The Flat Earth Society
a political and religious science and romantic fiction novel by Rolf A. F. Witzsche
Volume 4B of the 12-volume series, The Lodging for the Rose

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Chapter 5 - Poisoned Economics

      Ushi shook her head and said that this is not likely to happen soon. "Today's society is not alert enough," she said. "It has been educated not to be alert."

      Steve said that I, of all people, should be able to recognize this, since the underlying mentality is deeply rooted in the Byzantine system. "Under this system people are told how to think, what to believe, and what to regard as reality. Thus, a lye becomes regarded as the truth, and woe be to whoever speaks the real truth. People hate you if you do that. 'Don't spoil my dream,' they say."

      Ushi contrasted Steve's perception with what Nicolai had repeatedly told her about the scientific sense of Christianity, which acknowledges the direct unity of God and man as a higher hypothesis of reality. "On this scientific platform, God and man are recognized as one in being, and the Christ, representing Truth, is not recognized as a mediator between God and man, but as an example of the forever established unity between God and man, the Intelligence of the Universe and its reflection in man. All is complete here. No circumcision is necessary here. No superiority is possible on this lateral platform. This means that we have the resources within us to 'know' the 'real' truth."

      "We call this process scientific perception," said Steve. "Others call it the Christ. In either case, advanced intelligent perception becomes our gateway to the truth. That is where the real wealth of society comes from, from the discovery of universal Principle, from Truth."

      "That's what every renaissance in history has been built on," Ushi added. "The very concept of a dictatorial intermediary, or even a dictatorial God is a perversion of reality."

      Steve added to Ushi's remarks by pointing out that without this higher perception of reality, which links the human intellect to infinity itself, to infinite Mind so to speak, humanity becomes isolated and torn from its innermost self. "That's when poverty creeps in. Poverty begins first in thought as a cultural decay. Science and humanity become lost next. Education, literature, music, art, and so on, become narrow and crude, if not degenerative or outright fascist. This decay is eventually reflected in the economic reality of a collapsing society and an unfolding new Dark Age. A rich society will never be one with a degenerating culture, bad education, homelessness, and unemployment. A rich society doesn't circumcise itself. Opposites don't coincide, such as a renaissance and the circumcision. By its current cultural isolation from its humanity, society has become self-doomed economically. It has lost its infinite basis as a foundation to build on. When this happens society will seek guidance from those who are committed to lye, steal, cheat, and aim to destroy society inwardly, who claim to be their savior. Achieving society's self-isolation from the truth is the key objective of the Byzantine doctrine in the service of Empire. That's why the doctrine is still promoted by the world's oligarchy and is hailed by its stooges as the synarchy of madness driven with the force of the fascist enforcers."

      "Especially the Adam Smith style Byzantine doctrine is so driven," I interjected, "The so-called laws of greed-based economics are really insanities of Greed-Based Fascism."

      "The Byzantine doctrine isolates humanity from its infinite source, from its sentient and its super-sentient intellect," said Ushi. "The Byzantine doctrine invariably inhibits self-love and creates delusions. Self-love is built on the truth discovered in our honesty with ourselves. A circumcised person cannot truly be honest with itself, unless that honesty is scientifically based. Science brings us closer to who we are. Unfortunately, the Byzantine doctrine that denies science and dictates 'reality' has been so deeply ingrained into human thinking, by countless religions, churches, empires and their media, that people have become conditioned to be constantly looking for intermediaries, for experts, gurus, masters, elite, and so on. As a consequence people can't move by their own steam anymore. They get stuck. They reach an impasse. They look up to an elite; to an authority figure; to people who tell them how to think and what to regard as the truth, and how to relate to the prescribed artificial reality. If that artificial reality creates a paradox for them, they get stuck and remain there. It's so easy under this mental dictatorship system to drift into a rut and get stuck. That's what cultural warfare is intended to accomplish. Some of that is happening in China, too, but far less so than in the West."

      Steve added that it is extremely difficult for people to break out of this trap, because most people cannot see themselves as being trapped into this rut, into this isolation from their native character, from their innate intelligence as human beings. "That is why humanity has lost its beautiful Soul and become so poor that it stands hopeless against the coming New Ice Age. It even dreams in its impotence that the coming Ice Age is still far distant, dreaming of global warming. The entire Western world seems to be stuck in a rut as if everyone was asleep on the beach dreaming that their summer will never end."

      "What people are given to believe determines truth for them, instead of what they see with their own mind," said Ushi. "This is what came together on Tiananmen Square, on both sides. The student movement that moved against the government was financially and ideologically manipulated by the Western synarchy in an effort to undermine the achievements of the Chinese people in their self-government. The Chinese leaders were aware that the 'democratic' process that the students were paid to lobby for, had the potential to open the floodgates to domination over China by the forces of empire, as we see it in America. The country faced a hidden war. This always happens when society is not alert enough to defend itself, which is often the case. And this is precisely what the synarchists of empire are aiming at. The method is to create and to synchronize anarchy in numerous directions at once, organizing violence, gore, and chaos, to maximize their destructive effect on society. The intention is always to commit rape on society. In China, the game of Empire had failed on Tiananmen Square to break the nation ."

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