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Chapter 4 - The Uncircumcised Land

      "The Post Dramatic Stress Disorders tend to become a lifelong burden with effects that are even now barely understood," said Steve. "The effects are said to include learning disabilities, helplessness, tendencies towards sado-masochistic behaviors, impotence, lost of trust, avoidance of intimacy due to fear, developing into rage, domestic violence, rape, child sexual abuse, suicide, and a vast range of psychosomatic disorders that only now are beginning to be associated with Post Dramatic Stress Disorders and the sexual mutilation that caused it. These are the symptoms that are widely evident in all the circumcised cultures."

      "Now that these after-effect are becoming gradually recognized a trend is beginning to develop in which the circumcision is performed only symbolically rather than physically, as a means for satisfying the required religious rites," said Ushi. "It appears that a faint healing process has already begun, though it is far too small in scale and too slow in its progress to cause a major healing in the world at the present stage. Nevertheless it represents the beginning of the healing that may in time heal the world, because the healing flows from a budding love for our humanity."

      "We really don't know how the circumcision started," said Steve. "It might have started for spiritual reasons and later expanded when the application of it to slavery became too tempting as the debilitating factors became known. The earliest record of the male circumcision that has been found has been dated to one of the early dynasties of the Egyptian pharaohs. This takes us back almost five millennia, maybe more.  We find the circumcision process depicted in a relief engraved on the wall of a deep underground cavern on the banks of the Nile near the great pyramids of Giza. We see two youths there standing naked before two squatting figures as their foreskins are cut with a bladed instrument. The hieroglyphs offer no explanation at to why it was done, leaving the scene open to speculation. But we do see in the engravings that the victim is of a lower rank, wearing no head dress, which suggests that the circumcision was applied to slaves as a part of an imperial process. It also suggests that it was applied to youths. In this case the cutting would have been imposed in their sexually active years when the loss would have been gravely felt, causing considerable anger. We are told by people who received the mutilation as grown men, that their experiences of the debilitation has been so devastating to them that they would give anything to have it reversed. They would even give away their house for it. Some say it's like living in a world without color. That is what the Egyptian slaves must also have experienced, as any male human being would. Consequently the circumcision might not have had the desired effect on the slavery process, creating 'better' slaves. While it may have disabled the people's intimacy with each other and within the slave society, and thereby kept the Principles of the General Welfare under wraps, it may have also unlocked in the slaves a monster as their natural humanity was pushed out of the way in the process."

      "The masters of Egypt might have realized that the stability of their own society was suddenly in danger by the consequences of their actions on the slaves," said Ushi. "They might have realized that slavery simply does not work, and that nothing can be done to make it work, as it causes more problems than it's worth."

      "My friends who re-wrote the fictional history of the great exodus from Egypt looked at this background," said Steve. "They suggested that the masters of Egypt might have commanded the priesthood to fix the problem they created, and to somehow purge the land of the damaged people that have become increasingly a problem for them. Some of the historians among my friends suggested the Moses was an undercover agent of the priesthood, who had arranged a voluntary exodus, which was really an expulsion of the circumcised from the land of Egypt. The person who wrote a novel about the expulsion said it became a holocaust of annihilation. He said it was done in the wilderness of the desert, probably the Sinai Desert, in an attempt to purge the problem without the Egyptians having to spill a drop of blood themselves, which the Egyptian society might have found repulsive and might not have survived psychologically. My friends suggest that only a scant few of the exiting slaves might have come out of the holocaust alive. Of course, those might not have had any way of knowing why the exodus had failed, much less that it had been designed to fail. And so they asked themselves, had their God failed? They couldn't allow such a notion to develop. When this kind of crisis happens a person's natural response is to create a cover-up story, a rational explanation that prevents one from going insane. It is well understood now that if a huge problem like this remains unresolved it causes a deep mental regression in people's thinking that reverts the mind back to a state akin to infantile insanity. In order to prevent this, as a natural response in society, a cover-up story was created that gave the holocaust a positive meaning, even a heroic meaning. Maybe that is where the idea originally emerged that the Hebrews were God's chosen people; a treasured children under His care; a mighty people having God on their side, who successfully escaped the claws of the mightiest empire, impelled by the power of God that the empire stood powerless against. The cover-up story might have included in later years the notion that the circumcision, which they couldn't hide with a cover-up story, was the symbol of their treasured status with God, the symbol of their deliverance rather than being the curse for which they were dispelled. And so, what started as a curse, became retained as a part of religion in which the underlaying part of the curse remained unhealed."

      "We still practice the art of creating cover-up stories," I interjected. "We have become masters of this art in the modern world. In fact the cover-up story is now built into the covert political processes. It is called plausible deniability. It is an essential element of all false-flag operations. Nor are the modern cover-up stories designed anymore to hide the great tragedies. In fact the modern masters now artificially arrange great tragedies so that false stories can be built around them that have an even-more-devastating effect on people, such as acts of terrorism. Terrorism is staged for the deep-cutting effects that the carefully spun cover-up stories have on society. 'In lies we trust,' is the new watchword. Lying has become a science. Hitler's holocaust was used for such an effect, if indeed it wasn't staged for that effect. The masters of empire needed this effect, without which it might not have been possible for them to confiscate large parts of Palestine to create the Jewish State in Palestine as had been promised under the Belfour Declaration. The masters of empire had long aimed to set up a Jewish State as a powder keg in the Middle East, for which they needed a cover story. The term, Middle East, is actually not a proper geographic term of reference, but is the long standing code name that is used in the geopolitical games of empire as pertaining to this region that is properly known as Southwest Asia. Cover-up stories are essential elements of these kinds of games."

      "Some of my friends, which include a variety of scholars," said Steve, "suggest that the long term debilitations caused by the circumcision may have become reflected over time in the general genetic regression of the intellectual faculties of the victimized people. They suggest this might have happened in intra-married cultural enclaves that are centered on this tragic self-mutilation. My friends looked at the horrible things that were done by the circumcised to people in the Deir Yassin holocaust in which a gang of the circumcised thugs entered the village Deir Yassin at night and systematically killed everyone, some in their bed, others wherever they could find them. They killed them with knives, guns, or whatever, in an orgy of absolute barbarism that went on for hours until no one was left alive except a few men that were taken prisoners and paraded naked through the streets of Jerusalem, who were afterwards killed in a quarry. The gang even dumped some of the dead into the village well, so that the well might be poisoned. My friends said that they tried to make sense of this insanity. They were certain that no normal human being would perpetrate such crimes against another, and so they looked for an abnormality, and the abnormality was the circumcision. The circumcision is an amputation. Its rate of victimization is 100%. No victim is not affected by the amputation. They also recognized that these crimes became repeated with ever-greater intensity and terror throughout the still exploding holocaust in Palestine that has been spanning decades upon decades while every U.N. Resolution that aimed to stop the holocaust has been systematically ignored. They noted that the same senseless killing goes on now daily, often hourly, in a holocaust of unspeakable inhumanity that has nothing standing behind it than the long-term accumulation of the debilitating consequences of the circumcision. Thus, they say that the circumcision had linked itself to absolute fascism and a people's slavery to it. My friends suggest that the historic opposition against Christ Jesus by the forces of the circumcision two millennia ago, and his later persecution that ended with his death, fits perfectly the psychological parameters that identify the circumcised cultures of today, so that the ancient and modern pattern are effectively linked to the same cause."

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