The Flat Earth Society
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Volume 4B of the 12-volume series, The Lodging for the Rose

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Chapter 3 - Fare Well to a Gentler World

      "The only person that I have ever heard using the term synarchist openly, is LaRouche," I said to Steve. "He is the world champion in aiming for the American Presidency. No one has run for the US Presidency more often and more consistently than LaRouche. And that is intended to combat synarchism, Peter, and to protect our American republic from the forces within that aim to turn the Presidency into another Hitler-style dictatorship. That is why LaRouche is hit so hard from all sides. He is fighting the biggest force on the planet and is aiming for the heart. It is surprising that he is still alive. But he also can't stop fighting. Our republic is something exceedingly precious, Peter. It's the achievement of the foremost humanist pioneers that came themselves out of one of the greatest periods of renaissance in history. Our republic was created by the tall renaissance principles, to become a model for a free humanity. That model, and the nation that represents it, must never be lost, Peter. But that is exactly what is gravely in danger now. Synarchism has become a worldwide disease, and America is set up to be destroyed by it together with civilization itself, just as LaRouche was set up to be destroyed. LaRouche has devoted his life to prevent this. He has pitted himself against the most vicious imperial forces on the planet, the synarchist forces. Since they couldn't assassinate him, they put him in jail. Now he is sitting there as the result of a judicial travesty that has blackened the very meaning of justice. And still he keeps on fighting, even from jail.

      "To get a faint idea of the enormous force that the man is facing is down," said Steve, "you really have to look back into history to the setup that destroyed Europe by means of the French Revolution. It's the same force, the same old synarchist beastman force. As I said, the first modern manifestation of the synarchist political platform was implemented through the Martinist Lodge in France that stood behind the Jacobin terror operations for which the French Revolution was staged in the first place, and was supported by the British Empire. That's how the financier and central banking oligarchy works. While they finance looting operations, they also finance terror operations to protect the looting cycles from a potential renaissance. That's the kind of force that LaRouche is facing down. The humanist intellectual elite of Europe was the chief driving force for creating our republic as a model for the world. LaRouche represents today the same high-level intellectual platform today that the best of them represented in those days. The Jacobins are after him. Just as the humanist elite of Europe became the enemy of the imperial world, and thereby was slated to be eradicated, so LaRouche became its enemy and was assigned the same fate. He is probably feared even more today. What the Jacobins did in France, and what Napoleon subsequently spread across Europe, is now being unleashed by our own country against the Third World. And the synarchist goal is again, to prevent a renaissance from developing there. LaRouche stands up against that, even from his jail cell, to stop the insanity.

      "But that's only what we see on the surface, Peter. The synarchist goal isn't limited to just destroying opposing ideals and the people that represent them. It's destructive aim goes deeper, to destroy every opposing law, even the very meaning of law, and especially the concept of the constitutional platform. Hitler represented this type of radical synarchism. He was hired and put on the throne with the charge to destroy the rule of law and the concept of the constitution, and to trample over all of that and implement fascism. For that he was handed 'the key to the kingdom' by his synarchist controllers, for which people like Carl Schmitt were 'hired.' Schmitt was put into the position of the 'Kronejurist' to wreck the rule of law, and his credentials for the job were that he stood on the shoulders of such synarchist beastman ideologues as Friedrich Nietzsche that he admired and revived in his new form, and also Martin Heiddeger that provided the ideological Nazi force. The key to the kingdom that Carl Schmitt gave to Hitler was the destruction of universal law that made Hitler the law itself. LaRouche is fighting like hell to prevent this from happening in America. That's what I hear from many people in my academic network. Carl Schmitt argued extensively that Hitler, as an emergency ruler, has got to be the unrestrained law to be able to operate effectively in the suddenly changed world of terrorism. Schmitt even goes as far as lying through his teeth by suggesting that Hitler is thereby representing the German culture, and so personifies the root for all German law. To make this setup a reality the Nazi synarchist forces created an artificial national emergency to make the setup stick. They burned down the parliament building, abolished the Reichstag, and affirmed Hitler's absolute rule by 'Emergency Degree' or 'Notverordnung' as they called it. Along the route they executed an immigrant as a fall guy for the fire.

       "I don't know if anyone in Germany had been able to see through this carefully set up facade at this time," Steve continued. "There wasn't a LaRouche around in those days to open people's eyes. And so it happened that on this most infamous day in modern history, the 28th of February, in 1933 when the Reichstag burned, a month before Franklin Roosevelt was inaugurated, a gang of criminals that had become the law, changed the world to their liking."

      "This means that it was the synarchist platform that made Hitler a dictator, and not Hitler himself, and that this platform was merely implemented by Crown Jurist Carl Schmitt, and not created by him either," I said with a slight tone of self-amazement, though I wasn't amazed really. I had suspected something like that all along. The name Carl Schmitt wasn't unfamiliar. I must have heard it from LaRouche who might have mentioned it in connection with Leo Strauss that Carl Schmitt personally sponsored to go to America to establish a second world-center of synarchism in our country. The student eventually became a teacher and a university professor. In due course he started teaching his mentors' ideology, the ideology that had at its goal to eradicate the face of man and the very meaning of humanity."

      "Synarchism is now widely established in America," Steve interrupted my pondering. "The synarchist ideology now controls almost every institution of our land. Far-flung organizations with noble sounding names now regard it as their highest goal to destroy the American republic from within, often without them being aware of their role. The synarchist people will soon be running the entire country, especially after the Soviet Union falls. That's why I cannot come home to America, Peter. Synarchism is becoming evermore difficult to stop as time goes by, and the people that lend themselves to the process, like so many willing stooges, consolidate their power. We will soon have our own Reichstag fire staged in America. As I said, watch for it, Peter. It won't be long in coming. It's the natural outcome of the synarchist process. I suspect that you will see something big being staged along the style of Pearl Harbor. You will see the same kind of gigantic calamity staged again where thousands of people are sacrificed to create the appearance of a national emergency that will be instantly followed up with America's own emergency degrees, fighting terrorism, just like Hitler did. The synarchists will scream about terrorism and hide the fact that they staged the terrorist action themselves. That's standard synarchist practice that goes way back to the Venetian methods. Then, in due course with their emergency degrees securely in their pocket, they'll will claim themselves to be free from any constraints to attack the whole world at their choosing, including the opposition within, in the name of fighting terrorism. That's why we won't move back to the good old USA. The good old USA doesn't exist anymore, Peter. America is on the fast track of becoming overwhelmed with a synarchist nightmare. I am even willing to predict that you will soon have a President standing up in the White House yelling to his aids, don't keep throwing the Constitution in my face, it's just a goddamn piece of paper. The next thing that you will hear is that the President puts himself above the law, and thereby above the Congress and the Senate, and becomes a dictator in Hitler's terms, in the name of fighting terrorism, which will likely be the same kind of terrorism that the synarchist apparatus has staged for that purpose in the first place. And thus, in order to prevent the artificial national emergency situation from fading from the front pages of the media, the Reichstag fires will likely be repeated in America, while more and more countries will be destroyed in the wake of them. Ushi and I wouldn't last long in that kind of world."

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