The Flat Earth Society
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Volume 4B of the 12-volume series, The Lodging for the Rose

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Chapter 3 - Fare Well to a Gentler World

      I began to laugh. "You are not serious, are you?" I said to him.

      He laughed. "Of course I am serious. That's what it means to be a part of humanity. Unfortunately we don't consider our potential seriously. That's the big fault of society. That's why we have to flee to China. It is dangerous living in a world that has drifted into a rut, that thereby has become synarchistic and openly fascist. Staying here would be suicide. Nevertheless, I don't see us as escaping a danger. I see us as stepping up into a more dynamic environment by going to China. The mental environment in China is presently the most advanced in the world. America has the tallest foundation built on the greatest renaissance ideal, but this is currently being trashed. If I can bring this foundation to China, it might uplift China, and China might save the world."

      "That's like going from Los Angeles to New York via Tokyo," I said to Steve.

      "That's the fastest way if there is no other way," said Steve. "That is how civilization was saved before. The great achievements of the Greek Classical culture were nearly wiped out by the fascism of the Roman Empire. Much of that was revived in the post-Roman period by the development of the Islamic Renaissance. It was kept alive there for quite a few hundred years while Europe was stuck in a rut of its Dark Age. In a very real way, Europe got its cultural light back via the Islamic Renaissance where the platonic scientific tradition had been preserved. That helped develop the Golden Renaissance in Europe and the great renaissance periods that followed from which the USA emerged. Now that this culture is being trashed, the potential exists that China might be brought up to this level, in order that the European renaissance culture can be preserved there until the American society rediscovers the treasure that it is founded on but staunchly denies. In any case, one of China's most revered leaders, Dr. Sun Yat Sen was educated in the USA at a time when America was still keenly aware of its cultural heritage. China's vast economic development drive is a reflection of that process by which China is fast becoming a modern nation. Nevertheless, it has a long way to go and is facing huge challenges. However, it caught a spark of a renaissance that came to it through America."

      "So you see, we are not escaping from the West by going to China," said Ushi. "We see it as stepping up to a higher-level environment. The mental environment in China is presently the most advanced in the world. America has become the world's most fascist nation. Also, as you said yourself, this trend has just begun. The European nations are in lock step behind 'their leader' fighting for second place behind it. The Soviet Union is about to be torn apart. Africa is already ruined. South America has become the CIA's playground of horror. And India is still digging itself out of the colonial mud pie. Compared to that, China is heaven."

      "You must be joking," I interjected. "Have you ever been in China? You step off the plane and find yourself transposed back to the Dark Age. You'll be lucky if you find a taxi, and if you do, it will be a long slow haul into town, dodging bicycles and ox carts on gravel trails. And that's just the beginning. Your house will be drab with a single light bulb dangling from the ceiling. Your apartment here in Leipzig with your little pot-belly stove will seem like a palace in comparison."

      "So what does it matter?" said Steve and smiled. "If the rest is too dangerous or unproductive, this is paradise. I know you can't see this yet, because you have closed your eyes to what really matters in the world. That is also why you have messed up in Russia and came to an impasse with Antonovna. I actually suspected that you might, because you haven't learned yet to open your eyes."

      "You suspected that I mess up? You suspected me to get into am impasse? Why then did you invite me there?" I said to Steve.

      Steve laughed. "If the slow boat is the only available transportation..."

      "I get the message," I interrupted him.

      "It's our recognition of the truth that moves us," said Steve, "and that results from a discovery. The problem is that we are still amateurs in this field. We tend to keep our field of vision too small. That is why you failed with Antonovna. You discredited the vertical model in which her life was unfolding, and that was correct and a courageous thing to do. But you stopped there. You tore her house down and walked away, but you didn't build a new one and a better one. You might have pointed to the threshold on the horizon, where the lateral model begins to unfold in individual consciousness, beyond which the impasse would have been resolved. You ran away from the challenge of getting there with her. That would have been the hardest part. Tearing things down is easy. Building the right thing is hard. That is where the challenge lies."

      "You treated Russia the same way," said Ushi. "You said that Russia's thousand-year Byzantine history was a tragedy that should be stopped, because it was founded on the vertical model. But did you explain the lateral model that should take its place, and give the USA as an example, as it was founded by Benjamin Franklin?"

      "How could I, Steve? We lost that one. Even Franklin had its doubt. He said in essence, 'I give you a republic, but can you keep it?' Well, we couldn't keep it. We lost it. We lost it to fascism. Mankind lots its guiding star. I couldn't offer this as an example."

      "Sure you could have, Peter. It would have been a useful example. It would have shown that the lateral model of living is the pinnacle of civilization, the zenith that one has to strife for, the renaissance that one has to build and constantly build higher. And it would have shown that anything below that platform is vertical and imperial, regressing to its default state, fascism. If one doesn't actively build civilization, the default is fascism. One can't sink lower than that. What we are doing all over the Third World would have been hard to beat by Hitler. Nevertheless, the American Republic as an idea still stands, remaining to this day the tallest design built on universal principles. We lost the expression of the idea in 1913. Franklin Roosevelt revived its expression briefly until his death, and then we lost it again. We play the imperial puppy dog once more, the performing monkey. I am not surprised that this happened, Peter, because the American society never understood the lateral model. I don't think the Principle of the General Welfare, the lateral principle, was ever fully implemented. I think the American society always tried to implement it within the vertical model, which is fundamentally impossible. That's why traitors were sneaked into our republic, who did wreck it. Had you presented this in Moscow, Russia would not have felt insulted, but might have felt inspired to dig itself out of its trap. It would have been honest to show that America is in the same trap too."

      "And China isn't?" I asked.

      Steve laughed. "One of China's top leaders, Dr. Sun Yat Sen was educated in America when we still had a functioning republic. Of course Mao wrecked the fruitage of that education for a while, but he didn't wreck the idea of the lateral model. One part of the Principle of the General Welfare had survived. China has become committed to the word's greatest infrastructure and industrial development in modern history as a starting point to uplift the general welfare of the nation. A lot of that buildup now serves the West rather than the nation. But that can be corrected. There was a time when China said proudly that its people are its greatest resource, and that everything possible must be done to develop that resource. Now plans are in place for China to sell its people to the western slavery industries that export their products to America and other fascist countries. Nevertheless, China's strength is its humanity. Enormous efforts are being made to upgrade the life of its people as a national effort. China's goal is to bring the poor areas up to the same economic level as the developed areas. That's a problem that demands unimaginable resources, but with the potential to offer vastly more in return. China has a quarter of the world's population, but only 16% of the world's arable land. A vast productivity mobilization is now in progress, but that is doomed to fail if it is not build on a lateral basis. We are hoping to be able to assist them, Peter. What they are aiming for is comparable to Helen's principle of the universal kiss that defines her lateral lattice, but they are trying to do it within the vertical model. They are copying America's mistake. They are doomed by it, because under the vertical model the Principle of Universal Love is banned. Universal slavery is enthroned. Society's self-destruction is thereby assured. In the lateral model where we stand side by side, universal love is not only promoted, but comes to light as the most natural thing like breathing the air. The lateral model is the model of the Principle of Universal Love."

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