The Flat Earth Society
a political and religious science and romantic fiction novel by Rolf A. F. Witzsche
Volume 4B of the 12-volume series, The Lodging for the Rose

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Chapter 3 - Fare Well to a Gentler World

      "So, you are running away from America, rather than help heal your country?" I asked.

      "I'm not a traitor, Pete, but neither am I suicidal. If LaRouche hadn't had the high-level backing that he had built up over the years, he would be dead by now. The synarchist game is ugly and brutal. Maybe LaRouche's jailing was his protection in disguise. Compared to a world-renowned statesman and economist like LaRouche, little people like Ushi and I, are totally vulnerable. China may be the only place left where we can fade into the background so that the synarchists won't find us. When the Soviet Union disintegrates, which the synarchists are in the final stages of accomplishing, the synarchists will own the world. Ushi and I will have to be established in China before this happens, or else they will put the stigma of the Stasi on us and hunt us down. That's the reality, Peter. I can't say this often enough."

      I shook my head. "Surely your high regard in the scientific community would protect you," I said to Steve.

      "That means nothing in the synarchist world, Peter. His standing in the scientific world didn't help LaRouche one bit, and I might add he was far more widely known and honored when he was put out of the way than Ushi and I are. In the synarchist world where brutality rules supreme, as it did in Hitler's fascist empire, a person's academic status, morality, and even humanity, have no meaning. Even truth has no meaning. His political status has saved his hide. They were out to kill him. The President stopped that, almost in the last minute. Truth has nothing to do with any of that. If truth had any meaning, he would have never been persecuted. The synarchists make their own truth, and they smear you with lies. The Stasi hunters or whatever the post-Soviet Jacobins will then be called, will not be deterred by anything. The Stasi hunters are people who take orders without questions asked, just as the SS once did from Hitler, and God only knows who will give those orders in the new world of black-suit fascism. You will see torture in the prisons again, as in Hitler's days, ordered from the highest levels, thinly veiled. They will do this, even if they have to put the prisons onto foreign soil initially in order to protect the torturing of the prisoners from the law of the land, until the law itself becomes destroyed."

      "I think you are becoming paranoid, Steve. No one can break America down so deeply as you predict, to its very core. It's impossible. America is still a democracy. The American electorate won't allow this."

      Steve just laughed. "You can't be serious," he said. "The synarchists own the electorate. If you own the bankers and the financiers you own the electorate. The synarchists will flood the world with lies and rig the outcome of the elections with dirty tricks and outright threats. For as long as the American people aren't interested enough in the truth to open their eyes, America has no hope, just like Germany had no hope for the same reason and fell at the 'blade' of Hitler's knives. Don't ever forget that Hitler's rise to power began on the democratic platform by democratic processes with the appropriate financing provided generously from the American and British financier oligarchy that were themselves victims of the synarchist ideology. The financiers kept the synarchy like puppy dogs, on a short leash. Of course, from a certain point on the democratic process becomes simply set aside. Then the puppy dogs are unleashed as pit bulls, fully trained by then. Whenever a major national emergency is arranged to happen, especially the big kind that involves a large loss of life, human life becomes cheaper and more expendable in the political aftermath. People can be killed or put into prison for no reason at all in a totalitarian regime where principles and truth have no meaning. God only knows how many political prisoners are presently rotting in synarchist jails all over the world, even while we are just at the beginning stage of the game. That's not the fate that I want to subject Ushi and myself to, Peter. Maybe you should join us and come with us to China. We must be free to fight at the leading edge if we want to have any hope at all to overturn what endangers humanity as a whole. We also must uplift civilization to do that. We will have a chance to do this in China, but no longer here, and definitely not in America. Apart from that, China needs us. We must help China from freeing itself from being the slave-labor provider for the synarchist world."

      "As you can appreciate," said Ushi, "our work has already endangered the plans of the fondi, especially by our involvement with you in Venice. The fondi that we hit over the head with our Ice Age Renaissance proposal are some of the most powerful dangerous operatives of the most dangerous empire in the world today. They know perfectly well that we must defeat them if humanity is to survive, and that we are committed to fight them on that. Right now, they are playing games with us. They are even courting us to join them. That 'gentle' relationship won't last long, Pete. Soon, they will issue orders for us to join them, or they will kill us. That is why we require a new sanctuary where we can work in peace. We have to fight this thing, Peter. That's why I had you invited to take my place in Russia at the conference."

      "Didn't you just end up telling me that you invited me there to help Antonovna?"

      "Yes, that too, Peter. But mostly my intent was to help you through her to understand synarchism that is fast destroying the world. Synarchism simply means creating anarchy synchronized with terror for a specific political objective. Our Pearl Harbor thing that got us into the war was a synarchist operation in every detail. The goal was to create mass hysteria for a political objective. It worked perfectly. It opened the floodgates for the USA to enter World War II. While in this case the goal was to protect America by fighting fascism in Europe, before it covered the world, the process for getting there was a process of synarchist rape. America was raped. Pearl Harbor was rape upon the soul of America. The synarchists, probably under British imperial direction, arranged this rape. They virtually invited the attack. They saw it coming. They disabled our defenses and let it happen. It was pure rape, though it was a mild example. Today the whole world is being set up to be raped. I wanted you to hear from Antonovna what it is like to be raped. She was raped by four people of her own family over a long period of time with her father standing by helplessly. By some miracle she survived. Mankind is set up for something much worse and may require a much bigger miracle to survive what is coming. That's primarily why I arranged for you to be invited to take my place in Moscow. I gave you an opportunity and hoped that you would make the most of it. Apparently you did, at least to some degree."

      "What do you mean with, 'some degree?'" I interrupted Steve.

      "You have an inkling of the way things are moving, Peter, nothing more. You don't understand the full depth yet of the rape of mankind that is being prepared. The man that you met in the plane was a God-sent as far as I can tell. What you find impossible to imagine, such as killing a whole city in order to 'cleanse' the landscape of an infectious disease, officially before it spreads, is well within the range of possible synarchist measures. That kind of insanity is on the agenda now. It probably won't ever happen. They've got worse things on the go that are softer and more transparent. Nevertheless that scale of destruction is what we are moving towards. So, I hope you might be able to see the urgency now for overcoming that insane synarchist mentality, while that is still possible. Of course it has to be done in America, because in Europe all the political institutions are by their very design owned by the synarchist crowd. Europe has no hope on its own. America is the world's only hope, because of its historic background, but it is fast loosing ground. My hope is that I can work through China to uplift America and bring it back to what it was."

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