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Chapter 4 - The Uncircumcised Land

      "Steve's friends also said that a lot of healing is needed," said Ushi. "They recognize that this ongoing slavery to insanity is destroying the very heart of civilization, as slavery always does no matter what its form may be."

      "They are right, of course, in saying this," I interjected. "The historians are wrong who suggest that the wealth of the USA was built on slavery. The reality is that slavery is one of the worst economic plunders a society can engage in, because it prevents the real development of the human being. It prevents the scientific, technological, and cultural development that powers an advanced civilization. Any society that engages in slavery is shooting itself in the foot. The real wealth of a society is the product of productive powers of all the individuals in society, and its increase by scientific, technological, and industrial means. Slavery prevents that. Slavery creates a poor society. Slavery is the modern tragedy of China. China offers its population as a slavery workforce for the West, which closes the door to its self-development."

      "My friends said that the Egyptians seemed to have recognized that slavery is actually a deterrent," said Steve. "They took the slavery process to the extreme and they found it to fail. So they flushed the system and tried to restart economic development, which didn't really become successful. It is generally acknowledged now that the great pyramids were not built with slave labor. In fact, evidence suggests that the great building projects stopped when the slavery and the circumcision began. The great pyramids could not have been build with slavery. The Universe doesn't function that way. Only two pyramids were built after slavery was put on the agenda, and those were the smallest, with a space of 250 years between them."

       "The great economic development of America likewise didn't take off until after the slavery ended in America," I said to Steve.

      Steve nodded. "So you recognize this too," he said. "My friend who wrote the exodus story suggests that the exodus as an expulsion was cruel, which it undoubtedly was, but that it makes sense from the Egyptian perspective. It makes sense as a covert objective that was likely instigated by the circumcised factions of the priesthood who had cut themselves off from their normal sense of humanity and were by the circumcision conditioned to carry out such cruelty against their fellow human beings. He says his friend's story makes sense, because the process of the mass-expulsion was repeated again and again in more modern times, such as with the founding of the State of Israel. In the wake of the terror of the Deir Yassin massacre 700,000 Palestinians fled their homes in sheer panic and have not been allowed to return since. They remain refugees in their own land and remain constantly under attack in a holocaust in which they, and especially their children, are now targeted. That's the mark of the circumcision. Its effect was cruel then, and still is."

      "These effects might have frightened even the Pharaohs at the time," I said in agreement. "The exodus expulsion might have been sparked by 'instabilities' of this type occurring already some 5000 years ago."

      "My friend who re-wrote the exodus story points out that we still see such 'instabilities' in almost all cultures that have a long-term history of the circumcision, which suggests a direct connection existing between the two. He says, 'how else can one explain such bizarre horrors as we seem them still happening in some of the circumcised cultures, such as when a husband sets his wife and his three daughters of fire and burns them to death in what is called, an 'honor killing.' This happened just recently, not in ancient times. These people were burnt to death by their closes family member, and for nothing more than their refusal to bow to the religious tradition of imposed marriages. How can one speak of a normal humanity when 5,000 of these grizzly honor killings are perpetrated in a single country on a yearly basis? And here again, the only link that stands out is the circumcision. And those are the mild cases, Peter."

      "We see wars being launched and entire countries being destroyed for the most insane reasons," said Ushi, "and the trails always leads back to one or the other circumcised culture, which in many cases also include the ranks of empire."

      "My friend suggests that the Egyptian's response in expelling the circumcised was an extremely poor choice," said Steve. "It may have killed most of the undesirables, but it didn't heal the 'disease' that they unleashed, which hasn't been healed to the present day. Expulsions have been tried since then, possibly more often than we know, in addition to efforts to eradicate the circumcised cultures, but nothing has been healed that way. It is my friend's belief that the circumcised themselves have often been used as agents for genocide in imperial efforts to eradicate other cultures. Stalin, for example, is said to have used the circumcised within the Bolshevik movement to eradicate the Christian population in the Ukraine that had been unwilling to yield to the Soviet state slavery. It is said that Stalin then back-filled the void to as much as that was possible, with the circumcised that were expelled from various other regions in order that the Ukraine could be more easily controlled, being now run by the 'better slaves' as the Pharaoh's might have called them at one point before they discovered their folly. But Stalin's project didn't work likewise, did it, so that the gulag system had to be invented as some sort of replay of the Egyptian-type expulsion/exodus. My friend also believes that Hitler's holocaust might not actually been the fulfillment of the empire's requirement for a tragic victim that would be needed to fulfill the Belfour Declaration, but might have had a motive similar to that of the ancient Egyptian-type purge.

      "My friend also suggests that the separation of Pakistan from India may have been for a similar reason and may have been demanded by the Hindus as a means for protecting the Hindu population from the circumcised, rather than for the Muslim minority trying to protect itself against the Hindu. He says that when one looks beneath the veil of this vast theatre of historic horror mysteries with the microscope of modern medical and psychological research, an entirely different historic scene comes to light. He said that this new scene is much more frightening in terms of its extent, as is the difficulty in healing the scene. On the other hand it brings a new light to the modern scene of horrendous political, economic, financial, and strategic crises for which no healing is on the horizon either. With empire being totally founded on the background of the circumcision, the universally observed patterns that come with the circumcision are very much evident in the characteristics of the modern empire. Here a common healing may cure both symptoms simultaneously. He suggests that the empire of the circumcised presents but another element of symptoms of the same unhealed problem. He says there is only one empire in the world, the empire of the circumcised; the globalized universal empire that is centered in the 'City of London;' the empire that used to be called the British Empire, though it originated in Venice, and before that, in Rome and Babylon. Since the modern empire is now global in scope, it no longer calls itself by any name as all names would apply, seeing that almost all nations are now slaves to it. The evidence that we see today suggests that with the circumcision at its foundation the modern empire has become the kind of beast that the ancient Egyptians may have looked at with a sense of horror and taken steps to 'cleanse' itself of. Mankind still faces the same challenge, except on a vastly larger scale. However, the option to expel should no longer be on the table, and it should never have been on the table, ever. Expulsion has not worked and cannot work. Force does not cause healing. Force is recursive against itself. Force causes injury. Only intelligent development causes healing. The only option that remains is to actually heal mankind of the mutilation that it has tragically allowed to come upon itself, which hasn't been healed for five millennia.

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