The Flat Earth Society
a political and religious science and romantic fiction novel by Rolf A. F. Witzsche
Volume 4B of the 12-volume series, The Lodging for the Rose

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Chapter 4 - The Uncircumcised Land

      "And this my friend involves a challenge that no one has bothered to take up. This takes me to China, Peter, where the circumcision is almost none-existent and were the reach of empire is still only superficial, though it promises to become a dominant force. China needs to be helped to remain sovereign, and really sovereign in all respects. I am committed to help China with that. Also, I need to help China with creating wide bonds of cultural and economic connections with India and Russia towards expanding the Principle of the General Welfare as a foundation for relationships between sovereign nations. Once this is done and America heals itself of its slavery to empire, it will become possible then for the four great nations of the world to join in a community of principle for the common welfare of mankind. Empire won't have a place left them, in the world, to exist, or find any support. So you see, it is vital for America that I go to China and work for the future healing of mankind of the disease of empire. And your task, Peter, is to prevent the march of empire in America, so that America can become free again to be itself. In fact America must be totally free to sit at a common table with India, China, and Russia, without Britain being present, and negotiate with them a new world financial and economic order in which all nations are sovereign and the Empire has no place. When America, China, Russia, and India find themselves free from empire, then the whole world will be free as well. And this freedom will unfold. The empire is already bankrupt. It needs to be put into bankruptcy for the world to survive. It must not have a place on the negotiating table in any form or shape. Empire represents the insanity of circumcision. Empire represents rape on the world stage. It must not be allowed to affect the treaties that are forged between sovereign nations, or else those treaties will be wrecked. To give empire a place on the treaty table would be like a person going to bed with his sweetheart while inviting a known rapist to join in.  The rapist needs to be expelled from the scene of civilization. In fact, more than that needs to be expelled. The very notion of empire needs to be expelled from individual thinking. Empire must never be allowed to have a place there. I think the day of this happening is near, Peter. I think it is near because the human mind is a scientific mind that can discern the truth, and this mind is constantly developing and progressing. The 'rape' that the circumcision inflicts may have caused a lot of pain and a lot of impediments, but it is the nature of the Universe to be constantly developing itself and mankind with it, so that real progress cannot be help back forever, but must unfold as a feature of the Principle of the Universe. The Greek poet Aeschylus understood this requirement of principle and laughed at the masters of empire whose doom he could already foresee even then, nearly 2,500 years ago.

      "Are you referring to Prometheus Bound, the only surviving part of the Prometheus trilogy that became so famous that Beethoven set its story to music," I interjected.

      "Yes, Beethoven wrote the music, and maybe he even understood what Aeschylus was saying," said Steve. "Prometheus represents the scientific mind. He represents the God that gave the technology of fire to mankind, who thereby defied Zeus, the god-master of empire who always wants mankind to be kept small and impotent. In the play, Prometheus the immortal God who cannot be killed, is nevertheless bound by Zeus, the chief of the gods of Olympus. He is bound and is chained to a rock as punishment of his crime, while a bird of prey is demanded to repeatedly peck the liver out of his living body that cannot die. But Prometheus just laughs at Zeus over this. He laughs even in his torture and tells Zeus that the pain, which is the worst Zeus can inflict, can be endured, seeing that the doom of Zeus is already written on the wall and is as certain as the next sunrise. Prometheus says that he knows the secret of the forces by which Zeus is doomed. Zeus offers to set him free if he reveals the secret. In response Prometheus just laughs again. But why does he laugh, Peter? He laughs, because the scientific mind of humanity is such that in its ever-unfolding power it will rout the mythical notions and practices of empire from the scene of civilization. Consequently its place will be found no more. Yes, Peter, the circumcision is a tremendously painful thing for humanity to bear, akin to self-torture, but it is waning. It is loosing ground in the progression of scientific development. Prometheus laughs, because mankind's advancing makes his freedom inevitable. Thus the pain can be born by those who recognize the real nature of mankind and of their freedom and power as human beings."

      "This means the circumcision of the world must be healed and can be healed, individually and collectively," I interjected.

      "On the natural scene the Universe has provided mankind biological features that develop sexual intimacies," said Steve. The sexual intimacies then lead to social intimacies, and they in turn open the door to the Principle of the General Welfare, which is a spiritual principle. While the circumcision is inhibiting this natural path, many people have been able to skip the sexual intimacies and move on with scientific processes to develop directly those higher level of intimacies that the sexual intimacies merely lead up to, which subsequently widen the portals to the Principle of the General Welfare. That is what we find exemplified by the biblical Jacob, a circumcised man who was tied to his mutilation and remained so until he awoke one day and became a new man so to speak, who thereby took on a new name, the name, Israel. In the light of his transformation he was able to say to his brother, whom he had treated terribly in the past, when he met him, 'I have seen your face as if I had seen the face of God.' Every circumcised person has this option to heal himself likewise in this manner, and has the duty to do so. While Jacob's story is probably just another case of historic fiction, it indicates that the ancients were aware that a healing of the circumcision is possible and can lead to amazing results, as some individuals have already recognized in their own experience."

      Steve said that on this platform every human being gains a healing from primitive modes of living. "On this platform the circumcised and uncircumcised are alike, 'clothed with the sun,' living in the image of God. Since no one is spared this step in spiritual development, the circumcision is actually a none issue. It is an issue only when this step is rejected and when one expels oneself from the world of civilization, stepping into the deadly wilderness of mysticism, emotions, and utter insanities. My friend suggests this is also the reason why the Bible must be healed that contains a lot of the mysticism that imposes the circumcision. He says that empire is a secondary disease in human culture that arose from the mysticism that spread the circumcision across the planet. He says that the whole of mankind must heal itself of the circumcision individually and provide contributions towards the global healing, or else mankind cannot and will not survive. This task has become critical for America, Russia, India, and China, which are all under the gun of the British Empire, which is the only remaining empire on the planet. However, these four nations working together for their common good can defeat the empire. That is why these four great nations are being targeted for destruction, individually and collectively. Of these four, Russia has the best chance to survive. The Soviet Union will collapse, because communism, the Trojan Horse created by the masters of empire, is designed to destroy the Soviet Union from within. Communism is designed as a form of cultural circumcision. But Russia has a strength within its soul with which it can survive the coming crisis. India has the potential to be a giant in the world. It has the greatest energy resources in the world in the form of thorium, and the largest pile of building material in the form of basalt, and a great agricultural potential at the same time, but it struggles under the hoofs of empire and the specter of the circumcision that prevents the realization of its potential. China doesn't have those constraints. It is the freest nation on the planet. It is almost untouched by the circumcision, which gives it an enormous human potential in terms of scientific, technological, and economic development. The danger for China is that it will prostitute itself to the moneybags of empire at the hands of a thoroughly circumcised America. The masters of empire aim to induce China to become the manufacturing center of the world, but it will be forced to operate far below the real cost of production. The stated goal, as the masters of empire have themselves put it, is to prevent China's self-development, and to thereby destroy it from within, and in the process destroy America's industries by undercutting its production cost. Herein lies mankind's greatest danger, because the planned interaction between China and America will demolish the last remaining industrial potential on the planet. That is why I must be in China to help save America. With China on board we can potentially save the world. But if China is used to wipe out America's industrial potential, then we will likely loose, because then the physical industrial power no longer exists either in America or China for the economic redevelopment of the world. And this development is necessary to hold back the already looming New Dark Age, and more so the next Ice Age that's already standing on the horizon."

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