The Flat Earth Society
a political and religious science and romantic fiction novel by Rolf A. F. Witzsche
Volume 4B of the 12-volume series, The Lodging for the Rose

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Chapter 3 - Fare Well to a Gentler World

      "Our crime," said Steve, "is that we are able the think. We help define the leading edge. The point is; we are not in danger for what we have done, but for what we might do. That's the greatest danger in the New World Order. Napoleon was defeated by the ideas of a poet, by Friedrich Schiller, who was already dead when Napoleon attacked. The mighty are afraid of the poets that can think, and a few scientists too. As I said earlier, the world is once again on the path of becoming a synarchist empire in which no one is safe. If you think the Soviet Union is an unsafe place to live, and I mean with its gulag system and secret police-state apparatus, or if you think that even East Germany is unsafe with its own secret police called the Stasi that is emulating the old Nazi machine, then think again my friend. What you think are unsafe places in the world today will soon look like bastions of freedom in comparison with the synarchist world that is quietly unfolding in the background and is designed to destroy the last thread of humanity on our planet wherever this thread may still exist."

      "Don't joke about a thing like that!" I scolded Steve.

      "I'm not joking," Steve defended himself. "Synarchism is a term you may never have heard of before, except here. Synarchism is the mother of fascism. It is that which the Nazis tried to emulate and did so with some success, superficially anyway."

      I shook my head. "You are insane Steve," I said. "On the other hand you are also wrong. I heard the term synarchism mentioned before by the same man who spoke to us about it in the airplane coming back from Russia. He told us about all kinds of crazy and insane stuff that he said was already being prepared for our future, stuff that would have made Hitler smile had it been possible in his days. The man in the plane used the term, synarchism, when he described this new trend to hell. I also heard it mentioned in Russia, and from LaRouche of course. Like you, these people all seem to be afraid of it as if they had seen the ghost of the devil. They see a black world looming behind it. It can't be that bad, Steve."

      Steve nodded. "It is that bad already. You just can't see it yet. But that's what I'm talking about, Peter. I wish I was mistaken on this issue, I really do. There is talk about America planning to build vast concentration camps, Hitler style, on its home ground. So, my friend, let me assure you synarchism is real and is the most deadly force ever invented on the face of the planet. It appears to have been developed by some of the truly insane circles of the European imperial oligarchy in response to the American independence movement and its potential to inspire a new renaissance across the planet. The founding of our American republic as a completely sovereign nation-state republic was seen as a mortal threat to the imperial system, and rightfully so. The underlying principle of a humanist cultural renaissance is the greatest threat that the imperial system is vulnerable to. Any renaissance in history had at its core the Principle of Universal Love. It wasn't always called that. Some called it Agape. Some called it the Principle of the Advantage of the Other. In America it was recognized by the founding fathers as the Principle of the General Welfare. But no matter what name it has been given in the past, it has always been the Principle of Universal Love that has been recognized as the underlying principle. And that's the greatest threat to any empire. A highly developed humanist society will not allow itself to be looted by any form of empire whatsoever. Synarchism is the imperial's counter-force to prevent the very notion of a new renaissance from developing. It is designed to hit society in the heart, to destroy the very humanity of the human being. It is designed to eradicate what defines a human being. When the Venetian Empire was threatened by the Golden Renaissance and nearly lost its place in the world in the early 1500s, the Venetian oligarchy retaliated by staging religious wars all across Europe. The resulting cultural warfare became a real war. It devastated Europe for over a hundred years. The Thirty Years War was but the end-phase of it. This war-insanity wiped out a third of the population of Europe and half of its villages, as if they never existed. Synarchism was developed out of this background, but it is infinitely worse than that, Peter. It is the political platform that intentionally combines anarchy and terror as a weapon of force, designed to destroy the deeply rooted humanity of society that is the backbone of civilization."

      Are you saying that synarchism has been created to destroy civilization in the defense of empires?" I interjected. "That's what the man in the plane hinted at."

      Steve nodded. "Religious wars like the Thirty Years War, or war of any kind, or permanent war as the synarchists want, are some of the milder forms of this process. The process started in Venice. The infamous crusades during the dark ages were nothing more than waves of genocide in the name of religion, but they where organized by Venice. The Normans where the thugs that carried out the genocide, but the organization came from Venice. Even the murderous religious inquisition, especially the Spanish Inquisition that had been organized by the Grand Inquisitor Tomas de Torquemada, were all a part of that process. The crusades and the inquisition had a purpose. They created and maintained the Dark-Age mentality that was staged to protect the empire. The entire process became an 'advanced' form of what was essentially the Roman model. When the Venetian oligarchy moved into the North, first into the Netherlands and later England, they brought this model with them. It was used by them from England to create an organized force all across Europe to counter the humanist movement that had created the American Revolution and the spirit of freedom that it reflected back onto Europe. The American republic was really created in Europe. It was inspired by Europe's brightest minds with a Platonic background, to create in the New World a nation-republic free from oligarchism and imperialism, in order that it may serve as a model for the freedom of humanity. That's what threatened the British Empire's foundation. The breath of freedom threatened its very existence. It fought back. Since America was out of reach militarily, the Empire fought back with a dirty war to eradicate those minds of Europe and their ideals that had inspired the American republic and had helped to bring it about. Synarchism was created for that sinister purpose. It brought together the rule of terror and the mob-rule that together disable the cultural development of humanity and its development into a self-governed society on the Principle of Universal Love. The synarchy became an organized collection of thugs that served the imperial oligarchy, which was by then primarily a financier type oligarchy. The synarchy, as an imperially financed organized force, was first deployed in France to counter the budding movement that aimed to create an American style constitutional republic in France to transform Europe. The new republic was envisioned to be operating within the framework of the existing monarchy serving as a kind of transitional Presidency. The process almost succeeded, but was quietly wrecked by the synarchy that was being organized around that time. The Martinist Masonic Lodge became the organizational center of this culturally counter-posing synarchy that was fast becoming an institution of the 'sewer' of the political world. One of the most famous supporter of this budding synarchism was the evil Count Joseph de Maistre, the foremost idealizer of absolute terror as a political force. He described what he stood for in an essay, and with it what synarchism fundamentally represents, by describing in minute detail the heart-rending terror of an execution. He describes step by step how a convicted victim is publicly put to death, - how the man is laid onto the ground and has the bones in this limbs smashed to a pulp so that the man's limbs can be threaded into the spokes of a wheel, where he is left to die in unspeakable agony. That, to some degree, defines synarchism, Peter. That, combined with the anarchy of mass hysteria, was the political force that stood behind the French Revolution and the Jacobin terror-operations that wiped out the humanist elite of France. Of course, behind the synarchist ideology and the guillotine that became its machine during the revolution stood the imperial bankers, the financier oligarchy that had deployed synarchism as a useful tool to protect their empire.

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