The Flat Earth Society
a political and religious science and romantic fiction novel by Rolf A. F. Witzsche
Volume 4B of the 12-volume series, The Lodging for the Rose

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Chapter 5 - Poisoned Economics

      "The stated goal of the masters of Empire is to intensify their looting fascism even further against the living of the world," Steve continued. "Their goals are set far beyond what you can imagine, aiming at such extreme levels that 80% of mankind are targeted to die as the result of it. This has been openly stated for years, Peter. And it will happen when the world-financial system, and the economies that live under this system, disintegrate under the pressures of the looting processes of Empire. This makes Empire the Number One enemy of mankind. To achieve its goal Empire rules with terror and the threat of terror, in an effort to sow impotence across the world. This too makes Empire the Number One enemy of mankind. It also promotes the circumcision and the isolation of mankind, and the loss of society's humanity. This makes Empire the most hidden enemy mankind has. It rules with dope and mind control. This too makes Empire the enemy of mankind. It hails slavery and poverty and creates them. This makes Empire the enemy of mankind. It burns food and forces starvation. This makes Empire the enemy of mankind. It is founded on secret societies and satanic platforms. This makes Empire the enemy of mankind. It instigates wars. This makes Empire the enemy of mankind. It champions the killing of human beings. This makes Empire the enemy of mankind. It doesn't allow any government on Earth to exist unimpeded to govern for the welfare of the nation. This makes Empire the enemy of mankind, and really the only real enemy mankind has.

      "In order for mankind to survive and have a future, all of mankind needs to join hands and vacate Empire off its premises; declare it bankrupt, which it is; and dissolve it in every detail," said Steve. "Only then can mankind breathe again and redevelop itself. Mankind cannot survive with a vicious enemy in its midst that is destroying every facet that is essential for its existence. That's today's lesson on economics, my friend. Economics is simple. What a nation is producing for its common welfare and the uplifting of its civilization, is its only real wealth. That's economics. The hard part is to separate this out from the countless looting systems of empire and let those looting systems that have pervaded the whole world go to oblivion. 'Be gone!' should be society's response to Empire."

      "That's what Benjamin Franklin set up with the founding of the USA and the Constitution that he designed for it," I interjected. "This marked the only real victory mankind has so far achieved against the British Empire."

      "Well, this wasn't the only victory mankind has won against Empire," said Steve. "Lincoln's victory was a great victory, maybe even a greater one, because it eradicated slavery that should have been eradicated at the beginning. India also won a great victory against the British Empire when it defeated colonialism, though this was a slim victory as the Empire divided India into two feuding camps that may yet destroy each other. It used the circumcision as the dividing line, the circumcised culture versus the none-circumcised culture. China won two victories against Empire. The first one was the 1911 Revolution, but Empire came back through the back door. The second one was the 1949 victory over Empire by the forces under Mao Zedong. You can only judge a victory over Empire by one single factor. The factor is the Principle of the General Welfare. If this is the guiding light after a victory, then a victory over Empire was won. If this is missing no real victory was achieved. Mao achieved this. The population of China nearly doubled during his term. He raised the idea of the general welfare up, though he went about it the wrong way, and now it is all becoming lost again. The Russian Revolution didn't achieve a transition to the general welfare principle. It defeated Empire, but created a communist empire to replace it in which the general welfare wasn't a big factor and still isn't. Franklin Roosevelt achieved a huge victory over Empire, because he raised the Principle of the General Welfare to great height. But as soon as he died, the masters of Empire were back and overturned all of his vital policies that were reflecting the Principle of the General Welfare and raised the circumcision to great height instead. America is a defeated country now. So where in the world would you go, Peter, if you had a choice?" added Steve. "Empire owns the world once again, but it owns it to a lesser degree in China. So far China has remained free of the circumcision, is committed to economic development, and has not totally lost its sense of the Principle of the General Welfare. Some of it remains."

      "China has done many things wrong," said Ushi, "but to some degree it still hangs on to the Principle of the General Welfare, even though its leadership doesn't understand what it is. The Principle of the General Welfare is a principle that includes many things. Just like white light includes all the colors of the rainbow, or a single atom includes all the fundamental principles of the Universe and reflects the Intelligence and its harmonizing Spirit that actually IS the Universe, so the Principle of the General Welfare represents the Principle of Universal Love, which is turn reflects the Intelligence that IS the Universe. But these are big concepts. We can't deal with them efficiently, so we need to take them apart. As an artist I must understand that white light is a mixture of many colors, including all the colors of the rainbow in perfect balance. As a human being I see myself surrounded with spiritual white light that includes all the colors of our humanity in perfect balance. If some aspects have been neglected I need to rebuild them. If sex has been trashed, I need to resurrect it. If it has been circumcised and cut away, I need to build a higher basis for it and bring it back. If the scientific sense and the adventure of discovering aspects of universal Principle and Truth has been put to sleep, I need to awaken it again. I need all the colors of our humanity to surround myself with. These are my protection, like a white-light armor that surrounds me and uplifts me and sustains me. As the physical white light contains a broad spectrum of colors that borders on the infrared at the low end and the ultraviolet at the high end, so my spiritual white light contains many colors, even sex does. There are for example the deep red colors of homosexuality, and the higher reds of heterosexuality, and as the red shifts towards the orange we get into the numerous shades of sexual intimacies. As we move towards the higher 'frequencies' on the scale of spiritual qualities we get into the bright yellows of caring and nurturing, and then into the numerous shades of 'green' as our creative and productive powers unfold. From there we move into blue, indigo and violet; with blue representing states and stages of integrity, beauty, honesty, generosity, gratitude, and so forth; and with indigo representing scientific cognition and development; so that violet at the high end represents Soul, Truth, and Love. These are all aspects of the spiritual white light that I surround myself with, that is above me, beneath me, that are my armor, my joy, and my strength; my light of Life so to speak. But these colors don't include hate, violence, dishonesty, and so on. These are not colors. Black is not a color. Black is a void of color. And so I must make sure that I have no void in my Life. Voids are wasteful of life. Pursuing them is like pouring one's living into a bottomless pit. Spiritual development keeps us in the light of these colors. They are like the music tones of our heaven's hymn."

      "Our heaven's hymn?" I interjected.

      "Oh yes, our heaven's hymn," said Ushi. "Like this one:

From these Thy children gathered in Thy name,

From hearts made whole, from lips redeemed from woe,

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