The Flat Earth Society
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Chapter 4 - The Uncircumcised Land

       "Your friend is saying that the greatest tragedy in civilization that now threatens the very survival of mankind, was built on a lie," I said to Steve. "Do you agree with that?"

       "My friend's fictional story of this history of the pre-literate era appears to be far closer to the truth than the Bible fiction of that era that served the political needs of a people in an age of crisis," said Steve. "The fact that little has changed in this regard supports his story. Society still sings the old song in its world of politics that continues to fester behind the surface like an ancient disease, the song that is now affecting everyone: In Lies we Trust!"

      "Don't joke about this," said Ushi. "This isn't a song. This is a tragedy. And the ancient stories that still cause the tragedy were not a lye by intention."

      "The biblical story that places the circumcision at the heart of mankind's covenant with God is evidently false," said Steve. "If my friend's research is correct, it was a lye by intention. From the moment on when the ancient's covered up the great expulsion and turned it into a victorious exodus, a flood of lies had to follow to cover up the first lye. When huddled around the camp fires people tell each other stories they like to hear, stories that make their children proud of their parents and themselves. The real story behind the vast proliferation of the circumcision may have unfolded differently with details that we'll never know, but it evidently involves some form of an excuse to hide a deeper problem as my friends from Novosibirsk suggest. Just think about this. What the writer of my friend's research presents is far more rational than the biblical story. It makes no sense that the God of the Universe, the Supreme Intelligence, would demand in a covenant that mankind mutilate itself with deeply debilitating consequences. Zeus might have demanded such a covenant, and the masters of empire would most certainly have demanded it, and still do, but not the Supreme Intelligence of the Universe. My guess is that the cover-up story was concocted in Egypt in order to excuse the circumcision of the slaves in the first place, putting the blame for it on some imaginary mythical leaders of a distant past. In any case, no matter where the cover-up story came from, my friend's point is valid that is was a cover-up story. In any case, the people needed something to sink their teeth in, in order to save their sanity. The remnant that survived the expulsion needed a face-saving fable that turned the tragedy of their expulsion into a liberating exodus. In this context the circumcision became a symbol for national freedom. It became a holy thing. Inflicting the circumcision on one another became a holy act in celebration of their imagined national victory. It became a visible symbol of the people's imagined covenant with God. And so the idea that combines the circumcision with a perceived covenant for spiritual freedom survived and grew and over time, and became echoed in many religions, overshadowed with notions of sacrifice and self-sacrifice to various deities. We find the practice of the circumcision, combined with various notions of a chosen and special people, reflected in almost all religions."

      "But this idea of a covenant that excused the convention of sexual mutilation, has later been expanded to also excuse the tendencies that arise from the circumcision," said Ushi, "such as heightened pedophilia and homosexuality that the Talmud clearly allows, which researchers have identified as elements of the Post Traumatic Stress Disorder resulting from the circumcision."

      "Are you surprised?" said Steve. "The Talmud is the law of Pharisees. My friend calls them the Pharaoh's of the New World order of lies. The circumcision was initially imposed for its effect in disabling or inhibiting the normal intimate relationships between men and women, thereby disabling social and national intimacy and the principle of the general welfare that flows from it. So how would the masters that defend the circumcision, now deal with the human needs for sex and with the intimacy that they thereby inhibit by mutilating the natural process? They open the scene to children. The Pharisees have therefore authorized for both men and women, and in effect encourage, unrestrained sexual indulgences with girls under the age of three, and boys under nine. This sanctioned rape of children is setting the stage for widely increased homosexuality and lesbianism. This, with the Post Traumatic Stress Disorder symptoms added, might have become reflected over time in genetic conditioning, or most certainly cultural conditioning."

      "You are talking about Anton," I interjected. "She found herself trapped into this environment. She was raped as a child by three uncles and then by her mother. She said the uncles acted as if it was their right to rape her. They also said to her dad that they would have preferred a boy to play with, but since the family had none, she would have to suffice as a substitute. Her Mother too, demanded to have sexual actions with her as if it were some kind of a right that she expected to be honored. The resulting rape has ruined her life. It takes a lot to heal that. And now you are saying that what became her tragedy is actually spelled out in the Talmud as a rabbinical law?"

      "If the Talmud is a people's highest spiritual law, how else would you expect them to react, but to obey it and then expect others to obey it as well," said Steve. "People get trapped into these mythologies, unable to find a way out. Maybe that is why the soldiers are shooting so many children in the territories. When children are not regarded to be full human beings, you open the door to a special kind of hell that makes them targets for target practice games."

      If a boy up the age of nine is deemed to be fair game to be raped at will, this opens the scene even further to homosexuality than the circumcision itself does, as psychological researchers have discovered," said Ushi. "The hardcore homosexuality and lesbianism that we see in modern times may be rooted in these ancient practices that are still continuing and may also have been perpetuated genetically. Consequently, and rightfully so, homosexuality is no longer deemed a mental illness or social deviancy; or a perversion of the natural order; or even a matter of choice or preference; but is something that reflects the way a person 'is' as the result of a long-term conditioning, which may be even genetic conditioning, so that it makes no sense on religious or moral grounds to differentiate between people on the basis of sexual orientation when the origin of it is rooted in ancient times with distortions induced into the human fabric that nobody has so far been trying to heal."

      "It makes no sense then to cry, homosexual, homosexual!" said Steve. "Crying, slandering, and hating doesn't heal anything. The evidence suggests that what 'is,' which is deemed normal today, may well be the result of a long-term conditioning arising from the circumcision, as the core cause that even the Pharisees couldn't escape from. This may be the reason why they created themselves loopholes in the moral code to satisfy their uniquely conditioned sexual needs. Of course defenseless children are always the easiest-to-come-by, as victims for rape. My friend, the researcher of ancient history, hopes that an alternate story of the history of the circumcision will shed some new light on the nature of ancient Scriptures, including the Talmud, and cause a major liberation to begin. He hopes that in this way the vast divisions between people and the religions can be bridged by a process of getting back to real spirituality."

      "Still, the idea of the circumcision is false," said Ushi. "The circumcision remains what it has always been, a mutilation, which is really an amputation. It cuts deep into the fabric of the human system and appears to be designed for that. It is debilitating rather than liberating."

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