and subjected to shelling until the parliamentarians in it were overcome by force. This brutal strategy, driven by the West, had been repeated all over the world in different ways, in scenes of numerous types of war. This was the face of the synarchist empire's war against the idea of true democracy and the very idea of sovereignty based on the renaissance principle, the Principle of Universal Love. The brutality was becoming bolder after the collapse of the Soviet Union, as would be seen time and time again as the years passed, as for example in the case of the genocidal wars against Iraq.

      A long string of wars were arranged after the Soviet Union had collapsed, which always erupted at critical junctures whenever a window of opportunity appeared that might have created a foundation for the renewed economic development of the nations of the world. Yugoslavia fell by the wayside in the process towards absolute fascism. Yugoslavia was driven into civil war, while Russia as a whole was handed over to the fondi's international Mafia. In the shadow of the unfolding wars Russia was put under immense pressures from the West to accept the western demands for large-scale economic austerity. Russia had been defeated politically, strategically, and economically. It was demanded in the process of reimperialization to sell off its most vital assets, its state enterprises, its industries and infrastructures. Russia's newly-built industrial heritage of the Soviet Era wasn't really sold. It was grabbed by the imperial vultures at rigged auctions, mostly with the help of the Mafia and the 'largess' of the financial oligarchy. They grabbed Russia's physical wealth for pennies on the dollar. In this orgy of devolution that became a horrific kind of economic rape, Russia lost 80% of its industries, suffered massive agricultural losses, and a nutritional breakdown that eventually began reducing its population. A German institute predicted that Russia's population collapse of a million people a year would lead to a complete social breakdown of Russia within half a century. The average life expectancy in Russia was rapidly dropping at a whopping rate. It was dropping ten years in less than a decade. Russia was forced into a rut by the western intent and was artificially kept there by all available means until it gradually dared to reassert itself.

      All this seemed somewhat unreal to us while living comfortably at the beach, because we simply couldn't comprehend how the world got into this mess. This tragedy shouldn't have been possible. The economy of the Soviet Union, in spite of its own mess, had once supported much of the communist world. Now the countries were starving. How could they get stuck so badly? I couldn't see a valid answer. Indeed, we ourselves had become stuck in a rut, which we barely admitted. We never acknowledged that we were stuck.

      Instead of not reacting to our own unfolding crisis, we did nothing. We should have wept for Russia and seen ourselves reflected in it. What we saw instead was a cleverly self-recreated tragedy that echoed perfectly the larger historic tragedies that had been staged all around us by the same old British Empire that in the 19th Century commanded the world. Britannica had ruled the seas and the world, with the exception of America, but it had ruled China then. With the force of war carried out by British gunboats, China had been compelled to open its borders to the free-trade importation of the British Empire's opium. The Opium Wars that had been unleashed had been brutal and relentless. Fortunately they never destroyed the soul of China, its patriots, and its inner strength. Nevertheless this tragedy, created by the imported British opium, had almost destroyed the Chinese society physically.

      It is being said in history books that China never fully recovered from the British opium poison. "The Empire's dehumanizing thrust of that period is still in force," Steve had warned. He was right. The same thrust was now extended again and as forcefully as ever. Only this time it is extended against the whole world under the rubric of free trade with the hidden agenda of universal deindustrialization, depopulation, financial raping, and the revival of the dope industry, perhaps the biggest revival of it that has ever been seen.

      As Steve had hinted at, this drive into hell became overglossed with the watchword of democracy that carried the facade of yet another new mythology. The words of democracy and human rights were paraded in giant letters all over the world as a cover for hiding the fondi's larger atrocities of our modern age as the modern Roman legions were destroying entire nations and terrorizing societies on a continental scale, as in the case of Africa.

      As Steve had predicted, human life became exceedingly cheap all over the world, after Russia disintegrated and the globally extended Fondi Empire, spearheaded by us in America, became the undisputed force in the world to dictate its policies at will. Out of this background unfolded the infamous "New World Order" that all the nations of the world were demanded to submit themselves to. The violence and the gore of this new order had numbed the human feelings of humanity and so, step by step had forced the whole world into a rut, the rut of submission.

      But what was our excuse for drifting into a rut ourselves at the social level in our paradise by the sea? We had drifted into a rut for our own reasons, and got stuck there as though we were mired in mud. Nothing was moving forward anymore. The rut that we had drifted into also reflected itself in a regression in which our efforts on the world scene had become meaningless. Most of my days on the diplomatic front, working mostly in Washington now, were spend on inconsequential tasks. The rest of the time I helped Sylvia monitoring the new coastal surveillance equipment that our house was increasingly utilized for. We were monitoring the coast for events that never occurred. But most of all, we had drifted into a rut in the way we regarded each other. Our love that had been open and unfolding was fast regressing back into the old mode. Long discarded barriers gradually reemerged, and new borders were created and added. Our relationship drifted into a lifeless civility that had become as stale as those sunless, windless, overcast days when the bright colors of the flowers on the hillside fade into the background of a gray on gray Universe. Neither was this stale civility ever challenged, much less addressed and overcome.

      The regression began slowly at first, almost unnoticeable, like the progression of the hour hand of a clock. It appears to have started when Steve moved out of reach. It seems that Heather was the first to notice the growing isolation between us all. As if in an effort to head off the regression she took some daring steps to keep alive the freedom that we had created. But it didn't seem to work.

      "We must retain the openness that we have built up between us," she said to me one day. This was bravely spoken. She spoke about this freely on Ross' balcony with everyone being present during one of our frequent visits there in the beginning. But there was no response this time to what she said. The silence was deafening. "If we don't make an effort to do this, we'll drift into a New Dark Age between us," she added.

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