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Chapter 3 - Fare Well to a Gentler World

      "We are going to china, Peter," said Ushi, "not to escape the self-assured doom in the West, but to promote the lateral model that China is already embracing to some extent. And by doing that we hope to build a foundation for America's recovery from its doom. If we fail to reach this goal America will likely not survive. That's how profound the difference is between the vertical model and its self-assured doom, and the lateral model by which mankind's future is assured. Can you seen now why the drab circumstances that may await us in China will be insignificant? What have they got to do with anything? What we are facing is infinitely larger. Because if we fail, the result is unthinkable."

      "Why don't you and Sylvia join us, Peter?" said Steve. "Wouldn't you want to live at the leading edge where the brightest epoch in human history is being developed?"

      "We can't do this, Steve," I replied sadly.

      "Of course you can't, Peter," said Steve. "You can't take this step, because you don't fully appreciate the profound difference between these two models, the vertical model of imperial impotence, and the lateral model of humanity's power as human beings. In this case you won't fight like hell to overlay the tectonic plate of the vertical imperial system with the tectonic plate of the lateral humanist system of power, the renaissance system. That's the fight for the survival of humanity, Peter. Palmerston's fondi are fighting like hell, as you know yourself. They are committed to overlay anything that even remotely resembles the lateral model, especially the Principle of the Sovereign Nation State and the Principle of the General Welfare. They are fighting for an imperial state with a single world-government of fascist dictatorship. That is what we will have if we don't fight like hell to prevent it, and put this on our plate, putting the lateral model into the courts of mankind. Palmerston's fondi started the fascist techtonic game. Now we'll have to stop this insanity and finish its days, and win. And we will win if we survive long enough. Going to China might assure that we will win. Why won't you want to join us?"

      I shook my head and thanked him for the offer.

      "Some day you will join us," said Ushi, "because living in the West, especially living in America now, is like living on a dead-end street. I know you would rather live on an infinite highway, called freedom and universal love.   We'll have a place ready for you when you come."

      "Ushi is right," said Steve. "What we say may sound childish, but we are not making this up. All of this is real. That's just the way it is. I predict that in a few years you will recognize the wisdom of what I am saying."

      "You may be right," I replied reluctantly. "But for now, China simply isn't an option for us. Our roots are too deeply anchored in America. Also, we've got a good team going, Tony, Fred, Heather, Ross, and Sylvia and I. On top of that, we just build a new house. We can't just leave."

      Steve just laughed. "It's always a challenge to move out of poverty lane when one deems one's poverty to be riches.   But you'll get over that. The Principle of Universal Love itself will force you to accept its model, because it is the only model that has any validity in the real Universe. You can't avoid the demand of the greatest and most profound principle there is, which you have already begun to embrace and have taken great strides with it. You simply can't avoid to live by this model. You can't. You may well miss the vital point and put yourself asleep for a while, but when you open your eyes this principle and its model will stare you into the face and force you to move. Going to China may only be symbolic for you, like moving out of a rut. For us, it's the only thing to do. You might be moved in a different direction. But you will move. That's guaranteed. Or you'll slide to hell. That's guaranteed, too."

      "I don't think this sliding to hell will happen," said Ushi and began to laugh. "You are on the highway of the Principle of Universal Love. You've crossed the 'point of no return' a long time ago. The sewer is closed. There is no going back for you. You've burned the bridges to hell behind you. You are counting yourself as a part of humanity now."

      I liked the idea of being a part of humanity, which I had learned to appreciate as something immensely rich and beautiful. Nevertheless Steve accused me of not looking high enough. "You are still cheating yourself," he said at one point.

      "Am I that stupid?" I asked.

      Steve concurred with a smile. "That's the problem we all face," he added.

      After brunch we all went for a stroll through the old part of town. We enjoyed a snack later and a beer at the historic old pub, called "Auerbach's Keller," that has been immortalized in Goethe's famous play, "Faust." Afterwards we treated ourselves to an afternoon concert in the "Gewandhalle", the home of Leipzig's famous orchestra. On this note our celebration that day became a cultural celebration in appreciation of the renaissance that had once brought fame and wealth to the city of Leipzig. Our celebration was planned to continue on this 'renaissance-note' deep into the night, interspersed by a hearty dinner of course.

      Steve invited us to the same place for dinner where Erica and I had come to before I met Ushi.

      It was there, that Steve asked how long he would have to wait until I would ask the question that had evidently troubled me all day.

      I was shocked. Could he read my mind? I blushed, having been found out. "How soon will you be leaving?" I asked.

      Steve looked at his watch. "Not today," he said. "Maybe next week."

      "Running away to China is like surrendering while there is sill time to face the enemy of mankind and extricate America from out of the claws of the synarchist beast," I said. "Come to America!"

      "You've got it all wrong, my friend," Steve replied and began to laugh. "As I said before, we are not running away from the problem that America has become for the world, we are going to China mostly to fix the problem. That's the major reason. Sure, it is dangerous here and in America. As I told you, China is the key to all that we've been working for, Pete. With China rests the salvation of humanity, at least in part. China's historic self-isolation has also kept it isolated from the synarchist world. While the protective isolation is fast breaking down, it remains a blessing in disguise while it lasts and an opportunity for China to become a light in the world. Ushi and I can't afford to waste our time here. When Russia goes the world will change. Synarchism will become the twelve-headed dragon of ancient mythologies that devours humanity. We have to soften the fall of Russia if we can, or prevent it altogether so that synarchism won't rise as quickly as it otherwise might. We can do this best from China. As for America, Peter. It has chosen to destroy itself the fascist way, like Germany did in 1933. It is not enough to tell America not to go this way. LaRouche is doing that already. But if we bring China up as an example for what a humanist renaissance looks like, America might rediscover its roots in this renaissance even while it presently thinks that its roots are anchored in fascism. When the Soviet Union disintegrates America will put itself onto the fast track of unrestrained fascism and destroy itself."

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